We are a professional manufacturer of Car Advertising Screen led double side wide top display. The screen size is 32*16 inches, pixel pitch is 8mm, and pixel density is 15,625 pixels/sq m; LED Spec.:3in1 SMD 2121 Module size:256*128mm.

Screen size:32*16inches

The screen size is 32″*16″. It is made of LED display and super bright, high definition, and 3in1 SMD 2121. The 3:2 aspect ratio will give you the best viewing experience in any environment.

Pixel pitch:8mm

The pixel pitch describes the distance between each individual pixel on a display. This measurement can be used to determine how large or small a monitor or LCD screen will appear to be when viewed from closer distances, as it affects how much space there is between each visible point.

Pixels are made up of three subcomponents: red, green, and blue LEDs that produce light in different proportions depending on their respective colors; they’re combined together in order to create what appears as an image when viewed by humans through our eyes (or other devices like computers). A smaller pixel pitch means better resolution: images displayed at higher resolutions require more pixels so that they appear sharp enough for us to see them clearly without any blurriness or distortion caused by glare coming off surrounding surfaces—like glass windows!

Pixel density:15,625pixels/sq m

The pixel density is the number of pixels per square inch or the total number of pixels on a screen. A higher pixel density means that you’ll have a sharper image and more light output. However, this also means your screen will be bigger, which can make it harder to fit into smaller spaces like cars!

The higher cost comes from manufacturing technology used in creating screens with higher resolutions—and there’s no way around it: As long as we’re talking about a vehicle dashboard, you’ll need something pretty large in order for people to see what’s going on outside at night (or day).

LED Spec.:3in1 SMD 2121

LED Spec.:3in1 SMD 2121

The 3in1 SMD 2121 LED screen is a high-quality, energy-efficient product that can be used in a wide range of applications including retail stores, offices, and government buildings. The screen has been designed to be used with any kind of application needing large format displays. This includes:

  • Retail Stores
  • Offices
  • Government Buildings

Module size:256*128mm

The module size is 256*128mm. It can be customized according to your needs.

The cabinet size is the same as the screen module, but different from the cabinet size; it must be larger than or equal to 1m2 (1 m * 1 m).

Cabinet size(W*H):1024*512mm

  • Cabinet weight: 7kg/set
  • Module size: 1024×768 pixels, LED backlight module with a display area of 936mm2. The pixel pitch is 0.5 mm, the pixel density is 203PPI
  • Cabinet volumetric ratio (VVR):1:1.6-1:6

Car-led advertising screen display

Car advertising screen is a kind of new type display. The car-led advertising screen display can be used to meet the needs of various occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, company events, and so on. With its high resolution and vivid color reproduction capability, it will bring you more fun and enjoyment!


We are a professional supplier of car-led advertising screen displays. The product is widely used in cars, trucks, and other vehicles to advertise its brands. It has high brightness and low power consumption, which can be applied in indoor or outdoor areas.

Buy Car Advertising Screen leds


The world’s first and most common advertising medium is the LED screen. We believe that they have become an indispensable part of advertising, they can help your business to reach more people.

LED screen advertising media can be seen in various ways.

  • LED screen advertising media can be seen in various ways.
  • You can use it to promote your business on the street, at a trade fair or exhibition, at an event, etc.

The screen of the terminal can be used to display advertisements and broadcast local information.

The screen of the terminal can be used to display advertisements and broadcast local information. The advertising screen is designed for short-term use. It has a maximum resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, which means that it can display up to 4500 different colors and an LCD panel with a high resolution (at least 1600 *  ). Each pixel is made up of three subpixels: red, green, and blue color filters, respectively; thus producing an image with more than 16 million colors!

Through the bus platform’s special car power supply, terminals are connected together through LAN.

Through the bus platform’s special car power supply, terminals are connected together through LAN. In this way, you can easily get access to your data and control it from anywhere in the world. You can also connect with other devices through Bluetooth or WiFi Bluetooth. WiFi technology makes it possible for you to use your phone as a modem or router when connecting with other devices such as computers or speakers.

While playing advertising, broadcasting local information, and other content.

  • The screen is a great way to showcase your products, sell advertising, and broadcast local information.
  • You can play all kinds of content on the screen, including videos, music, and even ads.

The leds are the best choice for your business.

The leds are the best choice for your business. LED lights are used to display information, such as advertising and directions. They can be placed on a vehicle or other object in order to attract attention and inform others about their products or services. These lamps are easy to install, which makes them an excellent choice for businesses of all types that want something simple but effective in their ads.

LED screen advertising media

LED screen advertising media can be seen in various ways. They can be used to advertise your business, products, or services indoors or outdoors. If you are looking for a new and effective way to connect with consumers, consider creating a clickable promotional screen to reach your target audience at their location. Interact with your audience through these screens. We offer high-quality, energy-efficient LCD displays that are great for outdoor use. They have a variety of uses, whether at an event or in a store. These panels display either static images or highly interactive media.

