The gambling industry in recent years has skyrocketed and the fever continues to spread on the market.  The multitiered and intricate matrix of the modern world edifice brings forward appropriate solutions, which encompass the whole myriad of facets and offer the best points at the intersection of numerous  possibilities and prospects. Although today hi-tech considerably facilitated business workflow, it has at the same time posed significant hurdles, such as need for the accent on the market specifics, cultural predisposition, level of the customers’ receptivity to innovations, overlapping of users’ preferences and their technical literacy, advanced developers’ teams, strong marketing tools, effective customer service and many more.

Below we will cast a glimpse at what makes the betting platform escalate into the top tier. The list, although being quite full, cannot include every nuance, However, these are the pillars which can make the business happen with the further prospects for thriving.


With the customers at the axis of any business operating marketing is gaining additional traction and significance. Hence, the companies such as IGPIXEL, which provide strong marketing tools are definitely worth considering for cooperation, since they ensure product optimization, provide valuable insights into the psychology, playing habits, markets specifics and help to quickly elevate the metrics of the betting webpage. The plethora of software and platform providers can certainly be confusing, but effective marketing service offered by the provider is a clear-cut indicator of its deep understanding and immersion into the ever-changing gambling landscape. High-level marketing is supposed to embrace two-direction service. Firstly, the marketing specialists are there to launch the business, give an impetus to the betting webpage by analyzing the market, processing huge volumes of data for transparent understanding of geographical, cultural, economic and even political issues affecting the wagering process. For example, in certain African countries it is quite reasonable to engage affiliates from universities, since the marketing showcases boosting numbers of students’ membership in virtual groups dedicated to gambling and betting, while in other locations specific sports or casino games   are a must to succeed. But the process is non-stop, and as soon as the webpage goes live, appropriate information should be disseminated and the presence of the company on the market be ensured via digital marketing, affiliates attraction, presentation at the exhibitions and meetings. Consequently, to start a successful business this is the first and foremost step, and only a wise choice of reliable partners can trigger a profitable journey onto the betting business.


For a safe and long-awaited foray into business it is crucial to follow legal compliance rules. The market is quite changeable, however there are a number of  universally accepted jurisdictions  whose licenses provide a sound legal umbrella to work under. Advanced providers definitely assist in acquiring licenses and save time and effort for the operators. Namely, the relevant specialists usually help to  figure out which license is the most appropriate given the circumstances of every specific operator. Therefore, the second pillar to rest upon is the proper jurisdiction to operate under.

3.A Comprehensive Set of Products and Solutions

In the epoch and industry where every fraction of a minute matters, it is critical to find the complete set of products, services and solutions in one place at a click of a button. Although there may be some insignificant gaps but truly dedicated providers do have the following products and solutions:

Avant-garde Sportsbook with a wide coverage of sports events, polyvalent bet slip and bet builder, robust analytical tools and statistics, powerful back-end and admin panel, versatile payment methods, live streaming, user-friendly design and functionality.

•Live match tracker bringing more flexibility and gripping immersion into the live matches, graphically sophisticated features, catchy and realistic ambience, backed up by live and pre-match stats that keep the audience fully aware of sports statistics, odds data, scoreboard.

Statistics and Odds feed for action-oriented and groundbreaking results.

Mobile compatibility   is a priority and must for every advanced business today given the level of mobile penetration and percentage into the gambling market.

•A full set of casino games A full set of casino games    customized to the relevant market and geography.

Look for the platform providers which can ensure smooth and effective operation of the above-mentioned before concentrating on the other details.

4.Variety of Payment Methods

In gambling business, the role of payment methods cannot be overestimated, since huge amounts of sums are circulated, deposited, withdrawn and wagered every minute. The ease and smoothness of buying and selling to a large extent predetermines users’ retention on the betting webpage. The principal prerequisite of effective operations on the gambling platform is firstly flexibility and rigid technical foundation. Secondly, only the providers who can offer  payment gateways, or multiple payment methods are worth considering to cooperate with. It is pure and simple that the users will opt to stay on the platform if their preferred payment option is offered without the need to refer to some external services. So advanced providers have integrated in one place a plethora of choices when it comes to making a payment. Which are the most common payment methods today?  Undoubtedly, first comes cash, especially in some African and LATAM countries, which requires sharp solutions, such as  Agent System Software. Next come debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and most importantly mobile payments and e-wallets. The API integration of each of these payments should be an indispensable component of an advanced provider’s service <a href=””>advanced provider’s service </a>. Presently the giants of the business also integrate and offer alternative payment methods, such as cryptocurrencies.

5.Risk Management Service (AI-driven)

The stakes of betting industry being unprecedently high, there is also a high risk of frauds, cheating, irresponsible gambling, money laundry and others. To safeguard both the operators and bettors, venerable platform providers employ highly effective risk management tools, all based upon solid AI-driven data. This involves scrupulous segmentation of players based on the operators demands and circumstances, KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti-money laundry) functions, tactical play prevention, arbitrage system, real-time report and others. Ideally, every point is negotiated between the parties to get the most out of the enterprise.

6.Bonuses and Promotions

1.Finally, tempting bonuses and perks  serve as a powerful motivator and trigger for the betting industry. The list of promotions and their modifications is unlimited and highly flexible. In a nutshell, it can be catered to the needs of operators proceeding from the requirements. The most widespread and general types of promotions practiced are as follows: sign-up or welcome bonuses, deposit match bonuses, risk-free bets for newcomers, bet and get, bonus on loss, loyalty bonuses and others. The system of bonuses is deeply rooted into the psychological mechanisms governing human behavior. In gambling industry, this is one of the most powerful factors to win the customers loyalty and bring incrementally growing revenue.

Resting heavily upon the pillars described the chances of takeoff are extremely high. Every single aspect matters in this complicated but a rewarding and challenging and fascinating journey. Set out for this journey with reliable partners and there is no other chance than to succeed.

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