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8 Home Remedies to Treat Malaria Naturally

Malaria is one of the most common infectious diseases in the world. It is caused by parasites that are transmitted to humans through infected mosquitoes. This condition can cause many painful symptoms and in severe cases, it can lead to organ failure and death. Fortunately, there are many home remedies to treat malaria naturally so you don’t have to resort to antibiotics or other medications that may have adverse side effects. 

Symptoms of Malaria

One of the malaria’s most distinguishing symptoms is fatigue. This happens because malaria parasites infect and weaken red blood cells. These cells are responsible for transporting oxygen throughout your body. When these red blood cells are under attack by these parasites, they leave you feeling exhausted.

Other symptoms of malaria include:

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Breathing problems
  • Chest pain
  • Rapid heartbeat

Home Remedies to Treat Malaria Naturally

When you are suffering from malaria, you can use home remedies to treat malaria naturally and effectively. Malaria can be fatal, especially in areas where medical care may not be readily available. So knowing how to cure malaria with home remedies could save your life.

Here are 8 natural remedies that have been proven effective at treating malaria.

1. Lemon

Lemons contain an enzyme called limonene. It has powerful anti-malarial properties. Lemons may help prevent and treat malaria because of their rich vitamin C content. Plus, due to its acidic nature, it can also get rid of any underlying infection that is causing symptoms.

Furthermore, lemons are also packed with potassium and magnesium. Both these elements help to decrease inflammation and kill parasites in your body. If you want to use lemons as a home remedy for malaria symptoms then follow the below procedure:

  • Squeeze a lemon
  • Mix it in warm water
  • Add a tablespoon of honey (Optional)
  • Drink every morning on an empty stomach

Remember: Drink the juice every day until your symptoms go away completely. This remedy should be continued for at least three weeks after all signs of infection have disappeared.

2. Garlic

Garlic contains natural antibiotics and anti-parasitic properties. It has the ability to kill malaria-causing parasites and also helps reduce fever. In addition, studies have shown that garlic improves our immunity against infections.

To use garlic for malaria: 

  • Crush a few cloves of garlic
  • Add some honey to it
  • Then swallow it with warm water

Alternatively, you can:

  • Make a paste of crushed garlic
  • Now make lemon juice by adding salt to it
  • Now mix the juice with crushed garlic
  • And consume it with honey

This remedy is extremely effective for both treating malaria symptoms as well as preventing the reoccurrence of infection.

Note: If you are taking blood thinners or any other medications consult your doctor before using these remedies.

3. Black seed oil

This home remedy is one of those that might sound too good to be true. But it is been around for thousands of years and is used in Ayurvedic medicine.

A study published in Phytomedicine showed that black seed oil killed malarial parasites within 48 hours. Researchers say it worked as well as or better than artemisinin drugs, which are highly effective but often come with side effects like headaches and high blood pressure.

Black seed oil is available at most health food stores and online.

To make the preparation:

  • Make a herbal tea (sweet wormwood)
  • Now add a few drops of black seed oil to it
  • Consume once a day before or after 1 hour of meal

Directions: Just don’t cook the oil with herbal tea. The heat will destroy some of its effectiveness. Add oil once after the tea is ready.

4. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which helps stimulate your body’s circulation. It can reduce pain and swelling by encouraging blood flow throughout your body.

Since malaria is caused by a parasite in your bloodstream that causes painful swelling, you can treat malaria with cayenne pepper for relief. Cayenne pepper can also help reduce fever and symptoms associated with malaria.

To prepare the remedy:

  • Take a pinch of cayenne pepper
  • Add it to water or tea
  • Drink it as often as needed

You can also use cayenne pepper topically on swollen areas of your body for pain relief.

Directions to use Cayenne pepper:

It is important not to consume too much cayenne pepper at once because it could cause stomach irritation or other health problems. For example, if you have heart disease or high blood pressure, avoid consuming large amounts of cayenne. Because it can trigger a heart attack or stroke due to increased heart rate and blood pressure spikes.

5. Onion

Onions are one of those foods that cause bad breath, but they also have medicinal purposes. Onions can be used for all kinds of infections, including fungal, bacterial and viral ones.

To treat malaria naturally with onions:

  • Chop a few onions
  • Let them sit for a 10 few minutes
  • Place a few slices in boiling water
  • Remove once water is boiled
  • Let it cool down
  • Strain and consume it with food or drink 3 times a day

Alternatively, you can:

  • Take onion powder
  • Mix it with honey
  • Make a thick paste
  • Apply on your forehead for about 20 minutes
  • Leave on overnight

6. Ginger

In eastern medicine, ginger has been used for centuries as a remedy for fever and other symptoms of malaria. It also contains healthy antioxidants that may help fight off infection from malaria-causing parasites.

Be sure to use raw ginger or freshly grated ginger root in your herbal remedies. Extracting or dried ground ginger is less effective.

  • Cut a few slices of fresh ginger
  • Chew one or two with hot water
  • Take it daily during episodes of malaria


  • Boil three teaspoons of grated ginger root in two cups of water
  • Let it boil until it remains one cup
  • Strain out any pieces
  • Add honey if desired
  • Drink three times per day until you feel better

7. Cloves

Cloves contain eugenol, which is a natural antiseptic. It can be used to help stop infection and swelling of any kind. Malaria is caused by a parasite that enters your bloodstream and takes over red blood cells. It causes your immune system to attack itself in an attempt to expel it.

To remedy malaria naturally:

  • Try making a tea using cloves as an antiseptic
  • Use as a mouthwash
  • Gargle it if needed

This will help kill any parasites in your body as well as prevent future infections by killing off any bad bacteria that may be present in your mouth or teeth.

Note: As with most herbal remedies, caution must be exercised when taking clove oil internally. Be sure to speak with a doctor before trying anything like ingesting essential oils.

When to consult a doctor

If you think you might have malaria, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Many people use medication like chloroquine or quinine to treat malaria at home, but they can have nasty side effects.

However, chloroquine is highly effective for treating malaria and Lariago is a popular brand which contains chloroquine. To know more about it, read Lariago Tablet Uses.

For safety reasons, it is best to seek medical treatment from a doctor rather than treat yourself with such medications.

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