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7 Great Tips for HP Pavilion Laptop in 2021

You always want your HP Pavilion Laptops to last for a longer period of time. In the case of mobile phones people keep replacing them every one or two years. Sometimes the time period is even shorter than a year. On the contrary, people spend years with their computers.

The laptops have a very short life span, you all know that. But with proper care and maintenance you can keep them for a long period of time. There are some tips that you should follow strictly from proper laptop functioning. Such tips are applicable for all types of laptops. For example, you have an HP Pavilion laptop. You can still follow these tips.

List of Tips for an HP Pavilion Laptops User

In this article you will learn about various tips to keep the HP Pavilion laptop in a proper working condition for a long period of time.

1. Download Install and Update the Drivers:

You should always download and install the device drivers for proper functioning of the system. To download the device drivers you should know the name of the device. Then you can type the device name and download and install the correct drivers.It is not essential that you will download the latest version of the drivers every time.

Therefore it is better to update the drivers whenever there is a need to do so.

For example you have an HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop. You may be working on the Windows 8 version. Then you should download the HP Pavilion dv9000 drivers for Windows 8 version on your laptop. You can buy the best driver updater software to update the drivers on an automatic basis. For example the Bit Driver Updater.

2. Cleanup the Hard-Drive:

Cleanup the Hard-Drive

If you want your laptop to work smoothly you should keep cleaning your hard-drive on a timely basis. You may have so many unnecessary files and folders in your hard-drive. Why allow them to occupy extra space in your hard-drive? You can use that space to store important files instead.

You should delete such files and folders and get some free space in your hard-drive. It will help in increasing the speed of your laptop and make it function better than before.

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3. Remove Cookies and Cache:

You can also remove unwanted cookies and cache from your browser files. Sometimes when you browse the internet some cookies occupy unnecessary space in your browser files. This makes your laptop go slow and weak. Every browser has its own way of deleting such temporary cookies and cache. You can follow any best way to remove them.

4. Keep your Keyboard and Screen Clean:

Keyboard and Screen Clean

It is important that you keep the hardware components of your laptop neat and clean. Like the keyboard and the screen of your laptop. You can use the pre-moistened screen wipes to clean your laptop screen. For keyboards you can make use of invisible touch. It will help in cleaning the dust from the keyboard without touching it physically. There are cans filled with compressed air (oxygen). You can remove the dust by a short blast of air out of the can to the area covered with dust.

5. Keep the Ports Clean:

Unlike the computers the laptops do not have so many ports. But you should still try to keep them neat and clean. You should try that the dirt does not get inside the ports. You can use the compressed air formula to remove the dust without touching the ports physically.

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6. Microphone and Camera should be Checked:

The Microphone and Camera features are not very common in most of the laptops. But if you have them, keep them neat and clean. You can use the lens cleaner to remove the dust from the camera. You should regularly clean the camera and the microphone. To clean the microphone use a clean cloth and gently remove the dust out of it. You should never make use of the compressed air here. Because this may cause serious damage to the sound catching components of the microphone.

7. Don’t Eat or Drink near the Laptop:

You should not bring any drinking or eating stuff near your laptop. Also you should stop others from doing so. It may cause internal damage to the important parts of the laptop. Unlike computers you cannot easily replace the parts of a laptop like the trackpad. Thus one mistake can lead to the waste of your time as well as money.


These tricks should be followed properly. It is not about only an HP Pavilion laptop owner but it is important for all the laptop users. You should make sure to follow the tricks on a continuous basis.

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