5 Things You Need to know about LED Headlights

Halogen, hid and LED lights are the three main lighting types in our daily life. They are widely used in automobiles. By comparison, LED lights have more advantages than the other two lights. This article lists five questions about them that many people are interested in.

1. Are LED headlights legal?

LED headlights rated as “DOT approved” are legal. There are some basic guidelines to ensure whether your LED headlights are legal. Intensity, brightness, and color are the three main points you need to consider when looking for LED headlamps. When turning on your headlights, they must be bright enough to allow you to see objects about 50 – 100 meters ahead of you. But they cannot be so bright that oncoming drivers and pedestrians will be blinded. Regarding headlight color, yellow and white are allowed to use on the road no matter which country you live in. When you buy LED headlamps, you can take “SAE Certified” into consideration because products listed as “SAE Certified” mean that they are high-quality items.

2. Are LED headlights better than hid headlights?

When you want to upgrade your dull headlights, you may think of hid headlights and LED headlights, but which one is better? Here we will share something about them with you. LED headlamps generate light through a chip, while hid headlamps create light by heating a gas. Both of them have their advantages. LED headlamps can put out up to 15% more light than hid headlamps, and they can last up to two times longer than hid headlamps. You can instantly turn on LED headlamps, but you need to wait for about two seconds to warm up hid headlamps. And they are more energy-saving than hid headlamps. In terms of hid headlamps, they produce a more focused and dense light, and they are at least 30% cheaper than LED headlamps. You can shop for ones according to your requirement. As for me, I prefer to pay more money for LED headlamps after learning their differences.

3. Can you replace halogen headlights with LED headlights?

As we all know, LED lights have an improvement over halogen lights. Hence many people wonder whether they can upgrade their halogen headlights. Yes, you can. If your halogen headlights become dim, why do you still put up with such yellow and uneven lighting? But before you replace them with LED headlights, you should learn their advantages and disadvantages. Compared to halogen headlights, LED headlamps are more energy-efficient and last longer. But you should note that the light emitted by them is not omnidirectional. And they cannot get hot enough. On freezing days, the heat generated by halogen headlights can melt snow and ice from your headlight lenses. But LED headlamps cannot do it, so it is dangerous to drive your vehicle in such weather.

4. Can you put LED bulbs in halogen headlights?

Many people ask whether they can put LED bulbs in halogen headlights if halogen bulbs burn out. Of course, you can do this. But how? Now let’s read the process. First, you need to find out your headlight bulb type. You can check your vehicle owner’s manual or remove a headlight bulb and read the bulb information. And then buy an LED conversion kit and check that you have all the correct components. Remove your halogen bulbs and install new LED bulbs. Finally, Connect the LED ballasts and secure them with either double-sided tape. I think you get better illumination at this time.

5. How long do LED headlights last?

We all heard that LED headlights have a very long span, but how long do they last? That is a good question that many people want to know. They last up to 50,000 hours. That means they last fourteen years. By the way, the life span of hid headlight is about 2,000 hours and the life span range of halogen headlights is from 450 to 1,000 hours.


After reading these five questions, you are sure to have an in-depth understanding of LED headlights. In short, they are brighter, environmentally friendly and energy-saving with a long span. Since you have learned many advantages about LED headlights, why don’t you buy ones to replace your old headlights?  

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