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6 Best Book Writing Software in 2021

For many people, authoring a book is a lifelong dream. But, unfortunately, some believe that it’s out of their reach. At the same time, some people are trying to write what they want but cannot get it published. 

Did you know that around 80% of Americans want to write and get published? However, only 0.1% succeed. 

Is there any secret formula to draft an amazing book? Do you think some strategies can unlock your creativity? At any point, do you believe that your dream can come true? Good research can help you in finding answers to these questions. 

Let us tell you that many renowned authors have claimed that there is no single way to become a published author. Instead, you’ll have to unlock your path that leads to a published book.

Every writer has a unique journey that they took to get their book finished and published. If you wish to have your success story, you need to learn the steps and apply the right techniques. 

Today, the constant growth of digital apps has provided writers with various tools to help with their writing. 

Book Writing Software

Book writing is a thought-provoking task. Many authors shared their know-how of how they undertake the task of writing. In addition, all of them have expressed a desire for tools that could expedite their process. 

You need to understand that a software will not write the book for you. But, it can expedite the process greatly and provide tools that can polish the final draft. Overall, software are simply tools to make things easier. 

These days, many writing agencies offer book writing services. They have experienced writers who can help you in a variety of ways. Either you can share your idea and let them write or draft the content in an organized and presentable format.

Or you can utilize these services to edit and polish your initial drafts. You can choose services according to what best fits your requirements. 

Writing a book is not an easy undertaking. However, there are plenty of quality tools and software that you can take advantage of. Choosing the right one can help in writing and organizing your book.  

If you do a simple search for book writing software, you’ll come across many. However, the challenge is choosing the one that best fits your needs.

Bear in mind that every software is different and has its advantages or disadvantages. 

6 Best Book Writing Software

Here are six book writing software that we feel would greatly help you in your writing endeavors:

Google Docs

Google Docs is a simple collaborative tool that can be utilized virtually from anywhere as long as you have connectivity. The best part is that it’s free. Moreover, it is a standard word processor. Hence, it provides book writers with the opportunity to track changes and edit the text. Additionally, a single document can be accessed by multiple people, making it easier to work collaboratively 

Further, Google Docs is advantageous in the following ways:

  • It’s accessible from any device. 
  • It allows easy sharing of your work-in-process. All you have to do is share its link. 

Pro Writing Aid

It’s another software for book writers. Pro Writing Aid has some amazing built-in features. It constantly provides suggestions related to writing style, grammar, and errors. Of course, it’s up to you if you accept or reject the recommended changes. 

To take advantage of Pro-Writing Aid, you can integrate it with other apps. It can be used with:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Docs
  • Scrivener

Additionally, the software facilitates book writers by providing detailed explanations. Also, it has a built-in Thesaurus. You can download the free version and take advantage of the context-focused grammar checker that it provides. 

Living Writer

If you are looking for an advanced application for writing a book or short stories, Living Writer can help you. It’s better than using a word processor. The app can be accessed through any web browser. 

Living Writer provides boards that can be used for arranging plots and stories. Also, it includes a range of outline templates. These are beneficial for structuring stories. 

A trial version is available for free, which you can use to see if Living Writer is a good fit for you. However, the subscription charges are reasonable, especially for prolific writers.  


Many authors claim that Scrivener is best for writing books as it is geared towards larger writing pieces.

If you want to write feature articles, Scrivener can help you. It’s also good for blogging. However, it’s more commonly used for books. 

Scrivener goes beyond a regular word processor. It provides ideas and aids in organizing thoughts and stories. So even if you have complex projects, the application can be very helpful. 

Additionally, to speed up your writing process, Scrivener provides various keyboard shortcuts. Through this, you can manage the flow and continuation of your book. 

The best part of Scrivener is its feature for tracking daily progress. When writing, you can check your daily word count and set goals for yourself. Also, it has a composition mode that can be used to remove cluttering in the text. Finally, the formatting features are beneficial for publishing. Overall, you can manage distraction-free writing utilizing this app. 


Vellum helps you in transforming your book into an eBook. It’s a book formatting and processing software. It can greatly improve the aesthetics of your book.  

It’s quick and expedites the formatting process by a significant margin. It has a previewer option that can be used to view your book. Consider yourself a reader while checking the preview.

See if you like it or not. It’s easy to make changes and edits using Vellum. 

Additionally, Vellum offers the authors quick template-based options for formatting. It’s beneficial for designing your books effectively. Several authors recommend Vellum as their writing software of choice.  

The best features of Vellum are:

  • Quick formatting
  • Beautiful styling
  • Easy and intuitive UI. 

Overall, Vellum has amazing styles, even if the options are limited. And although a bit pricey, it is overall worth it. 


Writing is not only about penning down ideas. It’s a way to express and communicate. Authors have to focus on their target audience. When writing a book, they have to choose a niche. Many times, it isn’t easy to stay focused. Longer writing pieces can be distracting. 

You might see people asking authors how they manage to complete their books? They wonder how authors stay focused on their end goals. 

Besides using a book writing software, you can also choose to utilize book writing services.

These services can help you connect with professional and dedicated book writers. 

Freedom is a software that encourages the writer and keeps them focused. The application has a focus mode. It blocks distractions for a specific period.

So, while writing, if you plan to scroll through social networking sites, you cannot as Freedom will not allow it.

Thus, Freedom is more beneficial for writers who struggle with keeping focused. 

Final Thoughts

The digital realm offers several options for book writing software. Each has specific features and benefits. 

However, these are just tools, and you cannot rely on them completely. These software and applications are beneficial to a great extent. But, imagination and creativity must come from you.

For practice and ease, you can choose any of the book writing applications mentioned earlier. In addition, you can opt for book writing services.

Both options have pros and cons but ultimately help you expedite your writing process and ensure that the final draft is error-free. 


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