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Tips to improve and take care of your sexual health

Good sexual health is essential for the human being. How can I improve it?

Good sexual health is a key element in a person’s life, influencing their physical, mental and emotional health. Sexual and reproductive health should promote well-being and emotional, intellectual and social development.

Here are eight tips to keep in mind to improve and take care of your sexual health and to enjoy safe and pleasant sexual experiences:

Self- love

It is essential to choose the right person and also to understand ourselves as sexual beings and learn to express our erotic part. Know your own body, love it, value it and accept it as it is to feel freely and with confidence.


The communication with your partner is essential for preferences, tastes and limits set each, and learn to do it openly without fear of judgment that the other can do. Good communication is key when having good sex.

Sometimes routine and stress leave no room to enjoy yourself. Therefore, setting aside time to practice breathing, muscle relaxation and mindfulness, helps regulate emotions and increase sexual desire. Find moments to enjoy your own privacy and let your imagination fly.

Safe Sex

To practice safe sex, it is essential to maintain a routine of daily intimate hygiene, with intimate soap and water (especially after sexual intercourse) and to use contraceptive methods that can be barrier, hormonal, IUD and surgical, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies. It should be remembered that reversing is not a contraceptive method and therefore, it is not safe to practice it.


In relation to sexual health, difficulties can appear at any ageTaboos must be removed and if there is a health problem, it must be treated like any other pathology, therefore, recognizing and identifying the problem and consulting the doctor is key to making a diagnosis and finding a solution . Behavioral, sexological, with or without medication, and surgical treatments work well.

Regular checkup

Taking care of our sexual health also implies going to the corresponding medical specialist . In the case of women, it is recommended to go to the gynecologist regularly and do a complete check-up and a cytology for the diagnosis of candidiasis, breast cancer, cervical cancer or sexually transmitted infections. It is also recommended to visit the gynecologist from the first time you have sex. In the case of men, it is necessary to visit the sexologist in Delhi if there is discomfort, erectile dysfunction, impotence or infertility.

Balanced Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet rich in macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) and fiber, will provide the essential elements for the optimal functioning of our body and will help to keep our hormonal system in balance. Physical exercise will also help reduce stress to achieve emotional well-being that will increase libido. Quitting tobacco, leading an active life and making room for leisure are healthy habits that will improve your sex life.

Reliable Information

Accredited sexual health and medicine centers are the best channel to access reliable and quality information, since often what we find on the internet is not always reliable. The lack of information or non-verified information in relation to sexuality and in our body affects sexual health. Improving self-knowledge and psychoeducation favors well-being and erotic and sexual growth.

Other Tips

Exercise regularly

Doctor affirms that “ when practicing exercise we will experience an emotional improvement and, this state of well-being and satisfaction, will surely increase the libido. In addition, regular exercise will improve physical condition, which helps to enjoy more in bed.

The expert bets on swimming as a low-impact exercise. “It is a sport that, in women, can strengthen the tone of the pelvic floor, important for them to deal with sexual dysfunctions, such as vaginismus and difficulty reaching orgasms. In men, it is good for overcoming ejaculation control problems and improving erections ”.

The Pilates is beneficial to improve sex life, as long as no problems have pelvic floor. “If you have them, you have to fix them first so that these exercises do not aggravate the situation.”

Quit tobacco

The medical team points to research that supports the harm of tobacco use on erectile function. “Tobacco affects the blood flow of the penis, advancing the premature aging of its arteries”.

Have a balanced diet

“Men who base their diet on a high content of saturated fat have up to a 38 percent decrease in the concentration of sperm in ejaculation, and a 41 percent decrease in sperm fluid.”

Do not carry out risky practices

Good sexual health depends on multiple factors. “Among the most important is the use of contraceptive methods, which help prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies,” explains the sexologist.

The sexologist assures that a negligent exercise of sexuality makes it a reason for health problems, suffering and personal and social imbalance.

Married remember that:

  • STIs do not distinguish whether one is homosexual, female, young, male, bisexual, tall, heterosexual, etc. Everyone can touch.
  • The only way to prevent STIs is the condom .

Use contraceptives

Casado recommends knowing all contraceptive methods: barrier methods (mechanical or chemical), hormonal methods, IUDs and surgical methods. It warns that reversing is not a contraceptive method.

Practice emotional self-control techniques

Stress usually causes a decrease in sexual desire by reducing the level of testosterone in the blood. In these cases, “regular practice of breathing, muscle relaxation and mindfulness or meditation can help regulate emotions.”

Avoid toxic relationships

Also on an emotional level, you have to avoid toxic relationships. ” Every relationship must be a relationship between equals, consented to by both parties, without pressure, blackmail or violence“.

In a relationship, pleasure, tenderness and affection are shared. Likewise, the right to separate from the other person must be defended. The sexologist believes that it is the only way to be consistent and accept that the human being is free and responsible.

Improve sexual information

“It is very important to be aware of risk practices and the methods at our disposal to avoid these risks. Knowing what a healthy relationship is and knowing where to go when a problem arises ”.

Expert agrees and warns that the lack of information about sexuality and our body affects people’s sexual health . “We must improve our self-knowledge and psychoeducation about the elements that favor well-being and erotic and sexual growth.”

Get to know each other

In relation to the previous point, Expert advises “to know ourselves as sexed beings, to know our body, to learn to love ourselves, value ourselves, like ourselves, and know how to express our eroticism so that we are happy, accepting all our peculiarities”.


The expert ensures that the greater the communication with the partner, the lower the risk of misunderstandings in the sexual field and the greater the probability of improving the quality of the erotic encounter. ” Erotic communication is a powerful aphrodisiac and relational and emotional communication a neutralizer of possible interferences in the sexual plane.”

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