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Reseto Slot and Pachinko machine

So, your gameroom is almost complete, but you have decided that you want something extra to add some flash. You’ve heard of those crazy Japanese Pachinko machines and decided to take a look at buying one to add to the decor. But you don’t really know anything about them and don’t want to go to the cleaners. This guide will help you to avoid common problems and choose the right Pachinko machine for your playroom.

A short history of Reseto Slot and Pachinko machines

The first Pachinko machines were made in Japan in the late 1920s and quickly became popular. These early machines were single shot models, which meant you had to put a ball in a slot, load it, and then fire it. They provided small metal tokens or badges as a way to keep scores

Which era is right for me?

Antique machines probably don’t need to be played regularly but should be displayed as display units to add a unique rare flavor to the decor. Auto loading vintage machines are fun to play with and for some reason kids don’t seem to get enough of them to play with. If you expect grandchildren to go to your game room, a Pachinko machine can grab and memorize them for hours. This is doubly true of modern リゼロ パチスロ machines with flashing lights and loud sound effects.

How important is the condition ?

There is a lot to done in terms of the amount you pay for an antique or wine pachinko machine. Most of the Pachinko machines available are not in optimal shape. The wood dries-rot, the chrome rusts, the playground stains, and the plastic fades and chips. Sadly, this is a description of the average machine found on eBay or Craigslist. Older machines in this state may still demand a hefty price tag, but vintage machines can usually  bought for fifty dollars. As soon as you know the ad, they will always tell you that “they know nothing about these machines”, or “they don’t know how it works or how it will work”.

Reseto Slot and Pachinko machine
Reseto Slot and Pachinko machine

For the perfectionist Reseto Slot

Some people don’t just want an old Pachinko machine, they want something special. They want to bring the 1970s outloader back to its original beauty with a rare 1950s instrument or playfield in great condition. They are looking for an industrial job. Sadly, there are very few places where one can detect such スロット リゼロ Pachinko machines. You won’t find it on eBay, Craigslist or any other outlets. You need to find one of the few recovery specialists, or look for someone on a rare Pachinko machine.

Some will even make a full recovery of any machine you supply. Although you may have to wait a few months for it to finish. It may take a few hours to fully recover. As of this writing, I know of only three people in the United States who have a full recovery on a regular basis. Most usually booked a few months in advance.


There are many reasons to keep a vintage or antique pachinko machine in your game room. Whether you’re just looking for a conversation starter and fun games for kids or a rare work of art that will envy your friends. there’s a Pachinko machine for you. Do some research, look around and then find one that suits you. Finding millions of them, you are probably waiting to find it! You just have to go out and get it!

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