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4 Islands to visit in Andaman

The quintessentially beautiful place that Andaman is has been a tourist attraction as a place because of being the most beautiful beach destination in India. The clear blue waters and the numerous beaches take people close to nature and closer to oceans. It’s home to one of the most amazing islands with scenic beauties that are very hard to find anywhere else. With a total of 572 islands, here’s a list of some islands to visit in Andaman to which you should visit if you are in Andaman:

Havelock island

havelock island
havelock island

This place is one of the primary destinations of Andaman and Nicobar because of the unexplored natural beauties and unmatchable experiences that the tourists have. The virgin forests and beaches are the most attractive natural beauties of the place. The myth of the Island is the most underdeveloped place on earth ends here as havelock island is one of the most developed and luxurious places with plenty of resorts and hotels. They are made keeping in mind all the possible needs of the guests and the pampering that they would need when they are on a holiday.

Because Andaman is a beach destination, the tour will be incompetent if you do not visit the two of the most famous beaches of Havelock Island. They are Elephant beach and Radhanagar beach. The sublime beach of Radhanager comes with a mixed experience of the ocean’s clear water and the primitive jungles. When you visit the beach, you shall see the board of “beware of crocodiles” which can be scary. But the beauty of listening to various sounds of animals and birds from the jungle is unmatchable. It’s one of the most visited beaches of not just Andaman but the world. If you are in Andaman, you ought to be amongst the crowd who would not want to miss the beautiful underwater experience. Hence, Havelock beach offers you the beautiful experience of Snorkelling under the guidance and care of some of the most trained experts.

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Neil Island

neil island
neil island

the essence of being found amidst the unexplored places stays on this island. Forests and captivating sandy beaches surround this scenic beauty. You can easily reach this island either from Port Blair or from Havelock island in ferries. The place maintains the amazement of the tourists through the crystal clear waters of the beach and the corals.

When you are in Andaman, scuba diving and snorkelling are very common in most places. But Neil island has something more in store. It provides the tourists with the beautiful experience of Glass bottom boat rides. This is for the tourists who are not that adventurous to enter the sea and see the underwater life and do not want to miss the beauty of the corals and fishes. This Neil island is an integral part of Andaman and Nicobar’s archipelago after being inhabited in 1960. But Neil Island is not just about underwater stuff. It also offers its visitors one of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrise views. 

North bay Island

north bay island
north bay island

With the beauty of corals along the long coastline, this island is the ideal place to spend the holiday. Lobsters, clownfish, stonefish are sheer to visit you when you dive into their world underwater on this island. The island is ideal for the two types of tourists who visit the place. It doesn’t matter if you just want to sit and bask under the sun or wish to explore the place. This Island welcomes both kinds of tourists with open arms and video possibilities.

The Island is not confined to adventures like scuba diving or snorkeling. But there are other amazements like sea walking, glass boat ride, and various other sports through which you will get closer to underwater life. Not just this, Bay Island also has provisions for you to take you down on a semi-submarine to see the world underwater, that too without touching the water through artificial ways. The whole different world that exists under the water is hardly noticed by anyone, and this Island allows you to explore just that. The place is not just amazing but is cheap as well. The beauty of the place can be seen from the lighthouse that too for just 20 INR.

Baratang Island

baratang island
baratang island

the secluded branches, mangrove creeks, mud volcanoes, make this place of of the most exquisite destinations of Andaman. If you wish to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the mud volcanoes and limestone caves are worth a peep for you. Of course, specific guidelines need to be followed, and permissions are to be taken from the Andaman forest department if you wish to visit the limestone caves, but that can be done by your travel agent if you have taken an Andaman tour package that has all that in-store. You can check out some good tour packages here


An unbelievable experience:

Andaman and Nicobar is a bucket list-plan for many people, especially for the youths. From the time they start earning, they start saving for a holiday here. But, if you are someone for whom beaches and oceans are more than just holiday destinations, this place will provide you with some of the most unbelievable experiences that you would not have thought of. The holiday will be fully packed, from the adventurous underwater visit to forest excavations to a luxurious stay on the island. Every day of the vacation will give you an unblinkable experience of how beautiful life can be around the ocean and how pure the underwater world is. So, take time while planning a holiday here, choose the places you would like to visit when you reach there because, with the 572 Islands in store, you would not want to miss out on any of the life-changing experiences that Andaman and Nicobar island can provide you and your group of family and friends with. 

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