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3 different types of home health care assistance Barrie | Ask4care

Some seniors need extra help to live independently. These older adults may get the advantage of one or more home care assistance. Homecare assistance is the service provided to seniors at homes in their absolute comfort. These services might be provided through a professional or a personal caretaker. There is a wide range of services covered in-home care assistance.

This can be a serious specialised care service by a neurologist, or it can be generalised care of a caregiver like a companionship. If you or your loved one want to live alone with confidence. There can be always a home care professional at your service. 

Different home care assistances in Barrie offer various home care services. These services can help you tremendously to live an amazing retirement life with joy and complete assistance. First, you need to understand the type of home health care assistance Barrie.

This will help you opt for the type of care you or your loved one needs. Home care assistance can be divided into three categories: home health care assistance, private nursing assistance, non-medical home assistance. Here we will shed light on what each category entails. 

Non-medical home care assistance

This category talks about the home care services including daily activities like cleaning, laundering, cooking and many others. This assistance is provided by helpers who are not medical professionals. They won’t be managing any of your medical care services. However, these helpers are trained to assist in essential daily home chores. This assistance is important for seniors with any disability or severe illnesses. There are times when aged people struggle while working daily. This assistance can help your senior to get enough rest at home and done with work at the same time. 

Services: Many personal care professionals are equipped with skills that are more than just daily tasks like cleaning, cooking, doing groceries etc. Such trained professionals can help your senior in bathing, dressing, transferring from bed to wheelchair and many others. Some caregivers are required by older adults to fight their isolation and loneliness. These caregivers provide companionship to seniors that are unable to go out and required constant monitoring because of dementia or any other health condition. 

Cost: Like other care services, non-medical assistance also comes with a cost. Older adults will surely shop around to compare the price before hiring a helper. These types of services are not covered by any insurance company. Thus, seniors need to cover these expenses from their pocket. However, you must always need to check if can get any coverage through veteran’s benefits or your own worker’s benefits etc. 

Home nursing assistance 

This is also called long-term nursing or home-based skilled nursing. This category includes assistance for seniors who are suffering from any chronic illness or disability. Caregivers that aid in these conditions are either registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs). However, they might also help the seniors with the basic tasks of living. But they are more specialized for medical health care including wound dressing, shots administration or medications monitoring and others. 

Services: Home nursing assistance includes a wide range of duties depending upon the patient’s health condition.  Some tasks can be simple like helping older adults in bathing, trimming their nails, and assisting them to administer medications. Others might include some intense medical services like caring for those who are on the catheter, or colostomy etc. These professionals can facilitate in long-term healing of a wound by frequent dressing. Home-based nurses also assist in keeping a track of patient’s health

For example, they can create a medical schedule and track the patient’s bowel movements. In addition to all these services, these professional nurses can also train the family members to take care of seniors themselves. This includes teaching the family members to do basic care procedures. This can help the family live more independently at home.

Cost: As this type of assistance demand a skilled professional, these services are expensive. However, this is worth it for the patients who want to lessen their stay in hospitals. Always check for your health insurance as some private nursing facilities might be covered there. This might get coverage under long term insurances or your worker’s or veteran’s benefits. 

Home health care assistance:

This is more like home-based nursing care, but it tends to focus on helping seniors with short-term health problems. This type of pf assistance includes nurses, social workers, physicians, pathologists, therapists such as speech and occupational therapists etc. The goal of home health care assistance is to help seniors return to their normal and independent living styles. 

Services: Home health caregivers must have to be prescribed by a doctor. Generally, a medical physician orders these services at home to the patient to help them recover from major accidents like a heart attack or stroke etc. The plan of care is given by the doctor and the other medical professional team members.

Along with these services, the health professionals will be needing to visit the patient to do their part of assistance. This is a type of care that is mostly followed by hospitalization. This kind of service is provided to patients that need intensive medical care at home. 


These services are the most expensive ones in all three categories. Fortunately, all these expenses are mostly covered by private health Insurance companies or Medicare. Although, this requires the medical professional to declare that the patient needs intensive home care assistance Barrie

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