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Tips to Win More in Online Dragon Tiger | Best Casino Game

Try your luck at the Dragon Tiger casino game. With easy-to-follow rules and games, you can win big while having fun.

Don’t chance it! Apply these Dragon Tiger online casino tips to boost your game.

Before taking on Dragon Tiger casino, make sure you understand how the cards are dealt and bets are put.

Dragon Tiger’s simplicity belies its many winning methods. Master the game by using these tactics.


Players utilize the Martingale approach to cover earlier losses by doubling their bet after each round. An example:

$1 on Tiger. If you lose the first round, double your bet in the next.

Second round, bet $2 on Tiger.

If you lose the second round, double your bet to $4. To enhance your odds of winning, keep betting on the Tigers.

After the third round, you must reset your bet to $1.

Start with a little investment to perform this technique correctly. Since you’ll double your stake after each round, reaching the limit will be easy.

You must wager on the same team in every round because your odds rise. Third-round odds are 15.50%. The Martingale technique fails if you switch sides.

Suit-based strategy

Dragon Tiger is a game of luck, but you can use techniques to win. Keep track of played suits to determine which ones remain.

If diamonds are the least dealt suit, bet on them next. When playing Dragon Tiger online casino, count the handed suits, not the decks.


Since Dragon Tiger employs few cards, players may simply count them. Mastering card counting requires attention and observation.

You’ll get better at counting cards while playing with practice. Using this method, you can keep track of high-value cards dealt and played.

Pairs of 7 are automatic losses. Most of the 7 cards must be dealt to win.

Dragon Tiger strategy

You can also follow these simple techniques to win at Dragon Tiger:

Watch the dealer

Observing the dealer can help you win at Dragon Tiger live casino game. Before betting, analyze the game and develop a strategy.

Examine how each game unfolds and base your decisions on the results.

Learn the rules

Before playing Dragon Tiger casino, learn the game’s rules. Learn Dragon Tiger’s gameplay to win more.

You’ll quickly master this basic game. Different online casinos provide different game payouts, so you should check before playing.

Always place main bets

Dragon and Tiger bets have a 50-50 win rate. Players consider this one of the better betting possibilities because card counting isn’t required.

Don’t repeat

When you win a round, you may be tempted to ride out your luck. If you’re winning, don’t keep wagering. Win or lose, your odds of winning stay the same.

If the Tiger card has won three straight rounds, it doesn’t indicate it will win the next round.

Avoid ties

Side bets in Dragon Tiger live casino provide bigger prizes, but winning isn’t simple. Tie bets should be avoided. Tie bets offer greater payouts, but they’re one of the hardest to win.

There are 6,488 tie results out of 86,320 potential combinations. This gives you 79,872 chances to lose. Only 1,456 suited ties exist, therefore winning 8-to-1 is uncommon.

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