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5 Smart Tips to Find a Moving Company You Can Fully Trust

Some people move into a new house to adjust to their job’s demands. Others move to live in a place they finally own. Some people move to reach their dreams and have a better life in a different home. Moving is indeed a big choice to make and a big step to take. 

Regardless of why individuals and families relocate, without a doubt, moving is very challenging aside from the fact that it is also fulfilling. Decluttering your cabinet of clothes and cleaning up your bedroom already take up a whole day or two, so just imagine the time and effort moving into a new house requires. For the latter, you will have to consider the amount, size and weight of items you have at home, the distance between your old place and your new one, the documents you have to manage, the emotions you have to deal with, and there’s so much more! 

Moving can take a week or more. It can make you happy and sad at the same time. Moving is tiring and stressful, especially if you are not sure what to do, if you are not prepared enough and if you have insufficient helping hands. You cannot do it alone! 

That is why it is really important to hire a moving company that will help you properly work on every necessity and lessen the hassle of moving. 

While there are a great deal of moving companies you can simply call and hire anytime, it is quite difficult to choose because, of course, you want to make sure that you will pick a really good one out there! As these movers will enter your houses, handle and transport your stuff, they have to be skillful and dependable. 

To help you explore various options, here are 5 tips to find a moving company you can fully trust! 


Famous brands, no matter how popular they may be, are not perfect just like anything. There are times when some clients complain, too. There are times when some are not satisfied and are disappointed as well. 

But real talk, a famous moving company is among the highest-ranking preferences if you want to be sure of authenticity, quality and credibility. 

Hire a well-known moving company if you want to be extremely certain of legitimacy. They have established a reputable image to protect because of their excellent records, so you can trust that they will do their best to make your moving convenient and safe. 


moving company

Budget-wise, the big names just don’t suit you sometimes. They can be expensive and hurtful to your wallet. On the other hand, they may be out-of-reach from your residence. Well, good thing, there are lots of other moving companies that offer great services for more affordable rates and that operate in your area.  

If you are not very sure where to find them, ask your relatives, friends and other loved ones who recently moved or who know someone who did. Take their recommendations wisely. Since they already experienced working with a moving company, they can give you reliable suggestions. Your loved ones have seen how they do their business, so they can tell you if they themselves made a worth-endorsing choice for their moving company. 

What’s more, if your loved ones give you a referral to the moving company they previously hired, processes may go quicker for you. You can save a lot of time since you can be prioritized. That equates to more time being allotted to other segments of your moving duties. 


Besides people you personally know, clients of the movers you’re looking into can help. Through their honest reviews and ratings, you can see whether or not the moving company has been doing a great and consistent job. 

Surf the web, and do some research about the moving company. Social media is one of the best spheres for that. Instead of just scanning reviews located on their websites, check out their Facebook page, Instagram stores and other operating social media platforms. You can see more honest reviews there than in their websites.

Highly consider customer feedback to get a sight of the reputation that the moving company holds. 


moving company

Asking people you know and reading what clients have to say are truly helpful to guide you in choosing a mover. But the most essential step is directly consulting the moving company you are eyeing on.

Do not just hire and pay them without thoroughly thinking. Do not just agree to everything the moving agent tells you during your appointment, especially if you don’t clearly understand it. You have to be careful and smart, so you can avoid half-baked results, big troubles and fraudulent businesses.

When talking with the moving company, enquire about critical questions that will confirm whether or not you must trust them. Ask them about their venture’s background, like the number of years it’s been present and the place they started in and have been operating in. Know if they have self-storage units, moving boxes, packing supplies, moving trucks, transporting equipment and everything you inevitably need for moving. Ask about the measures they will take in case their crew break or lose something among your stuff while moving. They must be able to offer moving insurance to keep you secure and assured.

Furthermore, do not just converse with them via text messaging, chat or email. Meet them in person, so you see them and hear their answers in person. Keep watch on their gestures and ways of speaking too. Be mindful and observant, so you don’t miss the red flags, if there’s any!


With all the information you’ve gotten from reputable companies, from your loved ones, from client reviews and from each moving company you contacted, now, you have a list of options.

All you have to do is to make an in-depth comparison. Carefully look at the track records, the rates, the inclusions, the quality and even at the availability and attitudes of staff you meet. Keenly compare them all. Select the moving company that exactly fits your needs, congenially suits your pocket and fully deserves your trust! 



Moving is easier said than done. It requires loads of labor, time and money too. Nonetheless, with the help of a moving company you can rely on, your worries are reduced and your responsibilities are organized.

When you are looking for a moving company, remember to never settle for mediocrity. Do not just recklessly search online to randomly pick the one that looks ‘OK’. Ask around, look around and scrutinize possible options around! 

Keep in mind that in moving, the safety of yourself, your houses and your own belongings are the priority. Only the moving company you can trust will care for it like you do! Choose smart, so you can move smart.     


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Hitchens, a top-rate removals, storage and moving company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

Nicole Ann Pore

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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