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14 Incredible Keyword Research Tools You Can’t Afford To Miss!

You may be wondering exactly how does keyword research works, Isn’t it? Do people often ask how to do Keyword Research Tools? Especially now, since search engine has very tough competitions for each keyword.

There is no rocket science to understand a phenomenon that, knowledge comes from researching and spending time on it to find one or more ways. Keyword research is one of the difficult things to do, just like thinking about the perfect title for content, true? However, having proper keyword research is what you needed, to become a pro blogger.

Anyway, today my focus is to let you know the best keyword research tools through which you can easily boost your visitors.

So let’s get a promotion, shall we?

You have a blog and you’ve been working on it for a long time, right? But, what … if your blog doesn’t have enough visitors or hasn’t seen by the people who really mean it? Even though, the information you’ve shared in your articles is very imperative and have never shared before. Despite it, you had failed to earn a single penny of your effort. Do you know, what’s the reason behind it?

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Don’t you know, why?

Here is… you’re fine with everything but you’re missing one important element here and that element is keyword research. Let me tell you why … Take an example of yourself.

You need a “chocolate recipe” to cook, Okay? Now, what …? Of course, you’ll surely search it through a search engine by inserting the term “chocolate recipe”. Do you know what this term is for search engines? Let me tell this, that term known as “keyword” for search engine. Through keywords, the search engine crawls their database and show you the relevant result of each keyword.

Whatever the post you’ve written, it doesn’t matter how worthy it is. If you don’t have keywords in your post then you’re doing nothing except just wasting your time. Google is unable to find your post due to a lack of keywords and relevancy. If there is one thing to learn, that’s how to research keywords properly.

Many of you want hundreds and thousands of organic traffic from a search engine, right? Ah, every blogger desire it, sounds like it?

Did you know 70% of people use long-tail keywords? Just like, we often use Long tail keywords for the accurate results so the visitors too. If you’re serious with your business then success is not far from you. Keep your chin up and always try to use long-tail keywords in your post to get more buyers.

What…? If you don’t know what long-tail keywords are and how to find it. Don’t be anxious, I’ll show some extra slice tips with you in my upcoming posts. From where you’ll come to know how to find long-tail keywords and how to use them within your post to get 100% extra visitors from search engines. It’ll be the best practice for you to get some extra nuggets.

But as I said earlier in my post today my main focus is keyword research tools. I know you are also seeking to find these tools. So, I don’t want you to wait for more. The tools I’m going to share with you will definitely boost your business and will help you to earn more bucks.

List Of 14 Best Keyword Research Tools:

What is most important to realize here is, keywords. Have you ever thought about how to find low competitive keywords and get your content ranked on the front page of Google? Here’s the list of keyword research tools through which you can find it easily:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

Google Adwords is one of the most popular and successful keyword research tools among others. Even though this tool is free to use for every blogger, however, the accuracy of this tool is Praiseworthy.

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Hubspot SEO Keyword Tool:

Hubspot keyword tool is not just a keyword research tool to measure the volume and competition of each keyword. But, it also helps you to boost your search engine ranking by showing you how much your desire keyword ranked in the top 10 positions of the search engine.

Market Samurai:

If you don’t use the market samurai keyword research tool before then try it once and I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see the result of this product. Moreover, this tool is not only for keyword research but there is a lot more in it. Through it, you can easily track all the rankings of each link across all major search engines.

Long Tail Pro:

As I mentioned in the post too, this tool is what you needed to grow your business and expand your blog reach to 100% more having unique visitors. So, What are you waiting for? Give it a try and boost your search engine ranking. Don’t sure?  Click here and start your free trial

Spy Fu:

Spy Fu keyword research, the first choice of every blogger. If you are serious with your business and want to earn some peanuts of your effort then you can’t find any better tool than Spy Fu. You can spy on your competitor keywords and the traffic coming from it. Plus, through this tool, you can find ‘Profitable’ keywords that you’re missing yet.

Keyword Spy:

Through this tool, you’ll be able to find out how much your competitor is paying to rank for a particular keyword. Even though, this tool is especially for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisers. However, it also shows you how competitive this keyword is to rank and show you the volume of each keyword.

Want to get started? but, not sure? Click Here and start your free trial now

Seomoz Keyword Difficulty Tool:

Make your keyword research more profitable for you. Do you know how? SEOmoz is not just a tool to measure the keyword and find the volume and difficulty of each keyword. However, it’ll go one step ahead for you and show you the top 10 ranking pages with their page and domain authority of each keyword.

Bing Keyword Research Tool:

Through Bing ads intelligence you can easily expand your keyword research. You don’t need to pay a penny to use this service. It’s a very great tool for beginners.

SEO Powersuite:

Use advanced keyword research tools with SEO powersuite. It’ll analyze each keyword and show you how much traffic coming from each keyword and the difficulty of each keyword as well. Moreover, you can also audit your website for free through this tool and increase your SEO by tracking your competitors’ backlinks. In simple words, it is an “ALL IN ONE” product for bloggers. I’ve been using this tool for a long time and the results are very staggering for me

Authority Labs:

Authority Labs is not much popular for researching keywords. While this tool is popular to make you easy by showing where your keyword lies in the search engine. You can also track your competitor’s site keyword and track their position too. The best thing you’ve to know about authority lab is that it saves your precious time and send you weekly or monthly report about your site or keywords.

Traffic Travis:

Like the SEO power suite, traffic Travis is also a complete package of every kind of tool that is required for a blogger to get top rank in the search engine or to boost traffic. This tool helps you to find the perfect keyword for your business. Moreover, through traffic Travis you can also optimize your on-page SEO plus, track your competitor’s backlink and find page rank and traffic ranking on your competitor’s site.

Word Tracker:

Generate thousands of keyword reports now with Word Tracker, for each keyword without wasting any time. This tool is most famous for keyword research. You can also find the relevant results for each keyword through this tool.  It’s a blessing in disguise for bloggers. If you’re still sitting on the fence and don’t decide to try it yet then you’re wasting your time by writing lengthy posts.

Hit tail:

Hit tail is one of the most wonderful inventions for researching keywords. The best thing about hit tail is, it suggests the most profitable and low competitive keywords. By using Hit tail you can easily improve your ranking in search engines and moreover, your search traffic will also instantly get a boost.


Have you ever heard about SEMRush? Might be you had heard before. But do you know what? It’s a secret weapon of successful bloggers who already have derived millions of traffic and are still deriving just by using SEMRush. This product is a blessing in disguise for bloggers and it’s very easy to use. You don’t need any kind of experience to use it, just insert your desire keyword and find low competitive keywords.


Briefly, the above-mentioned keyword research tools are very essential to use. But, the most important and notable thing is, sometimes online free tools are not much effective for business. If you’re serious with your business then you must try any of the (premium) tool once, that are mentioned above.

Can you believe a single penny that cost you today will give you millions of bucks tomorrow? However, if you’re a newbie and don’t have enough experience than it’s better for you to

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