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5 home decor ideas to give your home a desi look

Reflective of its rich culture and history, traditional ethnic Indian interiors feature exotic colors, intricately designed furniture and handmade utilitarian decor. This draws its inspiration from all its architectural masterpieces, from the Taj Mahal to the religious motifs in places of worship to the large forts and palaces scattered over the country.

Incorporating these ethnic elements into your home can punctuate it with vivacious elegance. They blend in with modern interior ethnics and effortlessly elevate a well-ethnic room.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of simple ways you can tweak and add some desi drama to your home design.

Wooden furniture

Wood furniture has been a reliable accent in Indian homes since the colonial period. Invest in a good quality dining set, centerpieces, chests, jharokhas, or footstools of teakwood, rosewood and ebony. These can complement and elevate a room in an understated manner.

Another Indian household favourite is the jaali. This is a hand-carved life-size piece of wood that makes an excellent partition that does not entirely obstruct light and ventilation. These give the home a rustic feel without taking away its elegance and functionality.

A Splash of Colors

Vibrant colours are the hallmark of Indian interior design. From fluorescent yellow to warm browns, it gives you a wide spectrum of colours to work with. You can avoid visual chaos if you follow this general rule of thumb: a neutral ceiling, earthy walls, and bright accents.

India is known for the rich quality of textiles it produces. With their bright, exotic colors, bold prints, and hand-sewn designs, these fabrics make the perfect accents for your house. Ethnic embroidered cushions, block-printed rugs, hand-loomed carpets, and drapes can give your home an ethnic twist.

Traditional Flair

Indian interior design is the amalgamation of functionality and aesthetics. An example would be utilitarian elements, such as carved or decorated wooden cabinets. They serve as storage spaces and can elevate the mood of the room.

 Traditional south-Indian homes are characterised by their extravagant living room. These are spacious rooms with a jhoola, cushioned sofa, and center table used to host guests andcentre quality family time. A jhoola is a wood or metal swing hung from the ceiling or frame with chains. Incorporating one into your living space and decorating it with printed drapes or embroidered cushions is a unique way to add a fun, Indian element to your home.

Wall Art:

Wall art leaves a large scope for bringing an Indian element into a home. Mehendi designs are traditionally used to decorate the skin for an auspicious occasion like a marriage. These designs make aesthetic wallpapers for a statement wall. Similarly, ancient Indian art forms such as Mandala, Warli, Madhubani, and others bring a piece of India into one’s home.

A more contemporary approach to incorporating art into inferior design is patchwork. This is a wide array of bright fabrics with different motifs sewed together to create a new, trendy piece of art for your wall. This can also be used to make rugs, carpets, and sofa throws, and is a trendy way to make your home feel more ethnic.

Decorative pieces that

Indian-inspired art, photography, and drapery capture years of culture and tradition on a canvas to make aesthetic statement pieces for a home. Further, sculptures of spiritual elements like ‘Om’ or a Hindu god or goddess add an ethnic touch to a home. Decorative pieces like wood dressers, cane baskets, footstools are utilitarian staples of traditional Indian homes that can be adapted to the modern urban aesthetic.

Most importantly, Indian homes always have an element of nature in and around them, from the worshipped tulsi plant at the entrance of the home to the revered banyan tree in the backyard. Homes built by Kasu Assets, premium real estate developers in Goa, are built around the natural landscape of Goa, promoting luxurious amenities, picturesque landscapes, and a lavish lifestyle.

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