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15 Reasons Soccer is the Best Sport in the World

The United States, the USA, and Australia are likely to be the only nations around the globe where soccer isn’t among the top three most loved sports. As an Australian resident here in this country in the U.S., this has been quite a hassle in the past.

It’s not too far to be to John Lennon and say that soccer quotes is more well-known than God. Soccer isn’t only the most played sport worldwide, but it’s also the most effective. Like, objectively. Here’s why.


Certain sports are so complex that they require several years of careful analysis (or the patient explanation of an expert) to understand the complexities. I’m a fan of the NFL as well as cricket and baseball. However, I’ll also admit that they’re too jargon-heavy, with lots of nuances and highly technical tactics which can turn off those who are not experts.

Even those NFL referees themselves are confused at times (see the video).

On the other hand, soccer and there quotes is the type of sport that you can wrap the hang of after an hour of viewing. Once you’ve learned the offside rule, that’s the end of it.

Consistency in the Rules

A sport is plagued by fundamental issues when authorities must alter certain aspects of the rules before every new season. The NFL is a frequent victim, having recently eliminated its popular tuck rule while frequently changing rules that govern the physical impact (no doubt to prevent a lawsuit from happening one day).

Rugby is even more obnoxious.

Since the creation of the “back-pass” rule in 1992, soccer quotes hasn’t had to modify its rules, contrary to what some ignorant people say

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Without Timeouts

Watch the final five minutes during a basketball game and realize that the timeout issue has become out of control. It can take hours to complete the game, and both teams freeze the clock every time they get any ball in their possession or deliberately inflict fouls on their opponents if they don’t.

As well as controlling the timer Timeouts are frequently used to stop the pace of your opponents rather than forcing teams to get through their struggles. They’re also utilized to give professional athletes a break that isn’t required. And, of course, they’re an excuse for advertisers to play games more often.

Let me have the unbridled ferocity of soccer quotes anytime.

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Three hundred and three countries tried to qualify for 2014’s World Cup. There are fewer countries within the United Nations. Soccer quotes is played everywhere, and it transcends every nation’s divide.

Does there exist a team sport with more than 20 countries that are regularly in the game? Do you think more than 10? Most likely not. That’s why sporting events like those of the Rugby World Cup are fun, as countries like Namibia form teams of 15 players and are smashed 142-0 by Australia.

It Will Never Have a PED Problem

The Tour de France may indeed be an incredible feat of endurance; however, do we continue to believe it? It’s also difficult to appreciate a genuinely fantastic performance in various sports at the Olympics with no nagging feeling that lurks in one’s mind: “I wonder if they’re working on something? …”

There isn’t a drug that can replace agility and judiciousness under pressure, which are the two elements of any soccer star. Maradona and Pele did not have an asterisk in front of their names; instead, we can relax and take in their skills without worrying about whether they had an unfair advantage in their chemical makeup (because Maradona was only doing drugs to have enjoyment).

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Poor Countries Beat Rich Countries

I can still recall getting out of the Ghana match. USA round of 16 games during the 2009 World Cup and chant with the area’s fans “Bye, bye, USA!” It occurred to me that only in soccer quotes could a geopolitical economic powerhouse such as the USA be defeated by an African nation that has nearly 300 million fewer inhabitants and is around 80 spots lower than it on the list GDP.

Soccer is a great sport.

There’s an obvious appeal to a properly-timed bike kick: the diving header, and the 30-yard screaming. For the purists, the Spanish “tiki-taka” has been an example of how teamwork in a dynamic manner is as impressive as individual athleticism. It is genuinely “the beautiful game.”

Lack of Formula or Preordained Structure

Although each game begins in a two-team game with the two sides on each side of a line after that, it’s an open-ended game of uncertainty. Except for sets, there’s no pre-planned structure.

The formation of every team is subject to interpretation by coaches, rather than having to conform to a predetermined pattern. While NFL coaches must be careful not to field the “illegal formation,” their teammates in soccer can select a 4-4-2 or 3-5 or a 9-0-1 when playing Brazil.

There Is No Physical Size Advantage

The most successful player on the planet currently is a tiny Argentinean who is 5’7″. In addition to goalkeeping (where you’ll have to be 6’6″ tall to reach the highest levels), All men are all equal in football. Certain games won’t be able to reach the top without having a genetic advantage in terms of size, but soccer isn’t one of them. You can play anywhere using a minimum of equipment.

You can try your professional career at any sport without paying substantial money to purchase equipment.

For soccer, all you require is an object (or any other round object is sufficient). This gives the poorer nations a greater chance, but some might claim that it also gives them an advantage, as many have a successful career forged by the rough and tumble of the city slums.


In every country, there is a league that exists in every country. In these leagues, there are often multiple divisions (the Estonian third division, as you can see in the clip considered to be very serious by a few). There are thousands of amateur contests.

It is played by players of any level of skill, age, and gender (yep, both), in every nation on Earth. This is the definition of scale.

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Professional soccer players have excellent fitness, thanks to the fact that a game runs up to 90 minutes (and often, 2 hours) with no timeouts. It’s also the fitness level they need to demonstrate: cardiovascular endurance, physical endurance, strength, agility and speed. While the fitness goals can vary depending on the position, you’re in. However, you should possess all of them.

It’s difficult not to be amaz at the speed and agility of a person who has to be capable of running through two hours of mud, fighting with a person at corners, and learning to kick a bicycle every week.

This is a double-edged sabre, Of course. With every celebration of national pride or fandom, it is not uncommon to find an unwelcome corollary manifested through the crowd’s violence.

However, passion is the source of joy and excitement in the first place. Soccer quotes fans are more passionate than those who follow any other sport, which creates incredibly intense life experiences. In almost every sport, fans can be intense. However, there’s no reason to be sad if their team loses.

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DurabilitySome contact sports take the most horrific physical damage to players due to the sport’s brutality and the perception of the sport with injuries.

While some folks might argue these sports are better than others, it’s sad that we’re able to only watch certain athletes at their best for a limited amount of time before an injury impedes their ability.

Some soccer players do not reach their peak until they’re in their 30s and can play at the highest level past 30. At the professional level, players can keep playing the sport they enjoy until they reach their twilight years.

Soccer Players Are Better Looking

The appearance is not exactly what you would expect. It’s true. David Beckham and Alex Morgan would not have appeared in many magazines if they weren’t professional boxers shooting their massive cheekbones regularly.

Furthermore, soccer players develop more attractive bodies than other sports due to the requirement for well-rounded fitness and that players like Prince Fielder can gain weight because they don’t require to be slim to be able to do what they do.

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