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7 Tips Before Buying Adult Diapers For Women

Statistics reveal that one in every three women tend to develop various pelvic health disorders during their lifetime, leading to urinary or fecal incontinence. Pelvic health includes bladder and bowel health, vaginal health, uterine health, sexual health, and muscles and structures. Some women suffer from various types of incontinence throughout their lifetime. Whether you are buying them for yourself or an elderly loved one, purchasing adult diapers can be confusing. It is challenging to find the right incontinence supplies that offer the absorbency, fit, and style needed to manage female urinary incontinence or fecal leakage. Anyone can suffer from incontinence at any age. 


Here, we present some helpful tips before you go about buying adult diapers for women 


  1. Booster pads or protective ones 


If you don’t feel comfortable or have trouble falling asleep at night with diapers on, then you can opt for booster pads that can be an excellent option for overnight wear and offer easy removal. Absorbent pads are a great option if you are mobility impaired, as you can also fit them on the wheelchair seats. If you are uncomfortable wearing bulky diapers that are best for maximum strength, you can opt for lightweight, reusable protective underwear.  


  1. Washable or Disposable


When you buy an adult diaper, the first thing you must ask yourself is whether you wish to use washable diapers or disposable ones. Washable diapers are more environmentally friendly and will not cause so much trash accumulation in landfills. Disposable ones are the most popular choice and maybe the most convenient choice. Almost everyone goes with disposable ones, and they are recommended for people prone to skin issues. Cloth diapers may worsen skin deterioration, so if you buy adult diapers for your loved one bed-bound, then disposable diapers are the best option. 


  1. Adult Diaper or Pull-Up


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You can opt from the underwear style, i.e., the pull-up, or choose from the diaper style, known as adult briefs. Adult pull-ups are designed to be stepped into like underwear and are best for more active adults. The diaper style is best for homebound adults who cannot move around much on their own. Pull-ups are often more convenient for people taking care of their own restroom needs because they will not have to lie down to put them on. Pull-ups can be taken with you in a bag or a purse wherever you go and can be put on in a public restroom if necessary. The diaper style requires that you lie down when putting them on or taking them off. Therefore, they are often not convenient for travel. However, the diaper style is for people who have lost much mobility and need caregivers to change them. 


  1. Absorbency

Knowing about the absorbency power should be of utmost concern. Absorbency needs vary from person to person. It would help if you considered the person’s size, how much they eat or drink, and whether the person wearing the adult diaper has diabetes. For people who drink often, are bigger, and have diabetes, choose the more absorbent adult diaper. Smaller-sized people can choose less permeable styles for smaller people who do not eat or drink much and are not diabetic. You may need to follow a trial-and-error method in shortlisting the adult diaper.  


  1. Cost factor and Quality


There is a wide variety of adult diapers available in the market today at your disposal. With a bit of research work and some trial and error, you can choose a good-quality adult diaper at a bargain that will match your needs. Many competitively priced adult diapers are even better than well-known brands. Read online reviews from multiple sites so that you can get an unbiased view. Be sure to read reviews online about each brand before buying. Finally, when you buy the shortlisted one, you can have more savings. 


  1. Cloth versus Plastic Backing


There are adult diapers in the market which have either a cloth or a plastic backing. Diapers with a cloth backing are breathable. Many people prefer fabric because they are breathable and they are better for the skin. However, several people who have experience with adult diapers opt for plastic backing. It is a personal choice that would require some amount of trial and error, especially if you or your loved one has never worn an adult diaper before. 


  1. Fitting


Since no two body structures are the same, your body shape, size, and the type of incontinence you experience may play a huge role in choosing the correct adult diaper for you. Never buy a brand of adult diapers in the wrong size, with an impression that it will work. It is vital to find the right size for your body type and always stick with the size. If it doesn’t fit you well, the irritation levels will be high. If you wear a product that is too small, there will be adverse effects on your skin, and if it is too big, you will have the risk of leakage.  


Bottom Line

Buying adult diapers does not require rocket science. The small tips mentioned can go a big way to finding the correct adult diaper for you or someone under your care. A small amount of research will allow you to make informed choices. Subsequently, with some trial and error, you will be able to find the right brand and style so that you can feel confident, comfortable, and dry and carry on with your daily chores. You can live an everyday life again when you use the correct adult diaper for your incontinence. 



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