9 Tools That Make Caring For Your Car Easier

Caring for a vehicle involves more than adding gas and cleaning the windshield. And while there are dealerships and mechanics to make extensive repairs, some tools are essential for car owners to keep on hand. Discover nine tools that make caring for a car easier and put car owners in a better position should they have a car emergency.

1. Portable Jump Start Kit

Not being able to start a car is frustrating, whether it’s because the battery is cold or old. Besides the costs of a new battery, car owners may have to pay to tow it to a garage for repairs – unless the car owner has a jump start kit. A portable jump start kit will get a dead battery started.

A portable jump start kit is a tool that jumps batteries, even batteries that become discharged. The best thing about a portable jump start kit is that you don’t have to wait to have another car attached to the vehicle that won’t start.

2. Impact Wrench

Discovering a flat tire on your car is disheartening. Adding insult to injury, it is impossible to remove the lug nuts with a standard lug nut wrench. When a car has nuts or bolts that have been tightened by a machine, an impact wrench is essential. 

An impact wrench is a powered tool that makes loosening nuts and bolts easier and faster. When caring for a car, having an impact wrench saves time and frustration. They lessen scratches and other damage to your nuts caused by using the wrong tools. Other benefits of an impact wrench include:

A great tool for securing or hanging heavy items

Essential tool for carpentry projects 

3. Tire Pressure Gauge

A tire pressure gauge is a tool used to measure the pressure in a vehicle’s tire. Pressure is necessary for tires to make the car run properly. Besides wear and tear, there are nails, glass, and other debris that can pierce a tire. That means car owners need a tire pressure gauge to care for their car.

Tires can lose air in multiple ways. That includes weather changes. However, properly inflated tires save money on gas and more. Some other benefits include:

  • Minimizes emissions
  • Safer on wet surfaces
  • Last longer

4. Pliers

Every tool kit should include multiple styles of pliers. Pliers are hand-held tools that look like scissors. Pliers are great for cutting wire, maneuvering metal, and gripping tiny items. Someone can purchase them individually or as part of a set. Pliers for caring for a car come in different sizes and shapes. Some names include:

  • Diagonal cutters
  • Hose clamp pliers
  • Duckbill jaw pliers
  • Exhaust hanger removal pliers
  • Needle-nose pliers

5. Vehicle Jack

Caring for a car is a necessity for most, but a hobby for many others. Many enjoy rehabilitating old vehicles or manipulating an engine for an increased roar or quiet rumble. For them, having a vehicle jack is essential.

A vehicle jack is a gadget used to elevate the car. In an emergency, having a jack to change the tire is crucial. For a non-emergency, using a jack lifts the vehicle enough that a person can slide up under the car for a better look.

6. Grease Gun

Cars run on liquid fuel. They also use other liquids that keep the essential under-the-hood components lubricated and cool. That includes engine oils and gear oil. Both oils come in bottles and quickly pour from the bottle into the engine. However, the grease also lubricates the car’s spicer joints and axle bearings, and that oil needs a grease gun.

A grease gun is like a high-pressure pump. It gets used to inject grease into certain parts of the car. There are hand grease guns, and battery-operated guns, or users can opt for an electric grease gun. Determining what style of grease gun to use depends mainly on the job size. One benefit of an electric gun is that it improves efficiency and productivity for someone doing several jobs.

According to AET Systems, a “cordless grease gun is unique because it has an advanced cartridge style that delivers clean and efficient greasing every time it’s used.” Besides being accurate, the electric gun has a working pressure of 400 bar.

7. Oil Filter Wrench

An oil filter wrench is an apparatus that assists with removing a deeply recessed filter. It is necessary when there is no space around the filter for hands to remove it. It is essential to remove spin-on filters. You want to have an oil filter wrench in your arsenal of tools so that when you are in the middle of the dirty job of changing the oil; you don’t discover that you need it.

8. Spark Plug Gap Tool

Whether doing a simple fix on your car or boosting the efficiency of the car’s spark plugs, having spark plug gap tools is essential. Spark plug gap tools are necessary because the gap between the side electrodes and the center must get perfectly calibrated. If not, the vehicle won’t meet the manufacturer’s standards. Spark plug gap tools check the gaps and then adjust them.

There are three types of spark plug gap tools. Those are:

  • Feeler Gauge: a collection that includes varying thicknesses of calibrated metal strips
  • Ramp Style Gauge: Looks similar to a coin with size markings around the edge
  • Wire Loop Style Gauge: Looks like a coin with wire loops of different thicknesses

9. Fluid Drain Pan

As mentioned above, vehicles run on various liquids. While gas burns, oils and other lubricants rarely burn and must get changed occasionally. That is why fluid drain pans are vital, especially if you care for your car. They help car owners avoid ruining a driveway or garage with spills. They are great for taking used oil to recycling centers to keep oil from rivers and streams.

When shopping for fluid pans, lightweight, has a spout, an enormous mouth for collection, and handles to transport are options to consider. Getting a pan made of polyurethane helps make keeping the pan clean a more straightforward job.


As you have read, caring for a vehicle involves more than adding gas and keeping the windshield clean. For car owners, it means that some tools are essential for car owners to have. Nine of those tools got listed above. Besides making it easier to care for your car, they put car owners in a better position in case of emergency.


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