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5 Things you should consider before Selling a Property

Our property markets are undoubtedly improving, but it may still be more difficult to sell your property now than it was a few years ago.When the media was overflowing with news of hot auction success stories. With all of these champagne-popping property stories, the average punter may think that selling a property for a huge sum of money is as simple as hanging a “for sale” sign in the front yard.

Your agent:

You want the best person to represent you and your property. Before deciding on which agent to choose, make sure you interview at least three — maybe more if your neighbourhood has many options.

Always inquire about their negotiating approach, what defects they see in your property. In addition, how they would address those faults when speaking with buyers.

I would not make a selection based on the agent that charges the lowest sales commission. Some underperforming agents may reduce their fees to nothing to acquire a listing, but this is not the proper person for the job. The cheapest agent is the one that obtains the best deal for you.

Your home:

It is critical to verify that your property is in good condition before listing it for sale on the main real estate websites.

I would also suggest having a friend drive by your house and tell you what needs to be fixed. We are famously bad at seeing flaws in our property, so that an impartial viewpoint might be beneficial.

Especially when you consider that many property buyers would not get out of their automobile if they see something unpleasant at the front of the property. If your furniture needs some TLC, try putting all or a portion of it in storage and leasing staged furniture. This not only looks great in professional photography, but it also removes the personal touches from the property, making it more appealing to other buyers who may imagine their own living space on the blank canvas.

Your finances:

Selling a property is a costly process, and some sellers get so focused on obtaining a specific sale price that they overlook the additional fees they will pay. You’ll have to pay for ads in local real estate supplements of local papers. A “for sale” signboard in front of your property, mailouts and brochures and, of course, listing on the major real estate sites.

You’ll also have to pay a conveyancer or solicitor to prepare a vendor statement, often known as Section 32, as well as expenditures related to the property’s settlement, such as mortgage discharge fees. If you’re relocating, don’t forget to factor in the cost of the remove list as well as stamp duty if you’re buying a new property.

Your time:

Many first-time sellers are shocked by the amount of time it takes to prepare their property for sale. You may anticipate spending the majority of your spare time in the weeks leading up to a listing preparing your property for sale by completing outstanding tasks around the house.

When the campaign begins, your house will be open for inspection at least twice a week (perhaps more if particular buyers cannot make the set inspection hours). It means that making sure it looks as nice as it does in the images.

The house will be cleaned, the agent will have the freedom to show it to as many people as possible, and you can get campaign updates by Skype or email.

Your well-being:

Selling a property is a difficult process, and anyone who claims it is a piece of cake is lying. Regardless of how much you sell your property for or how soon you sell it, the act of placing it on the market is an anxiety-inducing experience, especially if it’s your first time.

You may be in a hot auction area, and the agent may be pushing for this sort of sale. But there’s no use in putting yourself through it if it’ll give you a throat infection. A good agent will still be able to set up a behind-the-scenes auction among interested purchasers to obtain you the greatest price possible.

You may feel too busy to enjoy such pleasures at this time, but you must retain a clear brain to make the best judgments possible concerning your property. Now is the moment to act and position yourself for the changes that will emerge as the market evolves.

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