5 Benefits of Working during Vacation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been torture on all of us. While day to day life was hit by a roadblock, professional life found a way to continue by the policy of work from home. The plan was really good on paper and was equally executed well. While major companies of the world have made it full-time work from home policy, there are still organizations that still do not accept the concept entirely. There are also those who are taking work from home to another level. Not only they are working from home, but they are also working from literally anywhere they can, including vacation.

What is Workation?

Workation is exactly what the word sounds like, work + vacation. You go on a vacation of your choice, stay in a hotel, work your everyday target, and then relax the rest of the time. But, make sure the hotel you stay in doesn’t have bed bugs in it, else they will latch on to you till your house and you would have to hire professional bed bug control services.

Earlier, when working on vacation was grimed upon; many workaholics are now discovering various benefits of this system. They have found that, during workation, their productivity is increased while relaxing at the same time.

Benefits of Workation:

  1. Work without Loss of Pay

Well, this is probably the main reason an individual does a workation. You want to enjoy a vacation while getting full salary. As long as you are doing your work properly and attending meetings responsibly, the workation works like a charm.

The vacation days provided by most of the companies are so low that it feels like charity. While those who like to taking vacation frequently have to bear the penalty of loss of pay. This way, you get fully paid and enjoy your vacation simultaneously.

  1. Fewer Chores

During pre-corona times or even work from home scenarios, we have to do plenty of chores like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes, and many more. During workation, you do not have to worry about chores.

When you are staying at a hotel, the major chores are all taken care of by the hotel. This way, you get to focus on your work properly and then enjoy the adventure and activities of your destination.

  1. Increase in Productivity and Creativity

Earlier it was a myth that, working from home won’t result in the same productivity as you would inside an office. While this myth has been busted, workation myth is yet to bust. It is a fact that, during workation our productivity and creativity, both are increased.

Without the distraction of co-workers, household chores, useless office cultures, you will be better at focusing your entire attention towards your work, and complete them before time sometimes. If you are vacationing at an awesome location, the nature and tranquillity around you could give you many inspirations. For those who work in creative department, workation is like a blessing.

  1. Work Hard Party Harder

You are technically on a vacation. You are there to enjoy yourself and have a great time. So, while you take your work with you, there should be a balance between both the activities. You may not want to enjoy the entire day and work throughout the night, with a surrounding that provides awesome nightlife.

You need to make the schedule, where you can do the work done peacefully, engaging with your teammates, and then enjoy your vacation when it’s the best time. If you are at some North-East destinations for vacation that provides a great day experience, consider working a bit late. This way, you get to have the best of both worlds.

  1. Change of Workplace

Those boring, depressing office cubicles where the only view you get is either your computer screen or the same old office and its employees. Through workation, the view you get while working is something marvellous. You can trade your boring cubicle with gorgeous mountains or the sea.

When you are working on a vacation, you can completely merge with the mesmerising surrounding you have. You can get to work with waves crashing or birds chirping in nature. Moreover, if you like, you could avail the hotel services like spa, massage, or room service, any time you want. You can even work while sipping margaritas, lounging beside a pool.

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