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7 Top Motion Graphics Trends In 2021

If you own a brand and you’re working on a marketing strategy for it, then never skip on including motion graphics in it. Entertainment content is taking the center stage in the world to make sure that the audience is well-attracted by the brands. 

Motion graphic trends have evolved a lot in the past few years. If you’re planning to make your marketing strategy a bit creative, then this is the best approach for you.

Here are 7 top motion graphic trends in 2021 that you must not miss out on at all costs. 

Thin Line Animation

If you want your content to be bright and flashy, then thin line animation is the one for you. By using the thin line animation, you are actually adding volumes to your existing design including all imagery and shapes in the design. It might seem minimal, but it’s one of the most influential options for your design. 

Thin-line animation looks similar to doodling, which looks highly engaging and appealing to the audience. If you’re a fan of doodling or if you have a vibrant brand personality, then sticking to thin line animation will serve you right. 

Not only is it appealing, but it is highly captivating and elegant as well. 

No matter if you’re preparing eLearning videos or marketing videos, thin line animation when combined with amazing voice-over and script can do wonders for your brand. 

3D and Textured Animation

This might not be the first time that you are hearing about 3D and textured animation. Since the 3D animation software is becoming highly accessible to people; therefore, more and more people are using it. 

Some core benefits of using 3D animation are that it is dynamic, interactive, generates positive ROI, and is visually limitless. As technology is improving day by day, the chance of 3D animation is increasing in the industry. If you’re expecting to see results, then 3D animation will take your brand to the top in no time! 

Animating in Virtual Reality

Another growing field is Virtual Reality (VR) that gives out an immersive yet powerful touch to your content. Although it started as something for gaming, it has now taken over the world with its amazing benefits. 

With the help of this technology, you will be easily able to produce high-quality and professional content for your audience. There are many applications available in the market that can do the work for you! 

Vertical Animated Ads

Do you love animated videos? They are highly appealing and engaging, but have you paid attention to their deployment and formatting? Since social media and smartphones are in the game for a long time, vertical videos are becoming more and more famous. The vertical videos are common mainly because of mobile viewing, so don’t get too excited. 

If you have noticed or not, but most of the animated content on the internet is now in vertical format, which is extremely engaging for the audiences. 

It’s another trend that you have to follow if you want your audience to not skip your content. It’s a wonderful way to let the consumer know that you value their ease. 

Better Gender Balance

Long gone are days when only males were eligible to work in the animation industry. The trends are changing and more and more women are hired in the animation industry because of their talent and skills. 

Women are as good animators as men, so why differentiate between them? If you want to win the industry, then never stick to only males to provide you with great content. 

Technological Advances 

Another trend in the animation industry is the increase in technological advances. As time is passing, people are becoming more interested in content that brings their brand on top of others. If you want to steal the hearts of your audience, then you have to take the risk and try new things. 

Colors and graphics always attract people and the technological evolution of motion graphics is the key to achieve it. Since the industry moved from 4K to 8K, making high-quality content is becoming easier for brands. The main reason why brands have to stick with the evolving motion graphics is to ensure that they are not left behind in the market. 

Illustrative Approach

The illustrative approach is becoming more and more common with time since it delivers a strong message to the audience. The trend to use more illustrative approaches in the content shows that people are more interested in seeing content that has a meaning. 

If you’re making content that has zero meaning or if that is highly basic, then there are chances that you might not attract it. If you want to make sure that your message is well-delivered to the audience, then going out-of-the-box is the only way. 

Make sure that your graphics speaks volume of creativity and uniqueness. Be the best in what you do and how you do it! 

Final Words 

Motion graphic services in  2021 are evolving day by day. There is no chance that you can win the competition with a caption when other brands are using the best ways to approach their audience. 

Long gone are days when an image was enough to give out your message because everything has changed now. If you want to deliver your message, then you have to think of a way in which your audience is planning to hear you.

The goal of your graphic content should be to talk to your audience in a way that they would like. So, if you’re in the boat to preparing the best marketing strategy for your brand, then don’t leave motion graphics out of it. 

Try out the motion graphic trends and make your content amazing by doing a little. Let animation captures the hearts of your audience while you focus on growing your business in other ways. Reach your audience and make a space in their hearts with your uniqueness and creativity!

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