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6 Effective Ways to Minimize the Risk of Kidney Diseases

A bean-shaped organ of your body is known as the kidneys. They are located at the bottom of your rib cage on both sides of the spine. Studies say that both kidneys perform different types of functions and the major function of the kidneys is to filter out the waste products and other impurities from your blood. Through urine, all waste products are expelled.

Kidneys also regulate the salt, potassium, and pH in your body. The best urologists in Rawalpindi say that kidneys produce hormones that regulate blood pressure and maintain the production of red blood cells.

They are also responsible for activating vitamin D form that lets your body absorb calcium to build the bones. It also helps in regulating muscle function.

If your kidneys will not function properly, it will affect overall body function. Here are some tips that you need to consider for healthy kidneys.

1- Stay active and healthy

Being a couch potato can bring harm to your health because experts find health in movement. Fitness experts always suggest exercising daily as it helps to stay fit both internally and physically. Regular exercise can help you to minimize the risk of chronic kidney diseases. Staying active helps you to reduce blood pressure and maintain heart health. These issues are crucial to be under control as they are the risk factors for kidney stones.

2- Maintain Blood pressure

High blood pressure is the risk factor that puts you at high risk of kidney damage. If you ever experience high blood pressure with certain medical conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol, or diabetes, etc. it can affect overall health.

Healthy lifestyle choices and diet plans can help to maintain high blood pressure. The important practice of maintaining high blood pressure is to monitor it regularly. Monitoring can help you learn how diet and lifestyle changes can help you to lower blood pressure. Some people have major issues of high blood pressure that can be cured with the help of medications.

3- Count your weight numbers

People with obesity issues should maintain weight before it can affect their health. Well, here I can say that obesity is the risk factor for kidney stones. It can leave negative effects on heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Processed meats and kidney-damaging foods can increase the chance of kidney damage. You need to go with fresh foods, such as whole grains, fish, cauliflower, blueberries, etc.

4- Drink enough fluids

There is no magic that can help you get rid of kidney stones overnight but fluids. Yes, you have heard right as water and enough fluids can help to flush out the substances from your body. Some people do not drink water so they have a fluid option to go with.

Climate and your body are the factors that contribute to the requirement of hydration. You should plan proper water intake if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

5- Quit smoking

Smoking damages the blood vessels of your body that lead to slower blood flow in your body, including kidneys. Smoking is also a risk factor that increases the risk of kidney cancer. If you quit smoking today, it will minimize the chances of kidney diseases cancer after taking many years to wait.

6- Balance blood sugar level

People who are suffering from diabetes experience high blood sugar that leads to kidney damage. Cells in your body often cannot use the glucose in your blood. It makes your kidneys work harder to filter blood. You can reduce kidney disease damage when you can control blood sugar levels in your blood.

The waste buildup is an alarming condition that can lead to death. It is crucial to visit the urologist as soon as possible. Untreated conditions often need dialysis or kidney transplant.


Learning about kidney diseases and symptoms can help you to slow down the process. Choose healthy lifestyle choices and go with a balanced diet plan.

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