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8 Cosy Home Decor Tips for People Who Live Alone

Do you live alone? Do you often feel frustrated how family houses are usually the inspiration for home decor lovers? Well, don’t give up just yet! You can still achieve the decor of the house of your dreams even if you live alone. It doesn’t really matter how many people live in a house or how big your space is. Every ideal home should reflect everyone’s tastes, preferences, wants, and needs. A home is a space where everyone can relax, take a breather from the daily stress of life. 

Many people think that those who live alone are living in empty houses that lack personality and are chaotic. However, this is true at all. It’s up to your hands to create a cosy and lovely home. If you do live alone and you’re still confused about how to decorate your home, here are some easy and simple decor tips that can help you out from most new home builders

1. Use warms colours 

green potted plant on white round table

Colours are very important for all houses because it has something to do with emotions. The hues and shades you use to decorate your home will be in command of the feelings they transmit. For people who live alone, it’s recommended that you stick to warm colours. If you feel that your house needs cosiness, then you should create warmth. 

Consider warm tones like red or orange for accessories when you put them on a neutral base for them to stand out. This is one of the most effective ways to create a homey and inviting environment. You may want to distance yourself from cold tones since they are known to create an empty feeling. The goal here is to liven up and energize your home. But you can still use cold colours as long as you compliment them with warm colours, such as pink or ochre. 

2. Embellish your walls with photos 

A home is like a mirror of a person’s reflection. It’s not just a place where you only sleep! If you want a more personalised vibe in your home, there is no better way to attain this than through your walls. You can create a memory lane on your walls by hanging memorable photographs or pictures that reflect your trips, hobbies, taste, and etc. Once you decorate the walls of your home, you will see how it can make your home cosier. 

3. Invest in several artworks

brown fabric sofa set

Art is definitely a great investment and an ideal way to establish a personalised touch into your home. When you exhibit artworks in your home, you’ll surely enjoy some nice visuals and wonderful aesthetics in your home, and they may also define your style and taste more. You may also check some unique art pieces online, or take some time to visit an art gallery to provide your home with some exquisite pieces. 

4. Involve nature 

If your house feels sad and gloomy, brighten up your spaces by bringing the outside inside. Place some indoor plants so your home can be filled with fresh air and positive energy. Plus, houseplants are not that difficult to maintain and a nice option if you don’t have a pet too. Adding some living plants or artificial plants into your home decor can instantly provide you comfort and make you smile! 

5. Include some tiny details 

Sometimes the small things are the ones with the most impact. This is really true for people who live alone and who are looking for ideas on how they can decorate their home. Try including those little details that can turn your house into a cosier one like oil diffusers, fresh flowers, candles, and even a jar of cookies to welcome your guests with.

Don’t be hesitant to buy little things because this will make almost anyone who comes to your home feel more comfy and welcome. You can please some books also since they are perfect for decorating your house. 

6.  Take advantage of the available storage 

brown wooden table with chairs

Do you own a lot of things? Clothing, shoes, bags? If you answered yes, then it’s a good idea that you take complete advantage of the storage available. Organize your space so you can fit your style with hangers, small trays, storage baskets, and other useful storage where you can get rid of any clutter. 

7. Clean your house! 

Since we’ve mentioned getting rid of any clutter, if you want to have a homey home, you need to clean your house and keep the clutter away from your sight. Yes, we truly believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness. It doesn’t matter if it’s the kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, or any part of your house, as long as you keep them clean, you can leave your space filled with positive vibes. If you’re planning to invite a friend or even someone you’re dating, you don’t want a dirty and messy home, right? It’s not welcoming if they see those. Make sure that you keep your house clean and welcoming. 

8. Place some candles 

white book on table

Candles are a great way to enjoy relaxing moments in your own home. If you like to have some ambience filled with peace, consider lighting up your rooms with candles instead of the old conventional bulbs and tube lights. If you live alone in your home, get some candles and light them up to bring cosiness and warmth into your rooms. 

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