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5 Basic Features of Web Design

What is Web Design?

Web design mentions the design of the website that is revealed on the Internet. It usually denotes the user understanding prospects of website development more than software development. In web design, a designer works on the website appearance, layouts, and sometimes website content. Many of the agencies are giving Web Design Services but if you want you can make your website. For this purpose, let’s discuss the basic features of Web Designing.

Appearance transmits to the colors, images, and fonts used. Layout refers to the construction and type of website. A lot of web pages are designed to focus on simplicity, which means no unnecessary information or functionality appears that might confuse or distract users. 


1. Keep Your Website Minimalistic and Clutter-less


Your website’s homepage should always communicate your moral values and messages to the users directly. In the rare case, we can see that the user reads every content of your web pages, but a majority of people have taken ideas by looking at your website images, headings, and structures. Because of these known behaviors, it’s more effective to appeal to emotions than to word count.

Site visitors can process and evaluate your content more easily if they have less to read, click on, or remember. So try to make easier steps in the website for the user as possible. It is further like that the consumer will do what you anticipate them to do. When you design a website these tips will help you:


Important Content Always on Top:

Visitors to your website should quickly understand what it is all about as soon as possible without doing any scrolling. It is beneficial for both.

Include Call-To-Action Button: 

For making a purchase to site visitors, it is a better option to add a call to action (CTA), through this button chances of purchasing are increased.

Add Images: 

Great value media such as wonderful photographs, trajectory arts, and images are another way to communicate with your audience and tell them what your website is about.

Space out your content:

Engagement whitespace in among elements. By giving some space blank you will provide the design more capacious.


2. Design with a high hierarchy in mind


Using hierarchy in design is important for displaying content clearly and effectively. When you utilize hierarchy correctly, you can draw site visitors’ attention to various elements of the page in order of importance, beginning with the most important. Two main components of hierarchy are given below:

Highlight your Main Content:

Highlight your top resources and main headings such as your organization name and logo by building them bigger and more visually noticeable.

Element Placement: 

Try to use the best website layout to navigate your visitors’ eyes on the right track. It is possible, for example, to position your logo in the header or to place an important call-to-action button in the center of the screen. People who are providing the best web design services are professional in this.

By establishing a clear hierarchy for your information, readers will unconsciously follow the breadcrumbs you have left for them. After that, use color, contrast, and spacing to further emphasize the most important parts, always keeping in mind what is drawing the most attention.


3. Easy to read website content


“Readability” measures how the content is easy for people to know the words, sentences, and phrases. Try to use easy, simple, and connective words just because when sentences are simple, users will be easy to effortlessly scan gain knowledge:


Letter Size: 

Most people will hardly see smaller text or fonts so try to keep your body text at least 16pt.

Limits of Fonts:  

Avoid using more than three different typefaces on one website because it distracting from your brand identity


4. Make sure your site is easy to navigate


After doing all the steps in last you want your user will easily find what they are looking for. In addition, the user experience is greatly improved when a site has solid navigation that is indexed by search engines:


Linking in Logo:

Using this website design tip is the best preparation your visitors will expect that is link your logo to the homepage. Many professionals providing web design services follow this technique.

Work on your footer: 

Your website footer is the last thing to be seen on your site. So it is the best impression to link all the important topics there.


5. Stay mobile friendly


The most important thing is that the website should be mobile friendly because the desktop structure and mobile structure are very different and many the businessman and people are visiting through mobile so maintain your website as mobile-friendliness so that the visitors will be able to enjoy your professional website.



In the end, my opinion is that you should create your website by following these tactics. The last tip is that before creating must read the Web Design Trends because the updates keep coming after some time. After creating if you need an audience you can use some Social Media Marketing strategies.

Website is the basic part of your brand. The most essential tool to grab the attention of the targeted audience. So, it has to be simple and unique, and easy to navigate that allows users to browse easily and find their required product or service with ease and just in a few steps. Keeping your web design clutter-free and user-friendly makes your website trustworthy and valuable in the eyes of your audience.

It is recommended by the professional of web design that to retain your audience and to grab the attention of a new audience you need to follow the ongoing web design trends. By following those trends you will be able to compete with your rivals and will be able to deliver everything your customer demands. You will be able to fulfill the requirements and needs of your visitors, by knowing that what are they expecting from your website or from your business. It will help you analyze your position and you will be able to improve the lacking zones.

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