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20 Camping Accessories You Need to Make Your Trip Amazing 

Australia has stunning landscapes, challenging trails, and picturesque beaches that will make your camping trip unforgettable. In fact, one in three Australians go camping regularly. 

Are you ready to take your outdoor adventure to the next level? Here are some of the must-haves for making every camping trip with the family memorable and enjoyable. Whether you’re a camping noob or an experienced outdoorsman, having the right camping accessories can make all the difference in making your trip truly unforgettable.

  1. Tent. A tent is one of the most important equipment for any camping trip. It should be big enough for everyone in your group and provides adequate protection from wind, rain, and insects. Choose a lightweight tent that fits your budget and still provides enough space for everyone and their gear.
  2. Sleeping Bag. A good sleeping bag can distinguish between a miserable night’s sleep or an enjoyable time under the stars. Choose one rated for the temperature and season you plan to camp in so you stay warm, comfortable, and dry throughout your adventure.
  3. Outdoor Cooking Gear. No camping trip is complete without some delicious meals. Ensure you have quality cooking gear such as pots, pans, utensils, spices, etc., so you can easily and safely prepare tasty meals over a campfire or stovetop easily and safely.
  4. Camping Chairs & Tables. Don’t forget to bring comfortable chairs and tables so you can relax around the campfire or enjoy meals with friends and family without having to sit on the ground.
  5. Baby wipes. Not only are they ideal for when accidents occur, but they are also an excellent camping item for keeping you clean in between showers. For example, when you don’t like going to bed with a dirty face, hands, or feet. The wipes give you a quick and freshly clean. Baby wipes are reasonably priced in any supermarket across Australia.
  6. Flashlights & Headlamps. These are essential items for finding your way around after dark or illuminating objects in hard-to-reach places while keeping both hands free.
  7. First Aid Kit. Ensure you have a well-stocked first aid kit with antiseptic wipes, bandages, gauze pads, burn ointment, pain relievers, and tweezers—you name it. Accidents happen—even on vacation.  
  8. Multi-tools. Why not bring multi-tools instead of a bunch of metallic tools like can openers, scissors, pliers, and wire cutters? Believe it or not, there are multi-tools with 15 to 18 built-in instruments. It is a powerful piece of equipment you can carry with you or store in your backpack. A multi-tool will make your life easier because it will be useful when confronted with threats or emergencies. It is not only about anticipating danger but also about preparing for an emergency in case it occurs. A word of caution: do not let children play with multi-tools.  
  9. Bug Repellent. Nothing ruins a great time like pesky mosquitoes buzzing around your campsite. Keep them away with natural insect repellents like citronella candles or bug sprays containing DEET so you can enjoy nature without having to swat away bugs all night.   
  10. Firewood. If you plan on having fires during your camping trip, bring plenty of firewood with you – preferably only firewood that has been harvested sustainably (not from national forests). Not only does it keep things eco-friendly, but it also helps ensure that campers won’t be left out in the cold if they run out of fuel mid-trip.   
  11. Hammock. Enjoy lazy afternoons reading a book or taking naps suspended above the ground in a hammock for camping trips (they’ll hold up better than regular ones.). Plus, they don’t take up much room when packing either – bonus.    
  12. Water Filter/ Purifier. Bring water filters/purifiers so everyone can drink fresh water straight from nature without worrying about getting sick from bacteria or other contaminants found in untreated water sources such as lakes and rivers – no matter where you are.
  13. Shovel. This will be used for digging holes, repairing fire logs/embers, banging in tent pegs, clearing the campsite, and squashing giant spiders. If you need to use the restroom in the wilderness, this will come in handy to dig your temporary toilet facility.
  14. Portable fire pit. Even in summer, nights in Australia can be cold, especially in a lush rainforest. Starting a campfire appears exciting, but why not bring a portable fire pit for an easier and safer alternative? A portable fire pit is easy to transport and light. You’ll have heat at all times on your campsite. Some people even use it for cooking food by using the grill plate. 
  15. Camping generator. A camping or portable generator is more dependable than you may believe. Most people would not choose a small generator because they believe it has a limited supply. That is no longer the case, as inverter generators can now provide five hours of run time even in economy mode. In an emergency, a generator will come in handy.
  16. Rope & Cord. A good quality rope and cord at camp is invaluable. Don’t get cheap rope; instead, spend a few extra dollars and get something that won’t deteriorate in the sun in a few years. Utility cord is excellent for small jobs and washing lines.
  17. Lighting. There is a wide range of lighting options available (LED, electric, gas, dual fuel, battery operated) to suit every budget, so doing your research is critical to make the best decision for you and your needs (and capabilities).
  18. Fuel. If you intend to travel long distances, you must have enough fuel from point A to point B. You may need to transport jerry cans containing an extra supply of fuel. However, it is best to calculate how many kilometres you get from a tank of gas and the driving distances you expect to cover each day.
  19. Cameras: This is always a matter of personal preference. Phones, point-and-shoots, DSLRs – all of these cameras are excellent as long as you are familiar with them.
  20. Utensils: How aggravating would it be if you were preparing your dinner and realized you had forgotten to bring a quality sharp knife or knives and forks to eat with? Make sure you have the basic essential utensils packed to assist with food preparation, cooking, and serving.


With these must-have camping accessories on your list, nothing stops you from getting out into nature this summer. With everything from tents to hammocks covered here – all designed specifically for outdoor use – these items will help ensure any expedition goes off without a hitch and leaves behind fond memories for years to come. 


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