7 Efficient Tips to Keep Your Jewellery Safe

During this uncertain time, keeping your jewellery safe has become a significant issue. Expensive jewellery like bespoke jewellery from Hatton Garden or a priced custom-made antique jewellery can be a cause of worry.

If you are keeping some jewellery at home, there are some effective ways to take care of these prized possessions.

While Cleaning The House

Household cleaning supplies can react negatively to your jewellery. Certain metals and gems might get corroded or stained by them. For instance, if you get bleach under your wedding ring and don’t wash it immediately, it could burn your skin. Also, you can lose the ring while washing dishes.

To avoid situations like these, remove any jewellery while doing household chores. If that isn’t always feasible, wear thick rubber gloves to protect your rings. For vintage jewellery pieces like studded diamond earrings or necklaces, do not wear them if you are a busy woman doing lots of household work.

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While Sleeping

Sleeping with jewellery can have certain risks. Our skin often swells up overnight, so it might get difficult for you to remove your ring if you wear it while sleeping. Also, if the jewellery has intricate stone and gems, it can get cracked, hitting the nightstand. The sharp edges can cut your skin or your partner’s.

While Doing Outdoor Activities

Physical activities like gym or swimming need people to handle heavy equipment. Lifting weights or playing volleyball can easily break a chain or bend the prongs of your diamond engagement ring. Water, chemicals, and soaps can damage the shine of metals and gems. For instance, pearls, if soaked in water, can get soft and damage them. Even jewellery repairing won’t help the case.

Remove any precious jewellery while going to the gym or swimming pool. For activities like pool parties or beach parties, wear imitation jewellery made of silver or gold plated. They can be found in interesting designs and won’t matter if it gets lost.

Keeping a jewellery inventory

If you have a large collection of bespoke vintage jewellery, it might get difficult to remember everything you own. In case of a natural disaster like a fire, your insurance company will need proof of your jewellery. Having jewellery inventory will help you during these times.

Using Cosmetics

Chemicals from cleaning supplies and chemicals in cosmetics and perfumes can react with metal alloys in jewellery. For example, while using hair spray, some of it goes to a beautiful gem stud. This can damage the gems in your earrings. Even makeup remover with alcohol can damage rings and bracelets.

To avoid this, remember the golden rule of “last on, first off.” This means putting your jewellery on last and removing them first when using cosmetics.

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While Cleaning Jewellery

Most jewellery can be washed with normal water and soap. But avoid too hot or too cold water. Clean the jewellery above an unplugged sink so that it doesn’t fall down the drain.

However, for retro jewellery pieces, it is best to have them cleaned and restored by professionals.

Get Vintage Jewellery Appraised

You might be very careful with your jewellery, but everything cannot be controlled. A sudden burglary or steal cannot be predicted, right?

For bespoke jewellery or vintage pieces of jewellery, it is best to get them appraised by professionals. This way, in case of any accidents, at least you will be covered on the insurance front.

Jewellery appraisal should be done from a reliable source. A jewellery valuation will help you to determine the exact price range of the jewellery.

Just like protecting your car or home, protecting jewellery is a responsibility as well. So, choose a company like Prestige Jewellery for jewellery repairing, jewellery valuation, bespoke jewellery in London, etc.


Hello, I am Michel Wilson, a Digital Content Writer, writing on behalf of Prestige Valuations. Prestige Valuations is an independent antique and jewellery Valuation service provider based in London, UK. Prestige Valuations provides high quality valuation services for jewelleries, watches, antiques, handbags and fine arts.

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