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9 Modern Metal Wall Shelves for Every Home

A Dramatic Shift in Usage

metal wall shelf laden with decorative accessories stands a class apart. Invented in the mid 19th century, these were originally used in cathedrals. Though used for decoration today, they accommodated many prized possessions earlier. Also, the onset of Guttenberg’s press gave shelving more prominence. The piled-up books needed persistent organization. Therefore, our lives changed dramatically after that. Today, as the trend of reading books reversed, the use of shelves transformed. The flat, horizontal metal wall shelf attached to the wall confers many benefits. Modern metal wall shelves help highlight our favourite sculptures.

Benefits of Modern Metal Wall Shelves

  • Durability- An average metal wall shelf remains intact for years. These can be fortified to handle accessories as per weight. Also, the sturdy metal never bends or moulds, or changes anytime soon.
  • Utility- Modern metal wall shelves store far more objects than planned. Not just these embellish centerpieces but organize stuff meticulously in industrial units. Organization becomes alluring and less painful in their presence.
  • Customization- Personalization makes furnishings attractive. The inclusion of personal touch makes things convenient. Adjusting the size and shape as per requirements confer better efficacy. Moreover, the addition of dividers, shelves, and drawers fit specific needs
  • Cleaning- Modern Metal Wall Shelves are easy to clean. Their maintenance requires fewer efforts than usual shelving. Just a cotton wipe can work well to manage it efficiently. Moreover, deep cleaning them once a week makes them well polished as before.

Modern Metal Wall Shelves on Wallmantra

Efficient shelving designs require expertise and mindfulness. Our skilled engineers have designed every piece with extreme care and finishing. We have brought an assorted collection of modern metal wall shelves to fulfill your needs. Let’s have a look over the nine most-liked designs:

Grista Large Decorative Metal Wall Shelf

This wide square designed piece is made of high-quality iron and MDF wood. The further subdivision into four parts perfectly assembles accessories. The matte finish given for longer life remains the same for years. Also, the colour combination contrasts with almost every theme. It measures 61x61x12.5 cm and comes pre-assembled.

Grista V shape Decorative Metal Wall Shelf

This unique metal wall shelf looks amazingly stunning. Its uniqueness defines the style quotient. The V shape designed three wooden sub shelves occupy vases or sculptures. Ideal for bedroom, living room, and kitchen, it offers sophistication. It measures 24×20 inches and can hold up to 5 kilograms of weight.

Grista Rombus Decorative Metal Wall Shelf

Minimalism ensures elegance. This Rhombus shaped shelf with four equal sides looks different. An MDF wood wall shelf in the centre is ideal for highlighting prized possessions and books. The design looks perfect on the home walls and in the office. Also, the Black colour contrasts almost every wall effortlessly. It measures 24×24 inches and has a depth of 5.6 inches.

Grista Decorative Bars Metal Double Wall Shelf

Covering smaller areas, this metal wall shelf promotes refinement in surroundings. The efficient usage of iron and MDF wood gives this piece a smooth finish. Divided into two wooden sub- shelves, it is perfect for the living room or kitchen. The bars behind the shelf confer a unique perspective. It measures 30×12.5×40 cm and can hold up to 5 kg.

File Organizer

Minute storage spaces in the home, besides bestowing undefined beauty, make organization joyful. Unlike traditional magazine holders, this Nordic style rack offers multi-usage. Ideal for magazines, books, files, or even newspapers, it is a fashion statement. While making the home photogenic, allows creativity to prosper. It measures 11x10x3 inches and comes in a complete readymade package.

Grista Modern Metal Holder/Organizer

This metal organizer accentuates useful stuff with neatness and elegance. Unlike other pieces, it is ideal for the kitchen or bathroom. It makes the organization of the bathroom essential effortless. While accommodating your shampoo bottles or other cosmetics, it ensures safety. Made of high-quality iron in black colour, it is easy to match. It measures around 21×12.5×16.5 and is easy to hang.

Grista Square Decorative Wall Shelf (Set of 3)

Symmetry on walls always look unique. This metal wall shelf comes in a set of three. Made of iron and MDF wood, it covers the bare walls effortlessly. The square shape confers an undefined classiness and looks subtle. Mounting them together in a defined gap gives a smooth look. It measures around 41x20x35.5 cm and is indubitably water-proof and termite-proof.

Grista Mesh Decorative Metal Wall Shelf (Set of 3)

Highly versatile and efficient, this is the best-selling piece of Wallmantra. The mesh design in the back gives a clean and neat look. Made of iron exterior and MDF shelves, the set looks dazzling together. Also, the shelf rack spaces hold showpieces and special items gracefully. It measures around 5×15 inches and has 5.6 inches of depth. Also, the shelves are spacious enough to give a unique perspective to the space.

A metal wall shelf laden with decorative accessories is a specialty. These shelves were first used in cathedrals in the middle of the 19th century. They are decorative today but were originally used to store valuable possessions. The rise of Guttenberg’s presses gave shelving greater prominence. The persistent organization was required for stacks of books. Our lives were transformed dramatically by this. The use of shelves has changed dramatically as the trend to read books is now reversed. Many benefits can be derived from the flat, horizontal steel wall shelf that is attached to the wall. Our favorite sculptures are highlighted by modern metal wall shelves

The Benefits of Modern Metal Wall Shelves

Durability-An average metal wall shelf will remain intact for many years. They can be strengthened to hold accessories according to weight. The sturdy metal is resistant to bending, molding, or other changes.

Utility- Metal wall shelves store far more objects than originally planned. These are not only decorative centerpieces but also organize things in industrial units. Their presence makes the organization more appealing and less painful.

Personalization-Customization makes furnishings more attractive. Personalization makes it easy to add your personal touch. You can adjust the dimensions and shapes to meet your needs for greater efficiency. You can also add dividers, shelves, and drawers to suit specific needs.

Cleaning – Modern Metal Wall Shelves are easy to clean. They require less effort than traditional shelving. It can be managed efficiently with a simple cotton wipe. Deep cleaning them once per week will keep them as polished and clean as ever.


These space savers’ modern metal wall shelves are easy to install and require no additional tools. Sturdy and durable, buying these is a faultless investment.


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