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The 5 Most Common Auto Body Repair Shop Services

After unsuccessful driving or an accident, the car must be put in order as soon as possible. You need a car service where auto body repair shop are performed efficiently and reliably. The main criteria for choosing this service is to get a result that meets modern standards. There is a guarantee for the restoration and painting of a car body, low cost of services, and strict adherence to deadlines.

Auto Body Repair Shop

Let’s go over what each service entails in more detail and how auto body repair shops repair damaged cars! 

1- Car Body Repair 

When is a major and when a minor body repair is required? The damage can be considered severe if deep dents, geometry abnormalities, and broken metal are observed. Here you will need complex bodywork of a car with dismantling, restoration of complex body geometry, subsequent painting of the whole part, and possibly ordering new parts. In general, the process looks like this:

  • The car is wash
  • Remove the old layer of paintwork
  • Restore the geometry of the part or order a new one
  • Putty the part
  • Primed
  • Paint
  • Dried
  • Polish
  • Check the quality of work

Another category of damage is scratches, scuffs, minor dents, and paint chips. In this case, local auto repair is suitable. The cost of work depends on the location of the damage. It also depends on the shape of the body part (presence of stiffeners). The size of the damage, the car brand, and color.

2- Hood Repair 

Another common auto body repair is hood repair. The duration of the restoration of body parts and the price of the service largely depends on the nature and complexity of the damage.

If there is a small dent on the hood, and the paintwork remains intact, here they do without painting and dismantling. In such cases, it will take no more than 30 minutes to restore the geometry. 

Removing single scratches and chips by local painting will take about 3 – 4 hours. But the ability to carry out local repairs largely depends on the shape of the hood, color, and brand of the car.

Like any other body part, the bonnet is vulnerable to mechanical damage caused by a collision or strong impacts on corrosion.

Therefore, severe damage requires other repairs: removal of rust, elimination of a wide variety of defects – cracks, chips, scratches, restoration of the part’s geometry.

Stages of the extended recovery process:

  • Car wash
  • Dismantling the hood
  • Removal of dents with a special tool
  • Priming with anti-corrosion 
  • With infrared lamps
  • Installation of the hood
  • Polishing the painted surface
  • Final quality control

3- Car Scratch Repair

Many auto body repair shops offer free car scratches removals services. Body scratches are an inevitable result of car operation. The reason for their appearance can be both an accident and ordinary everyday situations – inaccurate parking, traces of contact with branches, the result of poor-quality car washes.

What scratch removal technologies do auto repair shops use?

  • Local Painting Method

Auto body repair shops use it to remove single and multiple deep scratches on the car.

  • Polishing Method

Auto body repair shops provide these services to eliminate abrasions and shallow scratches. In terms of time and price, this is the most economical way to renew the body.

4- Chip Removal 

Chips on the car paintwork are formed due to air currents mixed with fine abrasive (sand, stones). Depending on the speed of movement and the stone size that struck, chips vary in depth and intensity formation.

If the chip is fresh, small, sporadic, its removal is quick and easy. The local repair time in an auto body repair shop with painting will be about 3 – 4 hours. In this case, the location of the chip and the color of the car are important.

5- Bumper Repair 

Today, the materials from which car bumpers are made in auto body repair shops include several types of plastics: fiberglass, polypropylene, polyurethane, and hard plastics.

I hope this article helps you to know the most common auto body repair shop services! 

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