9 Merits Of Studying In An Indian International School

If you plan to live in Singapore, you must be searching for a school for your child. It is undoubtedly a tough decision to make, as school helps your child grow into his best version. There are three types of schools offered in Singapore: public schools, private schools, and international schools. Keeping in mind the Singapore school fees and your child’s areas of interest, you must look for what type of school will suit your kid the most.

Out of these options, let’s explore the many benefits a child gets when he/she studies in an international school like Global Indian International School

 9 advantages associated with studying in an international school

With increasing popularity of international schools like Global Indian International Schools, more and more parents are coming to know about the high quality academics and all-round student development endeavors in place at such institutions. This has fueled further increase in the popularity of international schools, especially across South East Asian countries like India, Singapore, and Japan.

 Let’s explore some interesting points that make a case for international schools in Singapore.

  1. Seamless Transition

Teaching your child in an international schools singapore will help him have a comfortable transition from place to place. Such schools offer children a positive environment to learn and achieve their highest potential. If you choose an internationally recognized curriculum, your child will not face any issues in academics, even when you change countries. 

2. Diverse cultures

Most of the International schools have people who belong to different cultures from various geographies. Such schools will help your child learn about different cultures and socialize with others easily. Your child will learn fundamental values like cooperation on a global level. You must select a school that can help your child broaden his/her knowledge with global knowledge.

3. Different languages

Many Indian international schools aim to develop their children into better global citizens. As international schools have a comprehensive curriculum, it includes various languages that children can learn. Your child can learn new languages that will help him in the future. He can learn more about his host country’s language that will help him keep in touch with his culture.

 4. Your child can enjoy many facilities on campus

Indian International schools have better facilities than any other type of school. Besides the curriculum, your child must be comfortable on his campus. Your child will get many opportunities to learn various extracurricular activities in an international school. The campus also offers children outdoor learning, athletic facilities, and more.

 5. Your child will get opportunities to shine

As a parent, we often feel that our child must achieve success in whatever he/she does. But many schools do not offer such opportunities to explore and achieve what children want. International schools are different; they provide many opportunities for children to participate in extracurricular activities and competitions. They let the children explore their talents and interests. International schools offer many sports, hobby classes, art and music, and a lot more to learn and grow in every field.

 Students can learn about the local culture and gain confidence in a different environment than they are accustomed to while studying internationally. It also allows high school students to learn about the college procedure and job options in the country to which they have temporarily relocated. It is especially beneficial for students who want to continue their higher education internationally.

 6. Student indulge in extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are an excellent opportunity for students to practice focusing and cooperating with others. Extracurricular activities are commonly integrated into the curriculum of international schools. These exercises are meant to assist students in discovering and developing new abilities. When students succeed at these activities, they build confidence and develop problem-solving skills. As they participate in new activities, they can even tackle difficulties and increase reasoning skills.

 7. Lifetime Experience

Students create lifetime memories as a result of their experiences and changes in international schools. The exposure to diverse cultures of international students studying in the same school has a phenomenal impact on the child. It opens up the children’s mind to traits of new geographies, new traditions, and new ways of looking at problems in life. It motivates the students to pursue a study and career route they hadn’t considered before.

 8. Modern education

Students in an international school follow a modern customized curriculum that is well-proven and built on the foundations of conventional teaching and learning best practices. Many international schools use the IB or IGCSE curriculum, which focuses on children’s total development. They also have the necessary technologies to make learning enjoyable and engaging.

 9. Improve communication skills

Almost all international schools make it mandatory for the students to communicate in English, which aids in developing good communication skills in students. This is another advantage that works well for international school students. 

To sum it up

Now, you know the key merits of having your child study in an international school. Such global institutions are undoubtedly the best option for children to study in.

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