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Home Improvement

10 tips for beautiful living

Would you also like to know how to create a feel-good retreat with the right living room furnishings and design? Then you are exactly right here. Because there are various living ideas on how you can make your home more beautiful. I have summarized my ten best tips for beautiful living, which you should consider here.

After all, we spend much time in the living room in particular! When furnishing and designing the living room, you should make sure that it is tailored to your needs. Because everyone is different and has their own preferences in terms of colours, shapes and furnishing styles!

With my “design updates” you can now bring a breath of fresh air into your living room design.

My beautiful living tips for your living room design:

  1. Which living room furniture suits me?
  2. The right decorations and accessories!
  3. Contrasts with a skilful mix of materials!
  4. Set colour accents!
  5. Arrange decorations & hanging lights as a group!
  6. Arrange wall decorations and pictures correctly!
  7. Position the sofa and armchair correctly and set the scene!
  8. Carpets & textiles for a more comfortable atmosphere!
  9. Improve the indoor climate with plants!
  10. Create storage space, order and peace for the eyes!

Which living room furniture suits me?

There are many current living ideas, trends and furnishing styles: Hip boho style, Scandi and vintage rug look, country house style, minimalist, industrial or natural materials. Which living room furniture do you want to move? If you decide on a living room style, implement it consistently. So also in the small things like accessories and living room decoration!

Or do you prefer a conscious mix of styles or don’t want to commit yourself to a single living room style? This is also possible and is even totally trendy! So that the composition of your living ideas does not look restless and random, it is best to create a calm, basic look first. Because it is a good basis for your mix of styles. A restrained design offers a lot of space for unusual individual pieces of furniture and other accents.

Tip: It is essential to find a common thread that runs through your living room furnishings and design: This can be either the colour, shape, pattern or material. Because that skilfully combines the different styles.

Do you want to know more about the current living trends and how best to implement them? Then have a look here:

The right decorations and accessories!

Bring your style to life with the right living room decoration and accessories especially since they can support your living look perfectly! Make sure that they match your furnishing style!

In addition, the beauty of home decoration and accessories is that you can exchange them anytime and quickly give your living room a beautiful new look. I love it and do it very often!

Over time I’ve become friends with a white base facility. I have almost exclusively white furniture and furnishings. Why? Not because I’m boring or unimaginative – no! I love to redesign! Because the advantage here is that I can create a completely new colour concept and a completely different look in no time at all. Just because I z. B. changing the colour of the cushions and other textiles, as well as swapping out my living room decorations. Especially at different times of the year. I can also add individual new accessories such as unusual mirrors or lamps as eye-catchers! This is how my apartment regularly shines in new splendour! I just like to try something new! And you?

Contrasts with a skilful mix of materials!

Why not try mixing materials in your living room furnishings and design? Because even if you have decided on a certain style of living, you can mix different materials. Contrasts, in particular, are particularly beautiful when used skillfully! For example, like wood and metal, but also combinations of glass and leather. You can also mix the feel and structure of textiles perfectly: coarsely woven textures with soft, flowing fabrics or fluffy with smooth, shiny materials that go well together despite their contrasts.

Tip: Ensure the composition is not too colourful with your material mix. If you mix, it is best to do so within a colour group or at least with harmonising colours. Because that creates a connection in your living room design, and the texture can be in the foreground.


Set colour accents!

Although I am admittedly more of a friend of white living room furnishings and others may also like it rather simple, you should set a few colour accents in your living room because colours bring life into your rooms. Colour accents are particularly useful for living room decoration and accessories. Because here you can get creative with your favourite colour and vary it regularly. And for those who would like to decorate your living room with a little more colour: try staging a single wall with colour or motif wallpaper: a so-called “feature wall”. This gives your four walls a completely different look! You can find great trend colours and colour concepts, e.g. B., also with the Schöner Wohnen wall paints!

By the way: If you want to know more about using colours, feel free to have a look at my other articles on the subject of colour!


Arrange decorations & pendant lights as a group!

Many decorations generally look and show off much better as a group because individual small accessories distributed in different places can quickly appear restless or lost.

