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Techniques for Political Canvassing That Aren’t Expensive

It is always essential to be aware of the available political canvassing techniques and how to use them properly. The cost-effective methods adopted can make a significant difference to the outcome of an election. The combination of the proper techniques adopted, along with those which are budget-friendly, can assist any campaign in becoming more successful.

For carrying out a successful election campaign, deploying the right techniques is vital. However, each technique used by political consulting firms has advantages and disadvantages. So, it is essential to select the best technique that suits the campaign’s requirement and falls within the allocated budget. In this article, we will explore some cost-effective techniques for political canvassing.

Some cost-effective canvassing techniques

Are you searching for the most efficient way to win an election? Look no further! Here are some cost-effective techniques for political canvassing that can help you succeed. These are some of the best approaches to boost political campaign firms with limited budgets yet give the most efficient results.

  • Door-to-door canvassing
  • Phone canvassing
  • Text canvassing
  • Email canvassing

Door-to-door canvassing

One of the most traditional political canvassing methods is going door-to-door. This is a great way to talk to the voters face-to-face and get their feedback on the campaign. It also allows the campaign field organizers to identify potential supporters and ask them for their support. Knocking on the doors of houses in the local area, persuading the individuals to vote for a certain candidate, and then asking them to sign a pledge card is one way.

It serves as a glimpse of the dynamic interaction between the campaigner and potential voter. The advantage of this method is :

  • It is personal and allows campaigners to build a rapport with likely voters. 
  • It also helps identify undecided voters and will enable campaigners to persuade them to support their candidate. 
  • It is one of the cost-effective methods as you only need to expend on posters, brochures, and other campaign documents. 

The downsides of Door-to-Door canvassing are scripted below

  • Less or minimal trust on strangers, who are coming straight away to your home. 
  • Personal interactions may not be the safest in this new era of COVID-19. However, by taking all necessary precautions, this can be avoided.
  • Door-to-Door canvassing could prove tedious and time-consuming, especially if your district is significant.
  • Also, it is not the same everywhere. Depending on the demographic details and the type of audience, you can carry out the canvassing.
  • It can be challenging to canvas during bad weather conditions.
  • There is always a chance that people may not be home or they might not answer the doorbell.

Phone canvassing

Several costs are associated with a phone canvassing campaign. First, this political canvassing technique needs investment in:

Phone canvassing entails the following steps:

  • Calling potential voters and asking them for their support.
  • Trying to persuade them to vote for a certain candidate,
  • Identifying undecided voters.
  • Convincing them to support your candidate.
  • Recording the responses you receive.
  • Thanking the voter for their time.

Why is phone canvassing cost-effective?

This is an incredibly valid question because various costs are associated with a phone canvassing campaign. However, they are cost-effective methods not in terms of saving money but because these cost-effective methods provide efficient results. This political canvassing technique needs investment in a few areas, they are:

  • We are purchasing good communication software.
  • You are paying for the calling minutes used by your volunteers.
  • Training volunteers to make calls (this could be done internally).
  • We are renting phone numbers.
  • I am purchasing contact lists.
  • Uploading the contact lists, script, and FAQ lists on your phone canvassing software.
  • Assigning contacts to volunteers.
  • Beginning your campaign!
  • It is compulsory to follow the TCPA regulations while running your campaign. These are regulations set by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act that ensure campaigns adhere to fair practices while canvassing.

Text canvassing

One of the topmost open-rated canvassing options is text canvassing. This is because 98% of the population, especially Gen-Z, believe in reading text messages rather than receiving a call or meeting them face to face.

This political canvassing technique is very effective in enhancing awareness about your campaign. Here are the reasons why we think text canvassing is cost-effective and hassle-free:

  • You can maintain personalized conversations with thousands of people at once:
  • Texting is a highly personal form of communication which is why it is perfect for canvassing. You can reach many people with text messages simultaneously without having to make individual phone calls. 
  • People read texts more often than they answer phone calls: 
  • This is especially true for young people who might not be answering their phones because they’re busy campaigning. 
  • Text messages are less time-consuming: 
  • It takes less time to send a text than to make a phone call. This is important because you want to reach as many people as possible without spending too much time on each individual.

The downfalls that force the volunteers to swift from one canvassing technique to another are:

  • Those who have not opted-in to receive the text messages might find it annoying and intrusive. It would be best to plan an SMS opt-in campaign to avoid this issue.
  • A lot of people are complaining day by day about text canvassing spam. But you can overcome this by restricting the number of texts you send each week and sending only essential communications.
  • Canvassing conversations are not much elaborative as compared to other political canvassing techniques. They are less detailed as compared to other political canvassing techniques.

Email Canvassing

The powerful and traditional communication channel has a 17 to 28% open rate. It is considered the most personal way of campaigning. It helps you connect with a larger group of people without spending much time and money. You can send many emails in a day to create awareness about your campaign or update supporters about the progress.

The cons:

  • People are getting more and more emails every day, so it is hard to stand out in their inbox.
  • You need to have a well-crafted email design and content to make it look appealing.

Tips for efficiently running a successful email canvassing campaign

  • Make a habit of sending emails on a schedule, so people get used to hearing from you.
  • It should be mandatory to clean and update your mailing list to save costs.
  • Try implementing the visible call to action buttons.
  • Identify your subject first.

The Bottom Line

You will need immense tactics to persuade the voters to make them reach the polling booth on the day of the election. Hence, cost-effectiveness is the only savior to be successful in the race. So without thinking much, get in touch with political campaigning consultants to know more about the techniques that suit your pocket!


Our goal at 3rd Coast Strategies is to work with dedicated elected officials and local leaders to build communities through civic engagement, field organizing, and electoral education.

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