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Robotization and the future of empolyment

Robotization and the future of empolyment

This artificial intelligence improves

requirements and increases productivity

without hesitation. But many are

still scared. You can balance

automation with future work.

Will automation combine to change

career skills? Are you in charge of

modeling your business model?

The end of the “human” story?

There is no doubt that automation

is a way of working. Especially in

factories, that cannot be prevented.

According to the World Robotics

Report produced by the International

Federation of Robotics, there are no comments.

There are more than 168 or more than 168 “machines” for every 10,000 employees, compared to an average of 114 in the remaining 99 member states of the world.

There is much more to say:

Robotics and Communications

Technology Association. It has established

itself as the fourth European power

plant for robots. In addition,

according to Manna statistics,

annual sales of industrial robots

will increase by 14% between 2013 and 2018.

However, this list is one of the

five fastest growing in the 21st

century and will be the fastest

growing economic sector in

2020. Only Germany, France

and Italy are at the top.

Should we be afraid of our actions?

Can it be replaced by one of the 168 robots?

Experts insist: No.

Importantly, automation has now allowed all professionals in the organization to focus on improving their skills in communication, choice, stability, collaboration, and more.

“Talking about intellectual property and information technology is nothing new. This is true. Automation works from the first rotation of the company. Simply put, unlike previous changes, smart software systems and machines I am moving forward.

Don’t be afraid anymore. Before this new trend of changing jobs in manufacturing, we need to take a closer look at the best trends for our employees. There is more than we think.

Therefore, “we have to be very grateful for the automation of today’s professionals in organizations who can focus on improving their skills in communication, communication, stability, collaboration, etc.”

These skills are acquired by a company specialized in language training. Recently, a white paper was published on the impact of automation on corporate culture and organization, and more importantly, robotics. or not?

This is a simple and essential skill for future work.

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Like smart technology

we are dealing with more managerial tasks and managerial tasks. It also includes accounts and team responsibilities. New staff qualifications are being created.”

It’s like “from one interview to another, the so-called” soft skills “, professional innovation is important from the beginning.

However, “in addition to qualifications and qualifications, we are talking about skills that are built into the selection criteria of the world’s largest companies. What are” soft skills “?

Talking about automatic cleaning and personal cleaning is nothing new. done

Skills of “people” in the age of automation
The intellectual skills and some of the humans that Mauri need to live (build) in the age of machinery.

Adapt to change flexibly and quickly
Time management and organization
Ability to work well in a group setting.
Language, “Business bilingual language (English) or a language your company operates globally.”
This is nothing new. But now the classic “intermediate level” is missing in the same activity.

Automation based on the “whole life” concept
If past skills are badly needed (already started), they turn into behavior, communication, and adaptation in an ever-changing world. Has the priority of your company changed in recent years?

The answer to this question can be determined based on the context of each organization, but there is a theme that suggests that experts are beginning to take action. It is the ability to keep learning.

You can automate your work or transfer your work to another company.

A “Human” skill in the field of automation work

Some very human skills are necessary to survive (work) through the ages of machines.


Flexibility, agility, adaptability to change

Ability to manage time and schedule

Ability to work well in a group environment.

Languages, “both business languages ​​(English) and the languages ​​used by your global company”.

It’s not new. But now the “middle level” is missing from your generation.


Automation and the principle of “learning for all”

When the skills that are most needed in the future (already reached) change into attitude, communication, and adaptation to an ever -changing world. Has your business strategy changed in recent years?


The answers to this question can be indicated based on the context of each organization, but the topics named by the experts have become a priority. The ability to continue learning.


You can automate jobs or assign jobs to other companies.


For example, you can offer accounting and bookkeeping services to Nashville Accounting Services. These companies use Quick Book, Quick Book, and many other software programs.


Therefore, these types of companies have

helped many. If you have made a mistake,

do not call software support. You don’t

need to contact your QuickBooks error

support or other help to get the software

working. We are entering a period of

“learning for a lifetime”. Or similarly,

what is your commitment to full -time

education and your commitment to ongoing professional learning with companies?


The power of knowledge

What are the biggest challenges for automation? Take the joy of knowing.


In summary, people who can gain new

skills will help them (their company)

cope with ongoing change.

The problem is that we are far from

afraid that robots will rob our work,

and we don’t know what skills are

needed to be a leader. Because of this

double standard the development

of many companies that are moving

forward for automation is weakened.


“But the best thing is to find an open way. Create an environment of interest and communication, what skills employees are looking for and how they can contribute to the success of the company. They know me, ”Martín recommends.

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