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Health and Fitness

RIO Sanitary Pads: An Eco-Friendly Substitute for Standard Health and Hygiene

Human beings are always on the lookout for healthier methods to make their lives easier. RIO Sanitary pads for women were not available in the past, say a century back. Nowadays, these hygiene materials have become popular among women for providing comfort during their menstrual cycle.


In the past, plastic materials were used in these products, and they took hundreds of years to degrade. Moreover, the manufacturers used a chemical gel that absorbed blood to remove moisture from the delicate skin. Its synthetic odor could disrupt the flow of hormones.

Thanks to advancements in technology and healthcare research, there are now washable and reusable products available in the market. They help conserve the environment. Besides, they save your money on disposable menstrual pads that become unusable after a few hours. These reusable materials are more convenient and effective than traditional products.


How do you measure the quality of feminine hygiene products? What is the first thing that comes to mind? Have you ever chanced to read the back of a sanitary product package? A majority of women does not prefer to talk about the products they buy once they have possessed their favorite brand.

feminine hygiene products

Following are some important facts that influence a woman’s decision making:

  • Comfort Zone: For plenty of women, sanitary products are not only about comfort and absorbency. Industrial chemicals are used to bleach, color, and deodorize many sanitary items. Besides, polyethylene plastic keeps them dry. It is predictable that many women experience skin allergies. It makes each month more difficult than it needs to be.
  • Landfill Contribution: Polypropylene, a non-biodegradable plastic, is used to manufacture dry weave top and silky cover that helps remain dry. It will not disintegrate and disappear. The non-biodegradable contribution to landfills is substantial.
  • Risk Factor: Sanitary pads are handy for many women, but they are not without risk. The insertion and removal process can create minor lacerations and ulcerations on the abdominal wall. This is not only painful but also helps spread the Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). It may also cause bacteria strain.
  • Safety: When you realize your pad is secure, you feel more at ease. But have you ever thought about the glue that holds them in place? Chemical glues used in commercial products remain on clothes after the pad is removed. Subsequently, you may experience skin irritations.
  • Contamination: Do women use “non-chlorine bleached” sanitary products? They may be contaminated with trace levels of the harmful toxin, namely Dioxin. It is a bi-product of the industrial bleaching process. Dioxin is a chemical that is stored in your body fat for a long time. It may impact your reproductive system and fetal development, among other things. Review the procedure to make sure you are not putting yourself at risk.

RIO Sanitary Pads

Heavy-duty RIO sanitary pads are designed for optimum absorption and comfort. RIO pads are ideal for women. Women usually struggle with excessive clotting and bleeding. It is due to PCOS, PCOD, menopause, and menorrhea. RIO pads are longer, thicker, and wider.

Rio’s heavy flow pack contains a cotton top sheet and rapid absorption mechanism. The pads have a broader back to protect against leakage for extended periods. They are designed with the women’s preferences who mentally suffer from the apprehensions.


Rio’s heavy flow pads are completely devoid of latex, chlorine, and artificial aromas. It features quick absorption technology. It makes it three times more effective than a standard sanitary napkin. SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) is applied in the form of small granules in the pad. It can swiftly change liquid into gel and lock it in.

Strong adhesive glue holds the pad in place for a longer period. The antibacterial super absorbent core absorbs moisture. It keeps the subject dry and bacteria-free. The sanitary pads are odour-free and minimizes the growth of fungus. By quickly distributing liquid across numerous layers, the product can hold up to 375 ml of liquid on a solitary RIO Pad.


The main features of RIO pads are as follows:

  • Powerful adhesive
  • Cotton layer on the top
  • Quick Liquid distribution
  • Odor capturing capacity
  • Blood clot absorbent (Super Absorbent Polymer)
  • Can take in 375 ml liquid
  • Anti-bacterial layer
  • Absence of artificial fragrance
  • Can tackle heavy flow
  • Free of latex or chlorine

Women who have excessive flow use these sanitary pads. It is due to PCOD or the start of menopause early. RIO’s total comfort and complete protection will help women feel emancipated during their menses, both physically and mentally.


Heavy Flow affects a large number of Indian women. It implies those who have PCOD or are going through menopause. There are currently no products on the market that explicitly address these problems. The manufacturers of RIO pads have been successful in creating a product of distinction. It particularly addresses the problems of clots, gushes, and leaks. It is possible because of extensive customer research. The overwhelmingly positive responses are quite promising. The developers have purposefully kept their communication open. They are honest and truthful.

Rio sanitary pads are available in XL sizes. Besides, they include Better Dryness, Wetness Lock, Cottony Top Sheets, 3X More Absorption, Extra Glue Grip, Odor Lock, and full coverage with sturdy Side Leak Guards rather than wings. RIO will be accessible in large retail and chemist stores, as well as on E-commerce outlets.


Organic Hygiene Care is inspiring women to take control of their bodies. They now make healthier choices when it comes to hygiene products. The goal is always to introduce solutions that reduce the amount of toxic material in human bodies and the environment.

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