3 Shocking Truths Why Proper Wine Storage is Important

In this article, you will learn three shocking truths about why proper wine storage is important. When using a modular wine rack, storing your wine bottles is a breeze. However, it’s crucial to have something accessible for your needs, whether you’re a collector of rare wines or just a casual drinker.

“Why should I use a wine rack?” you might wonder. ” There’s a very practical explanation for this. To begin with, it serves to preserve all of your wine in one easy-to-access location. Additionally, the cork will remain damp if you keep the wine on its side. This prevents it from drying out and crumbling into your wine. Anyone who has had a glass with small cork fragments in it knows how disgusting that is. The important things to remember are listed below why storing your wines is crucial.

The right temperature is needed

The best temperature for wine storing and ageing is between 10 to 14°C, with 12°C being the preferred temperature for the wine to begin its process of ageing and release the desired aromas.

You could wonder why not go higher or lower. If the temperature is above 14°C, the wine will age significantly faster since the heat will change the molecular structures in the wine, therefore spoiling it. Conversely, when the temperature is lower, the ageing process is slowed or stopped completely. It is also critical that the temperature remains constant for an extended time. For example, if you keep the wine in an unheated room, temperature fluctuations will occur due to seasonal temperature changes.

Humidity is crucial

Humidity may not seem like a big deal for wine preservation, but it is quite important. Because this will maintain the cork moist and the labels dry, the appropriate humidity for storing is between 55% and 80%. Ambient temperatures over a significant period affect relative humidity, which can be the fluctuating ambient conditions in a home or a garage.

All wine coolers have to maintain an ideal level of humidity and should do so automatically. If the humidity is too extreme, the labels will begin to peel, allowing mould to form and emit a foul odour.

If the humidity becomes too low, the cork will dry out, allowing air to enter the bottle and oxidise the wine, resulting in unpleasant flavours. Not only that, but it can also cause the cork to shrink, allowing the wine to seep from the bottle.

Vibrations have effects

A classic wine cellar is typically located underground, where wine is stored undisturbed for several years. This is because any vibrations will disrupt the wine’s sediment, causing undesired reactions within the wine. However, before starting a great wine collection, you need to think about where you’ll put it. If you currently keep them on a rack that receives a lot of foot activity, it is suggested that you move them. Vibration-free compressors and rubber-mounted shelves are included in professional wine coolers to reduce vibrations as much as possible.

The quality of your wine will almost likely degrade if the following parameters are not met. If you want to establish a wine collection, one of the finest wine storage methods is to invest in a nice modular wine rack and wine cooler. A professional wine cooler should last at least ten years, so what you buy is crucial if you want a higher return on investment. It is pointless if you purchase a cheap unit that will last two years and may damage your wine.

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