Yahoo Chat Room: What Is It & Is It Still Available

American web service provider is headquartered in California. It was founded in the year Jan 1994. The founders of Yahoo were Jerry Yang and David Filo. If you are someone who has been using the internet for a long time then you will definitely know Yahoo very well. Maybe you would have even used it a lot of time or still used it. Before all this messenger, WhatsApp chat, Instagram, Facebook came up, Yahoo chat room was famous and used by a lot of people. There are people who think this type of technology developed just 5-10 years ago but Yahoo has developed it decades before. In 1997 itself, Yahoo live chat rooms were available but it got shut down in 2012.

How Was It Used?

Through this, users can send messages and receive messages instantly at no cost. Users need to have just their Yahoo Id to get connected to the other users.  Through that, chatting with random people around the world was possible. It was basically like a Yahoo chatting room online, which was used by a huge number of users. 

After they put this chat service to an end in 2015 a new messenger was developed by them. The various features that are available are free text, emojis, gifs, and link documents, and so on. The feature event had an option to send and receive voice messages. Unfortunately in 2017, this got shut down. Those who call themself 90s kids would definitely have a huge memory of this Yahoo chat room. 

What’s the Status Now?

As of now, there is no chat service available on Yahoo. It always had a habit like shutting down their existing service just for implementing some new service. There will be good growth because of the new service that was just implemented. Similarly, to implement some new services, Yahoo just shut down its Yahoo chat which had a number of users. 

The other reason they say is they try to introduce something new so that it can fit the needs of customers in a better way. Their shut down and introducing something new is made just for customers.

When the Yahoo messenger was in existence there were issues like data leakage, security issues, and there are few that say that because of these issues before it grew up into large, the service got shut down.

There are always alternatives available, if you are someone who just wants to text, send pictures, documents, media then you can get used to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and there are also several chats like telegram, signal, etc. 

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