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5 Tips to Mitigate Student Anxiety during Online Proctoring Tests

The educational sector has progressed into the digital format wherein not only the classes are being conducted online but also all the other major school-related activities. Out of which exams were something that the educators struggled with the most.

How to ensure the integrity of the examination system? 

How to make sure the students don’t cheat? 

These were two of the major concerns of the educators against which they were able to find an appropriate solution. Online proctored examination in which the students would be under invigilation virtually is a brilliant way to alert about any suspicious activities during the exams.

As it is the students are usually stressed about the examination on top of that remote proctoring further adds to the anxiety of the learners. The situation gets even more challenging if the student is appearing for a proctored exam for the first time. Fear of technical issues, lack of knowledge regarding exact procedures within the exam and not knowing what behavior is considered suspicious under online proctoring are some of the concerns that can affect the test taker. 

Hence let’s take at a few tips that the educators and institutes would find helpful when it comes to mitigating student anxiety during exams

Orientation for smooth edTech journey 

Before taking the final leap towards anything, what do we do? 

We practice, we do a little trial and error so that when we proceed to do something important, we don’t falter or commit any mistakes. 

An institute can do the same for the examination as well since online tests are a relatively new thing to the students, more so the proctored exams, hence the educators orient them on this system. 

Lack of proper information and guidance about this can only lead to chaos and confusion within the minds of the students. Regarding the test and how it will be conducted should be presented on the official school or college website clearly with required specifics. It should be easily understandable so that the student does not find it hard; a practice test could be arranged as well so that it could give them the exact idea of the system. 

Appropriate assurance to the students 

Imagine giving a test without the invigilance of any teacher, but somehow you are visible online as it is constantly clicking pictures after stipulated intervals.

The scenario makes the students vulnerable and uncertain about whatever is going on, they feel a certain uneasiness about the intrusiveness. 

The job of the teacher is to assure the students that the goal is not to catch people but simply to create a surrounding that is somewhat similar to a physical exam center. 

Full access to the student’s computer system is unnecessary, a secure lockdown browser that provides easy accessibility to the students to carry out the test is important. This should also prevent copying, pasting, instant messaging actions along with that it should send alerts whenever trying to open a new browser. 

Student data security

When uploading personal details online there is always an uncertainty of the system being vulnerable to hacking. The idea of an online proctor exam having personal information is always that of concern, but with a well-functioning lockdown browser, such worries could be curtailed. 

For instance, while logging into the website to take the test the student should only be required to input those details which are necessary after which the personal data’s privacy would be maintained strictly. 

Proctoring software does not decide – If you are a teacher, one thing that you must make the students clear about is that although the proctoring software is an online invigilator it does not make decisions. 

It will not decide if a student gets to complete the test or is disqualified based on any action of the student. 

The task of the software is to only flag any suspicious behavior to the organization which is conducting the exams. After the completion of the test, the recorded evidence will be checked thoroughly and then the instructor could come to any decision. 

But it should be informed to the students that after the test all of that evidence would be deleted as per the rules as it won’t be necessary any longer. 

Clear communication

The significance of clear communication to successfully execute anything is insurmountable, hence if you or you’re conducting an online examination system with the help of proctoring software, be sure to have a proper support system. 

The availability of comprehensive information online aided by elaborative step-by-step guidance by the educators and online proctoring vendors is important. 

Along with affirmative reassurance about personal privacy, data security along with other such concerns is equally noteworthy. 

In conclusion 

Technology has become an indispensable part of the educational structure, it is being used effectively to ease the challenges that are otherwise faced in the traditional classes. But it can get puzzling if students are not provided with proper information to access the various online tools

If the educational software is used effectively then it can serve to reduce student anxiety and improve the learning experience altogether. 


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