Tip: Arrange decoration groups. This works particularly well with vases and candles. It looks incredibly nice when the individual elements remain within a colour group: the larger ones at the back and the small ones at the front.

By the way: What looks great in living room decorations also works great with hanging lights and conjures up a great eye-catcher! Above a coffee table, for example, Several lamps of the same type look great when hung in a row! Or as a 3-way constellation at different heights! The result is great! All the more practical: There are even ready-made hanging lamps in which several individual lights are in one! It would help if you tried this.

Arrange wall decorations and pictures correctly!

The wall design is an aspect that should not when designing your living room. Pictures or other wall decorations often hang where there is space, simply so that the wall is not bare. This is a common mistake! Walls quickly look unstructured, and individual images appear lost!

Tip: hang pictures or wall decorations in groups! I have written an interesting article for you that gives you useful tips!

Arrange the sofa and armchair correctly and set the scene!

The seating area or sofa is the focal point of your living room. Whether for a cosy evening in front of the TV, for social conversations or simply to relax. Make sure you can sit facing each other with your family, friends and guests: across the corner or opposite. For this z. B. a corner set or a longer sofa with 2 matching armchairs is ideal. So everyone has enough space and you can talk relaxed.

Also, the couch does not necessarily have to be against the wall. Modern sofa covers have a back covered in the original fabric and can therefore be placed perfectly and freely in the room. Because this creates a visual room separation: This is particularly suitable for large rooms or an open room design.

In addition, make sure that your living room couch is comfortable to sit and lie on. What use is the whole beautiful living room design if you don’t sit comfortably afterwards and it’s uncomfortable? Because only with a good sofa set and comfortable armchairs will your new living room really become a place of well-being! The multitude of possibilities is almost unlimited: Whether in fabric or leather, in your favourite colour, with sleep and relaxation functions or with integrated media connections. That’s why it’s best to take a look around in a furniture store near you. Personally, I would always do a seat fitting!

Carpets & textiles for a more feel-good atmosphere!

Would you also like to design a particularly cosy living room? Then carpets and textiles are just things. Because textiles provide the necessary warmth and comfort. At the same time, textiles and carpets add colour to your four walls and also absorb sound! This also makes you feel much more comfortable in your living room! In addition to great decorative cushions, this includes thermal curtains, fleece blankets, pouffes and much more! Above all, with carpets, you set not only beautiful accents but also define individual areas! Depending on the size and orientation, your living room can look completely different!

Improve the indoor climate with plants!

On the subject of a feel-good atmosphere: A real “must have” for your living room design are of course, plants! Green living with plants brings nature into the house and sets beautiful green colour accents! I love plants, and they give me such a nice feeling of living and positive energy! Plants also convey calm, promote relaxation, and positively improve your indoor climate.

There are currently great plants that are trendy and interior design: such as B. The window leaf (Monstera deliciosa), the violin fig (Ficus lyrata), the bow hemp (Sansevieria) or the Ufo plant (Pilea peperomioides). They enrich every living room!

Create storage space, order and peace for the eyes!

Nothing is more uncomfortable than a messy living room! All sorts of things quickly accumulate in the living room, whether newspapers, books, odds and ends, documents that still need doing, cables & remote controls, things that don’t have the right place, and many other things that you just put down quickly to put away later. I know that too! However, clutter makes me nervous. The eye then cannot rest

. There are also optimal storage space options in the living room design: remote controls, charging cables and newspapers find a good place on the coffee table with drawers! Practical and chic chests of drawers, sideboards or highboard offer additional storage space. Even couch sets offer pull-out storage compartments!

You can also work wonderfully with storage boxes or baskets. Small things in particular find a new, tidy place here, sorted thematically. The decorative boxes and baskets now look so great that they can be integrated into your living room design!

Incidentally, this also includes reducing unsightly cable clutter. Because nothing is more annoying than cables and power strips from computers, TVs and hi-fi systems lying around. Ideally, you let them disappear behind the furniture. In addition, special media furniture has extra channels for it – this is practical and visually valuable. Otherwise, however, cable ducts and collectors also ensure the necessary order.

Tip: By the way, I have a small cable collector DIY guide for you! With this, you can get your cable chaos under control (also in the drawers) in no time at all!

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