Digital Message Board

A digital message board is a great advertising tool that can be installed in any public place, such as a mall or shop, financial areas, and other places. It can be 20 inches or 30 inches long. The LED screen shows the message with a 10-second delay, which is perfect for any street location. This is a fully functional car advertising screen and can be used with your business logo on the ads. The screen is made of plastic, which is not only very durable but also lightweight and easy to install.

Designer Car Advertising Screen for car roof

.Designer Car Advertising Screen for car roof The light material is waterproof, heat-resistant, and stable holds the purpose of advertising light. It allows you to put your logo on this device in a very special way, you no longer have to worry about someone stealing it from your car anymore. This car roof advertising lead can be put onto your car advertising screen to make it more beautiful and eye-catching.


In conclusion, the LED screen is a perfect choice for advertising. It can be used in many ways and has many advantages, such as being able to display large amounts of information quickly, easily being able to communicate with people who are not physically close by using wireless technology such as Bluetooth or WiFi (or both) and being able to offer a wide variety of services through software applications installed on each individual device. If you have any questions or would like more information about this topic, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


BUY LED SCREEN ADVERTISING LED BRIGHTNESS: This LED display screen is not only bright but also has a high voltage to meet your all needs. The screen has the function of anti-UV, anti-corrosion, and anti-aging. LED power supply: DC12V-24V; Support single or multiple graphic images at the same time. The thickness of the printed material doesn’t need to be saturated on the surface, it will cause a delay after pressing the Power button so that there is no case where the progress bar does not appear.

Buy Car Advertising Screen durable material.


Buy Car Advertising Screen durable material Car roof advertising led, Product Name: Car Advertising Screen(Hot Sale) Material: carbon fiber, PVC. Advertising Screen Size:1m×1m/ 2m×2m/ 3m×3m/4m×4m/5m×5m.14oz thickness and100%customized size. Buy Car Advertising Screen for free shipping and more products people search about Car Roof Advertising Led, Car Advertising Screen, Car Advertising Trailer, Car Interior Light and so on. Can be installed on the roof of your car, it is a new way to get more exposure. For example, this type of advertising can be installed near the entrance or exit of the parking lot. Make your car stand out from the crowd by putting a message on your car!

car advertising screen  

This car advertising screen is made from durable material, it can be installed in different locations such as the trunk, back window, and back door. It features high luminous efficiency to enhance visibility. This is a high-quality car stock advertising screen and the price is low. With no sharp edges, you can install it easily which can create a beautiful car advertising effect. The Car Advertising Screen is durable and reliable. It is made from high-quality materials such as acrylic and/or microfiber and is totally waterproof. It can be easily mounted on any flat surface such as a car canopy, car glass, windshield, etc.

led screen car


Our company has designed a double side wide rear top advertising screen for car application for our customers. This product is a new type of rear screen and it can be used in many applications such as buses, trucks, or other transport vehicles. It also can be used for public facilities such as cinemas and stadiums.

led screen car

You can use the led screen car to advertise your business, brand, or product. It’s an outdoor advertising vehicle that displays high-quality video content on its large screen display in order to reach a wide range of target audiences.

This mobile trailer has 8 LED screens with touch controls and is capable of playing any type of file formats such as WMV, AVI, or MPEG4. The size of this vehicle makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use where there is limited space available for displaying your ads or videos.

led advertising truck

The led screen car is a mobile advertising vehicle that can be driven around town and used to display large-format digital billboards, while also serving as an effective way to promote your business. The mobile trailer has multiple screens that allow you to show off your company’s logo or image, car advertising led screen along with other information such as the date, time, and location of your next event. It’s perfect for outdoor events like concerts and festivals where there are many people coming together in one place at once!

led display screen truck

The led display screen truck is a new concept in outdoor advertising. It has the most amazing LED video displays on wheels, which can be used to advertise your business or event.

The company that makes these trucks has been in business for over 20 years and they are considered to be one of the best companies when it comes to making these types of vehicles. They have made several models over the years, but none have been better than this latest model! This particular one was designed to fit into small spaces so you don’t have to worry about finding an open space where you can put it up and drive around with it during your campaign!

mobile trailer with led screen

Mobile trailer with led screen

Our company has designed a double side wide rear top advertising screen for car application for our customers.

Our company has designed a double side wide rear top advertising screen for car application for our customers. The best quality led screens are manufactured by us, which can be used in any kind of vehicle and also at the same time provide excellent protection from the sun’s rays.

Our company has been designing and manufacturing high-quality led screens for over 10 years. We have gained a good name in the industry due to our professional approach towards every single order we receive from them.


