Which Lip Fillers are the Best?

The lip fillers are the modern solution to thin or unattractive lips. The plumpness and the pinkish effect of the lips return looking all-natural and soft. The best lip fillers are the ones that last the longest as there are over many lip treatments. Lip filler liquid can be of many sorts, but the most famous are the two types of semi-permanent lip fillers.

Juvederm Lip Filler

The most popular sort of lip filler is the one that is used in cosmetic treatments. The hyaluronic acid also known as hyaluronan base preset in this dermal filler has many benefits. It has anti-ageing factors and plumping agents.  The dermal filler focuses on improving the facial features, mostly lips, cheeks and lines surrounding these. It is also used to plump sections of lips that are imperfectly thin from the upper or lower sides. The serum stays inside and keeps the volume intact between lip tissues. 

The Semi-Permanent Types of Juvederm

The Volbella and Ultra both bring super volume and texture to your lips, but the ultra Juvederm filler lasts for a year and has semi-permanent results. 

Price Range and Reliability 

The average price of Lip Augmentation London back a few years was €520. The HA base is the main element for benefits that boosts the lip texture and volume level. Juvederm is completely safe to inject with close to no side effects. According to the dose on each side, it gives the perfect symmetry to facial features, and most importantly it was approved by the FDA 16 years ago. 


The best fact to notice in this one is that it lasts for more than 6 months and even more than a year. Depends on which Juvederm type you selected. The effects of Ultra Juvederm can last up to 2 years maximum. 

The Dermal Filler’s Pain, Treatment and Healing 

There is an anti-pain agent known as lidocaine that suppresses irritation and discomfort during the treatment. The Juvederm injection treatment is almost 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Sometimes an hour-long treatment can take place if the patient’s skin is sensitive or there is a lot of filler to inject. The results come immediately after the injection, however within a month, it becomes perfect and clean. There are no serious side effects of Juvederm which is the positive point of the treatment. Minor itching or redness subside within a few hours and then the tissue gets used to the injected fluid. 

Celebrity Famous 

Celebrities want the best for their long-lasting and youthful looks so they keep up with the most suitable treatments that have the best effects. Juvederm is one of the number one fillers many high profile celebrities swear by. They give outstanding reviews regarding this one. 


Lip fillers are a long term treatment and it is best to research all the main aspects of the dermal filler as well as your skin type. Make sure to hire a professional as there should be no compromise on health. Juvederm has the best effects and is highly recommended by dermatologists. 

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