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8 Advantages of paying with Bitcoin for cPanel

paying with Bitcoin

In these times of virtual currencies, there are inherent advantages of transacting through bitcoin over the traditional methods. Digital currency is constantly changing with time. Thus, users are very particular to weigh all the pros and cons along with the risks. By paying with bitcoin, users get various benefits over other payment methods.

cPanel is the most reliable, comprehensive, and advanced Linux-based control panel so that users can quickly run their servers efficiently and smoothly. It simplifies the server’s tasks and helps with the user interface. As a result, a cPanel is a relatively affordable option for end-users as well as hosting providers.

Due to the uniqueness of virtual currencies, there are some advantages of using Bitcoin to pay for your cPanel License. Navicosoft values that bitcoin is a leading cryptocurrency. Consequently, when you purchase your cPanel from Navicosoft by paying with bitcoin, you can earn the following benefits:

User Autonomy:

The primary draw of paying with bitcoin for many users is that it gives you autonomy. Digital currencies allow more autonomy to users than using their own money. Moreover, users have control over their spending without any intermediate authority like government or bank. Thus, it gives you an advantage of easily buying your cPanel license.

Cheap and instant worldwide payments:

Cryptocurrency is the latest payment method using blockchain technology. The transaction cost is low, and you can make payment for cheap cPanel through BTC almost immediately and anywhere in the world.

Mobile Payments:

Paying with bitcoin requires only an easy internet access, and you can pay from anywhere. The purchasers do not have to visit the stores to buy their products and service. Another aspect is that you do not need to disclose your personal information to complete the transaction. It enables you to conveniently purchase cheap cPanel through BTC.


Traditional banking methods have become outdated with the introduction of cryptocurrency. It gives the ease of sending and receiving the bitcoins with simply a computer or smartphone. You can get your cPanel license with bitcoin without any difficulty.

Low Transaction Fees for International Payments:

Foreign purchasing, as well as standard wire transfer, requires an exchange cost. Since, in the case of bitcoins, there is no government involvement, the transaction cost is comparatively meager. It is a significant advantage for people who are interested in buying a cPanel but are traveling. Moreover, the bitcoin transfer process is rapid, so you do not have to wait at all. In addition to this, there is no inconvenience of authorization requirements.

Proper traceability of transactions:

Another positive factor is that the verification consists of a decentralized network of devices. Thus, it ensures all the transactions are linked with the previous transactions, maintaining a chronological order. These successive transactions are updated and synchronized on all the networking devices. Consequently, users do not have to worry about payment reversals or even a third party manipulating the payment. The continual verification makes it the best option of buying your cPanel license and paying with bitcoin.

Elimination of Banking Fees:

The banking and withdrawal fees are not associated with the bitcoin like it is with the traditional banking exchanges. It saves the users from all additional charges such as minimum balance fee, maintenance charges or returned deposit fee, etc.


Bitcoin purchases are discreet. Only if a user voluntarily publishes his Bitcoin transactions will they be public. Otherwise, purchases done are not associated with personal identity and are never easily traceable. In fact, even the anonymous bitcoin address changes with each transaction, minimizing the chances of your privacy invasion. However, the process is not entirely transparent, but it is less readily linked with the user’s identity, unlike traditional payment forms.

Why Choose Navicosoft for getting cheap cPanel through BTC?

cPanel is known for its user-friendly control panels due to its features. cPanel license Activation consists of very simple steps, and its cost is called the cPanel license fee. Navicosoft offers cheap cPanel through BTC. We are serving the IT world for a decade. Our Research and Development department is specialized for its innovations in web hosting to facilitate the customers in achieving all their targets.

We, as a leading IT company, accept Bitcoin payments for cPanel services. We aim to make everything convenient for our customers. Hence, you can attain your cPanel license with Navicosoft while your privacy is protected.

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