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The Cost of Companion Care Across the U.K. | A Definitive Guide for 2021

When you’re opting for elderly companionship services in the U.K. either for yourself or for a loved one, there will be questions you might be pondering over. For instance, what are the best elderly companion care services in the U.K.? What is the estimated cost of companion care across the UK?

This article will tell you all you need to know about the cost of companion care services across the U.K.

Elderly Care – What Are The Costs?

‘How much does elderly care cost?’ is one of the most common questions people think of. As important as it is, it is important to know an estimate of the cost as you can budget accordingly.

Before looking at the costs of the different types of elderly care, it is important to note that every situation is different for each individual. Therefore, it is crucial to take everything into consideration when asking for a quote for an elderly care service.

You need to have knowledge of how frequently you will need to access help for either you or your loved one, and which type of help you’ll require. For instance, the elderly suffering from illnesses and diseases might need specialized care, that too even at night. Moreover, elderly companion care and personal care comparatively cost less than highly intensive personal care plans which include medical assistance and mobility support using specialist equipment. Thus, it is important to take note of every aspect.

The cost of in-home overnight care across the UK can cost anywhere between £15 and £30 for a single hour.

Cost of 24-Hour Live-In Companion Care

In elderly live-in care, a caregiver comes in to live with the elderly to look after him/her all day. A live-in caregiver comes into the home of the senior and is available 24 hours/7 days each week throughout the whole time period of live-in care. It is also important to know that a live-in carer can also provide medical assistance to the elderly for 24 hours a day, for instance, wound dressing or regularly monitoring of blood sugars or checking blood pressure.

Live-in care is usually charged at a per-day or weekly rate. Across the UK, if you opt for live-in care in which a caregiver comes in for 24 hours, it will cost you around £150 each day or £1,050 per week.

Moreover, if we talk about the companionship needs of an elderly without basic personal care which includes grooming, bathing, and other tasks, the 24 hours in-home elderly care can cost around £120 per day or £850 per week. However, if a carer has to care for an elderly with special and complex conditions or challenging behavior, the cost will increase and go up to £170 per day or £1,200 per week.

Private Nursing Care at Home

If we talk about the average cost of private nursing care at home in the UK. It is usually between £15 and £30 per hour. Moreover, the average rate is around £18-20 per hour.

This simply means that you have opted to hire nursing care at home that costs around £18 per hour and the elderly require 14 hours of support each week, the total cost can sum up to about £1,100 per month or £13,200 per year.

However, it is important to know that you can pay this total amount easily on a monthly basis.

Residential Companion Care Costs vs Live-In Companion Care Costs

In residential companion care,  elderly people come in and reside and get assistance and support for their everyday activities. Such caregivers constantly provide seniors with assistance, emotional and physical support

The average cost of residential companion care in the UK for the elderly can differ as to if one requires a nurse or not. 

Residential companion care can cost about £29,250 per year for a care home, and even £39,300 per year if nursing is required as well. However, it is also important to note that the average cost of private elderly care homes with more features and comfortable amenities can be more costly, and can cost about £1,500 per week or £75,000 per year.

However, elderly companion live-in care, on the other hand. Is when a caregiver comes in and resides with the elderly and his family members and cares for them in their home. And assists them with all their everyday needs. 

With live-in companion care, the elderly, as well as their loved ones, can stay in their own home. This helps maintain independence, and also makes the senior feel much more comfortable. Moreover, with this type of care, the caregiver also provides support to those seniors who have medical conditions, such as Dementia. 

With in-home care for seniors with diseases like Dementia. The caregiver has specialized training in order to understand the needs of such patients and help them accordingly. Therefore, the costs of such care would be comparatively higher. 

As the patient’s needs and requirements keep on increasing. As well as requiring round-the-clock supervision, such care can be more expensive and go up to £2,000 per week. That too if 2 full-time live-in carers are needed for a single individual.

Domiciliary care will be a more suitable option in case the care recipient can be left alone. With a caregiver on £15 per hour that costs around £22,000 on a 28 hours a week basis. The yearly average cost of a live-in elderly caregiver ranges from £44, 000 – £54,600 per year for full-time 1-to-1 care.

Is Live-In Companion Care Comparatively Cheaper than a Care Home?

The cost entirely depends upon the care home. A council-funded home will cost you less on a weekly basis. But do keep in mind that such a care home will have comparatively poor staffing ratios. However, a more expensive care home can cost you even £2,000 each week.

For £850-£1,000 per week cost, live-in companion care, in our opinion, is the best value for money. Not only will the elderly get more dedicated time, but the rest of the family can enjoy the services at their home as well, with added independence and privacy as well.


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