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5 Top 2022 Summer Gifts

It can be challenging finding a great gift for someone who is celebrating a birthday, or other personal milestone, during the months of summer. It’s the season when most people plan to escape on holiday, and to return with a stash of photos ready to fill up a selection of travel photo albums.

This summer, if you want to impress and delight a family member, friend, or work colleague with a fabulous gift that everyone around them will envy, here are our Top 5 recommendations…

  1. Stylish Sunglasses With A Difference

You really can’t go wrong when buying a cool accessory gift for a friend or family member who loves tech. A pair of stylishly designed UV-blocking sunglasses will definitely be at the top of their wishlist, especially as the tech spec practical sunnies feature built in speakers!

Who hasn’t dreamed of living in their own soundtrack? When you slip on these sunglasses you can do just that. In the height of the summer, the lucky recipient of your gift will very much appreciate looking fashionable and laidback as they discreetly listen to their favourite music or podcasts.

The sunglasses design incorporates speakers into the frames and boasts a patented acoustic chamber. They also include an integrated microphone that connects via Bluetooth, allowing the wearer to sync up with a mobile device and to make phone calls. The sunnies work the same way as a pair of earbuds, but also protect eyes against UVA/UVV ray damage.  To pause playing tunes, simply take the shades off.

  1. 2. The Must-Have Inflatable Air Lounger

When the weather is balmy, there’s nothing quite like chilling outdoors with family and friends. A bean bag style, inflatable lounge chair is undoubtedly the perfect summer gift for someone who enjoys relaxing in the sunshine. Unlike traditional inflatables that require a great deal of huffing and puffing to fill them up, the must-have lounger instantly inflates when you spin it around in the air!

The durable and lightweight, magically inflating chair features two separate compartments that need filling with air. To achieve the ultimate level of seating comfort squishiness, you pick up the lounge chair and twirl it around until one compartment is filled, and then repeat the action for the second.

Once the inflatable chair is filled with air, it’s ready to accommodate the body’s contours in flexible ways. The lounger can conveniently be used in the garden or on the beach, and as extra seating indoors. It’s great for kicking back and relaxing while browsing through travel photo albums and dreaming about the next adventure or holiday. After use, the inflatable lounge chair can be easily deflated and packed away in its own carry case.

  1. The Next-Gen Portable Blender

Summer is the season when many people get active about giving their diet an overhaul or makeover. If someone in your family is on a health kick, or you have a friend that needs a little encouragement in tweaking their dietary habits and lifestyle, a portable blender makes an excellent gift.

A portable and wireless next-gen blender simplifies the method of consuming the recommended 5-day fruit and veggie intake. It can be used to make silky smooth protein shakes, delicious smoothies, milkshakes, slushies, frozen lattes and other types of beverages. It’s also adept at whizzing up a tasty salad dressing, dip or sauce, and blending a freshly made batch of baby food.

The blender’s sleek design incorporates a wireless power station that can be charged via a USB device. One hour of power charge allows you to make 15+ mixes/drinks. As it’s ultra lightweight and portable, it can be easily packed in a bag for healthy drinks on the go, throughout the summer season and beyond.

  1. The Personal Cooler

The perfect summer gift for the spontaneous adventurer who loves to go it solo has to be a stylish portable soft cooler. Its compact but spacious design allows a six-pack of canned drinks, plus ice, to be stored inside and easily transported from place to place. The cooler is just what everyone needs to bring along on a summer road trip or weekend getaway.

Available in a variety of colours, the versatile and practical soft cooler features superior cold-holding ColdCell insulation that keeps contents as chilled as if they were in a fridge. The portable cooler case is waterproof and 100% leakproof, and also resistant to punctures and abrasions. It can be carried via a strap or handle. The lucky recipient of this gift will be able to use it as a personal cooler on solo days out, or when spending time with family and friends.

  1. Luxury Travel Photo Albums

Happy memories of having fun on lazy summer days can easily be relived time and time again, when you gift someone you love beautiful and luxurious travel photo albums. Between each high quality paper page, of the premium travel photo book, favourite snaps can be preserved and elegantly displayed for all to view and enjoy.

You can choose from softcover, printed hardcover, layflat, and fabric photo books with foil or debossed covers. A layflat travel album can make favourite holiday and day trip photos look like they are featured in a glossy travel magazine!

A photo album that is solely reserved for images captured whilst travelling is certainly a summer gift that any avid globetrotting explorer, frequent traveller or gap year student will love to receive as a summer gift. And of course, the stylish travel photo can also be used to display stunning photographs of other seasonal adventures.

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