Top 4 Types of Blogs that Make Money Online

Starting with an online blog is a great way to make money online but most of the newbie bloggers don’t know what types of Blogs that Make Money Online would be the best for them.

Even though, if you are living in a metropolitan area like Delhi, Noida, Chennai, Mumbai and don’t know how to create a blog then it would be beneficial for you to learn the basics of blogging and how you can earn money with the help of Blogging. So in order to learn to blog, you can pursue the best digital marketing course in Delhi where you can learn blogging and other aspects of blogging

So, If you are also among the one, who is thinking to start a blog and wondering what type of blog you should start, then you are at the right place.

As in this article, I will provide you with the most popular types of blogs that you can create and earn a high amount of money. 

Top 4 Types of Blogs that Make Money Online

Finance Blog 

If you are a pro at handling finance. Then creating a finance blog is among the best choices for you to create a Blog.

Once you have created a finance blog, you can provide beneficial advice to any users interested in managing their finance.  Whether it’s a college student, young adult, parent,or any other individuals looking to gain more knowledge about their finances can check out your blog to get knowledgeable about finance. 

Fashion Blog 

If you have a clothing store, you can easily start with a fashion blog. 

Creating a fashion blog is a great way to express your own unique sense of style through blog, photos and videos. Some of the fashion blog topics you can write about include DIY fashion, Affordable clothing, Products reviews, fashion for a particular occasion etc. 

Thus, in order to earn money from your fashion blog, you can simply monetize it or sell products, add affiliate links and become an influencer on social media. 

Travel Blog 

If you are interested in Travelling, then it would be a great option for you to create a travel blog. A travel blog is an invaluable resource to help individuals with a knowledge of how to plan a trip, what destinations to visit and how to create an authentic budget for their trip.  

Some of the popular travel topics that you write about on your travel blog include: travelling in various stats, country, road trips, camping, travelling tips on budget and best destinations to travel. 

Once you have created a travel blog, you can earn money with affiliate links, Google Adsense and promote travel products also you can sell your own services, like travel guides.

Marketing Blog

One of the best types of blogs that you can create is a marketing blog. With the help of a marketing blog, you can help readers learn the various marketing strategies and techniques that will help the readers to start a business. 

The various types of information that you can provide to your readers on a marketing blog include blogging, email marketing, eCommerce marketing, Google AdWords, social media marketing, marketing strategies that can be used by small businesses. 

Also, you can write about small business marketing, business news and trends, how to start an online business and etc. 

Creating a marketing blog is always useful for anyone who wants to share their knowledge in the marketing field, you can monetize your marketing blog with Google AdSense and sell various marketing products. 


In this article, I have provided you with a variety of Blog that you can create and earn a passive income. Also, there are other types of blogs that you can create are lifestyle blog, health and fitness blog, educational blog, Food Blog and etc. 

You can create any type of blog that will provide benefits for your readers and make you earn money online. 


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