5 Tips to Pass an Employment Personality Test

An employment personality test is a great way for employers to know if a candidate’s character traits are best suited to the company. The continued proliferation of the test has now made it a norm in most organizations. It helps the recruiters in prioritizing the applications based on candidates’ personality traits being a fit for the company’s culture. It helps them in making informed decisions and gaining a better understanding of the person they are about to hire. As an applicant, you must ask the hiring manager about the company, culture, and workplace environment to answer the questions correctly. Dig deep and research about the prerequisites of the role and what traits can define the person working in the specific role. It will help you learn more about the role and make a decision if you should go for the job and take the test.

Here are some of the tips and tricks you must go through to pass the employment personality test:

1. Take Online Mock Tests

Before you take your final employment personality test, try out a free online test. It will help you understand the requirements and practice a few questions without hurting your chances at the job selection. Also, it will help you get a clear idea about the right answers and how your job role plays a major role in answering the questions. Some answers can be right for a certain job role and the same can be not-so-right for others. For instance, a social media manager should have a high score in expertise and understanding of different social media platforms, however, a software engineer might not need an equally good score in that. That said, online mock tests help you understand how to give answers in a personality test by keeping your job role in mind.

2. Know What’s Right and What’s Wrong for the Role

Before answering any question, consider the traits and behavioral requirements of the role for which you have applied. Consider yourself working in that role and then think about the right answer. The answers you are selecting should reflect the personality and characteristics of the person fit for the applied role. For instance, if you have applied for the role of marketing communications manager, you must score high on social interactions. Similarly, if you are applying for a team leader role, you must score high on leadership traits.

Some employers have customized personality tests for applicants to see if they are a cultural fit for the company. Research about the company and review the information available before attempting the test. Also, remember to go through the job description and see if the recruiters have mentioned anything about the required characteristics of the ideal candidate.

3. Avoid all the Contradictions

Ensure you are consistent with your answers. Sometimes, multiple questions are revolving around the same personality trait. You must answer all the answers by being truthful and accurate about the traits. For instance, if you have answered “strongly agree” for “demonstrating patience” and “strongly agree” on “getting annoyed easily” as well, both answers will contradict each other. It will reflect negatively and might make you scoreless on the particular section of the personality test.

Also, do not let lack of interest or fatigue be the reason for incorrect answers. There can be multiple sections in the test and it can be time-consuming, that said, ensure that you do not let it keep you from being careful while answering the questions.

4. Take a Note on all the Red Flags

Not all answers are right in a personality test. A personality test is conducted to find candidates who have specific personality traits that are ideal for the job role. Hence, only the candidates who have similar or aligned behaviors pass the personality test.

If you are applying for a customer success manager role and the question asks, “Do you have active listening skills?”, then you know your answer should be a yes. Ensure you notice these questions and answer by keeping the job role in your mind. If you think the answers are deviating a lot from your personality, then you must consider if you are sure about making a career in the job sector.

5. Be Yourself

Remember to be yourself. Remember that you are taking the test to get selected and make a career in the selected job role. Only being yourself will help you understand if you are a fit for the role or not. Take the test and do not overthink. The test will help you gain a perspective and self-awareness and you will learn what roles you should be applying per your personality. It is a great way to find the right career path and have a successful job search.

Aadil Bandi

Aadil Bandi is a professional blogger and digital marketing consultant. He has a decade of experience writing digital marketing, business, real estate, technology, career, and home improvement content. He is based in Ahmedabad, but you can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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