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The Best Tips For Keeping Your Freezer Spot Free

The modern-day refrigerator is no less than a safe haven for your fruits, vegetables, and other perishable items. Not only does it keep them from getting spoiled, but also saves you from the pain of throwing away your leftovers as well. However, whenever their is food in the equation, affairs can threaten to be messy if left unattended for long. And while preventing that mess can be out of your hand at times, one thing that you can ensure is to have a foolproof clean-up routine in place.

When it comes to cleaning their freezer, people can tend to be pretty ignorant. A lot goes into maintaining a spick and span freezer besides just relieving it of food items and defrosting it. If you want to step up your freezer cleaning game, then this article is just for you. Discussed below are a few best practices that you can adopt to keep your freezer absolutely spot free. Believe us when we tell you that all the best cleaners in New York will vouch for every single one of these tips. Read on to find out more about them!

Unplug The Freezer

This is standard practice when it comes to cleaning your freezer. The first thing that you need to do before you start cleaning your freezer is to turn it off. This will safeguard you from the risks of electrical shocks and other injuries as you freezer defrosts.

Additionally, when your freezer is defrosting, make sure that your refrigerator is located in a place that has good drainage provisions. In the absence of it, you might risk damaging other appliances that happen to come in contact with the flooding water.

Remove All Food Items

After you have unplugged the freezer, make sure that you remove all the food items that were stored inside it. This prevents them from coming in contact with the excess water that results from the thawing process.

The best method to keep them from harm’s way involves storing them in plastic zip lock bags and other similar storage totes. Moreover, using airtight containers allows you to prevent premature defrosting as well. As an additional method, you can line these containers with plastic bags or towels so that the cleaning process becomes easier for you at the time of putting the food items back into the freezer.

Take A Note Of Everything Inside

Sometimes, items kept inside the freezer happen to escape our notices for an extended period of time. Subsequently, this puts them at the risk of getting spoiled or discloured. Hence, when you empty your freezer at the time of cleaning it, you are advised to take a note of every single time that was stored within it. Note down the expiry dates of the items and label them accordingly to avoid confusion.

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Additionally, inspect and smell the food items to determine whether they’re spoiled or not. Some of the most common indicators of spoiled food are:

  • Foul and pungent odors.
  • Abnormal discoloration.
  • Mold growth on the food items.
  • Ice or frost on the food inside the packaging.

Speed Up The Defrosting Process

There are a few ways that you can adopt to speed up the defrosting process of your freezer. They are:

  • Boil a large container of hot water and place it inside the freezer. Ensure that its lid is closed. Replace the water everytime it cools down to room temperature.
  • Another effective way of speeding up the defrosting process is to use hairdryer on low heat. However, while using this method, you must exercise abundant care for if the dryer happens to come in contact with the spilling water, it could lead to a fatal electric shock.

Draining And Cleaning

Once your freezer has defrosted completely, drain it. Afterwards, make use of a mild cleanser such as baking soda and vinegar or a dish soap to clean it thoroughly. You can adopt the following tips to make the cleaning process effective.

  • Take a small container and pour a small quantity of the cleaner of your choice into it. To it, add a little water.
  • Take a clean cloth, and dip it in this solution. Wring the excess out of it, and use it to wipe the interior.
  • Remove all the shelves and baskets from your refrigerator and rinse them thoroughly in a sink.
  • Once you’re done scrubbing the freezer with the cleaner solution, wash it off in detail using clean tap water.
  • Allow it to dry.

Should there happen to be any lingering unwanted smells in your freezer after you’re done cleaning it up, you can place a box of baking soda inside it and close it for several hours.

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