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5 Key Features For a Successful Food Delivery App Development

I’m certain you would concur at this point that smartphone applications do welcome a breeze of simplicity into our lives. They have assisted us with figuring out how easy it can be to benefit services and products online. A couple of taps in your smartphone and everything appears at your doorstep.

Before 10 years when you thought about ordering groceries and food, you only had two options, to cook something for yourself or to go out for buying what you want and take away. But, imagine a scenario in which you don’t want to browse all the preceding alternatives and want your favourite food delivered to your doorstep. Such an option was just offered by delivery chains like Domino’s, or McDonald’s.

The emergence of these on-demand food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, etc. has offered users the increased convenience as well as imparts restaurant business owners with an equivalent opportunity to reach more customers. Nowadays, consumer spending on food and grocery delivery is on a hike and that’s why the demand for food delivery app development services is growing like never before. Here are some of the most essentials features to look out for if you are considering developing a food ordering app for your business.

East Registration

What you have to discover is a balanced onboarding or easy registration process. You ought to obtain sufficient information about the user to create their basic profile and assist them to get started with your app. Too long and tedious signup processes force users to leave your application before even utilizing your services.

As per customers’ experience, a user should take a maximum of a minute or two to activate their account. For a food delivery app, you can ask for profile information, allow them to select their food from their favourite restaurant, and multiple payment options, etc.

Advanced Search Filters

The search filters help a customer navigate quickly through your mobile app and that will save customers time as well. The search bar is the most conventional form of offering a quick search. It is termed as an advanced search feature as it offers many filters based on food, restaurants, menu, offers & discounts, today’s specials, and much more.

You can select your favorite restaurant by just typing the name and get a result. Just as you find your favourite restaurant, you can then search through the same using the menu provided inside. Some of the restaurants just list the items while not offering a menu. Offering a menu assists users to learn what all items can be benefited from without wasting their time.

Photos, Delivery Time & Additional Info

Many food delivery apps do not provide their customers with photos of the items they’re serving. Customers prefer ordering food from places where they can see what they being offered. It creates a level of trust between consumers and food providers as they would be able to see what they’re about to get.

As the consumers have become inclined to get an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of their order, it would take to deliver a particular order and thus it must be calculated and represented from the beginning. You can also offer other extra information such as total calories, ingredients used, and much more. Offering this additional information about the food creates a unique impact on the users. It makes them feel that your food ordering and delivery app is taking decent care to help them learn what they’re consuming.

Multiple Payement Options

With the advent of fintech applications, it has become so easy to make online payments. Before a few years, the only mode of payment available was through cash or using credit or debit cards. But, it’s not possible to have cash every time you order and banks charge you after certain online transactions. The fintech apps revolutionized this concept and gave consumers a method to make instant payments while not being charged for the same.

As you add products or items to your cart and opt for check-out, you’re quickly redirected to the payments page and as soon as you make the payment, your order gets accepted. This process is called a seamless check-out. Many times it happens that a user is completely satisfied by the application’s UX until they reach to make payment. The check-out process ought not to be complex. It should be easy to assist users to find what they want without any hassle.

Reviews, Ratings & Real-Time Tracking

How would a customer know about the quality of the restaurant’s food that has just begun their online business through a food delivery app? As other users try such restaurants and offer genuine reviews and ratings, other fellow users will be aware of the type of services that are offered by them. This feature also helps the platform and other customers become aware of any of the services offered by a restaurant.

Another vital feature that has become a necessity for users over the years is receiving real-time information about their orders and this can be done through the push notifications feature. As soon as you order, you start receiving notifications such as ‘order confirmed’, ‘food is being prepared. As soon as a delivery boy took your order from the restaurant to delivered it to your doorstep you can see the real-time location of the delivery person and the estimated time of arrival (ETA). The details of the delivery guy help users contact the driver if they lost their way or have any confusion regarding the customer’s location.

Wrapping Up

Above I have mentioned the essentials features that every food ordering and delivery app should have. If you observe the statistical predictions, the future of the on-demand food delivery app development is quite promising. Investing in the same using the right business model and under the guidance of an experienced mobile app development company can earn you a high ROI.

Anita Shah

I am Anita Shah, project coordinator at XongoLab, a leading mobile app development company. As a hobby, I like to write and share blogs & articles related to the latest technology.

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