The double side wide rear advertising screen provides you with a great view in the car and you can enjoy your trip. A large number of customers are using these screens. We are sure that our customers will be satisfied with our products and service.

LED car screens are a great advertising option


LED car screens have become a popular advertising space. You’ll reach your target audience while they’re on the go by car advertising led screen. Advertising on cars is an easy, efficient, and low-cost way to deliver your message. Car advertising is a good investment for everyone. Automotive advertising is more affordable than you might think. Car displays are a dynamic advertising method that can be achieved through vehicle wraps, lettering, magnets, or lights.”

LED car screens have become a popular advertising space.

  • LED car screens have become a popular advertising space.
  • LED car screens can be used to display messages, logos, and images.
  • They are also an effective way to advertise products and services.

You’ll reach your target audience while they’re on the go by advertising on cars.

You’ll reach your target audience while they’re on the go by advertising on cars.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Advertising on the side of a car, or even in between the doors. This is a great option if you have an existing business and want to be seen at all times of day and night, especially when they’re driving around town with their family or friends.
  • Advertise on the roof of vehicles that are parked outside businesses or other places where people congregate (like parks). This can be done through signage mounted over top windshields so it’s visible when drivers look up from their phones while waiting in line at stores like Target!

Advertising on cars is an easy, efficient, and low-cost way to deliver your message.

Advertising on cars is an easy, efficient, and low-cost way to deliver your message. It’s a great investment for everyone who wants their business or brand to be seen by new customers.

The first reason why advertising on cars is effective is that it allows you to reach your target audience in an innovative way. People are more likely to notice an ad on a car than they would be if placed elsewhere such as on billboards or street signs. This means that you can get your message across much quicker than normal; meaning more conversions! It also helps when trying out new strategies because there will always be someone who sees them first (i.e., passersby). If you want more exposure then go ahead—it’s cheaper than paying someone else (like me) $10/minute each month just so I could tell them about something cool I found online today…

Car advertising is a good investment for everyone.

The benefits of car advertising are many. First, it’s a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. Second, it’s a great way to build brand awareness and thirdly, it can be used as a vehicle for promoting new products or services.

Automotive advertising is more affordable than you might think.

Automotive advertising is more affordable than you might think. The cost to advertise on a car is lower than other forms of media, and the average cost per thousand viewers is $200—a fraction of the $500 price tag for digital billboards.

The average cost per thousand viewers for digital billboards varies from city to city, but in some areas, it can be as high as $600. In comparison, cars typically pay between $100 and $300 per thousand views depending on where they’re placed and how many people pass by them every day (you get different rates when you sell ads).

Car displays are a dynamic advertising method.

The other benefit of a car display is that it can be changed and adapted quickly. For example, if you want to change the message on your car screen during an event or when you’re traveling around the country, it’s easy to do so. Simply access the settings on your phone and adjust everything as needed.

It’s also important to note that different occasions call for different messages—and these messages should reflect who you are as a brand or company. For example, if you’re launching a new product line at an outdoor festival where people will be spending time outside in all types of weather conditions (including rain), then saying something like “We’re here because we love our products” would probably not have been appropriate! Instead, perhaps something like “Our employees works hard so we can provide high-quality products.” Or maybe even something more specific like: “Our loyal customers know what makes us great.”

Advertising on cars can be achieved through vehicle wraps, lettering, magnets, or lights.

The most popular option for advertising on cars is through vehicle wraps, which are a great way to get your message out there. Vehicle wraps can be done in any color and style you want, but they usually start at around $100 per vehicle. They’re also easy to install—just peel off the backing paper, press it onto your car’s surface, and then peel off whatever remains once it’s dry!

You may also choose to go with lettering instead of wrapping if you prefer something more permanent or want better visibility from inside the car when driving down Main Street (or wherever). Lettering costs less than wrapping but still allows for high visibility without having anything hanging off your car as decorations might do. Magnetic signs are another low-cost option that offers similar benefits as vehicle wraps while being easier on your wallet since they don’t require any installation at all!

Car advertising can help you attract new customers cost-effectively.

Car advertising can be a great way to reach your target audience. It’s cost-effective, especially for small businesses that don’t have the budget for billboards or large signage. And with car screens, you can use your car as a billboard for all sorts of different messages—from coupons and specials to advertisements for local businesses and even political campaigns!

Car advertising is also a good investment for any business that wants to reach customers who might otherwise never see its message in person. Whether it’s through vehicle wraps, lettering, or magnets on the side of cars (or even just LED lights), there are many ways that companies can promote their product or service without having to spend too much money on traditional billboards or signs outside stores/restaurants/etcetera).


Car advertising is a popular and effective way for businesses to attract new customers. It’s a cost-effective option, and it can be achieved in a variety of ways. You’ll reach your target audience while they’re on the go by advertising on cars.

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