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Qin1 Education- New Age Innovative Way Of Learning!


In this 21st century, mankind is witnessing major changes in all areas of life. But unfortunately, our education system was as it is for ages. No Improvement in the way of teaching and learning.

But then with the improvement of internet connectivity. And the availability of digital platforms in common households of India brought a major change in our education system.

Now gradually we are moving into the online world. So is our education system. Now at present, we have many options for learning. The best resource among all those learning resources is Qin1 Education.

Qin1 Education is one of India’s rapidly growing online teaching platforms. Qin1 is an organization that is having a vision of enabling India’s youth to make their hobbies their career.

To make this dream come true. Qin1 is giving its best in two major areas of learning. I.e., Coding & English Language. Both these subjects require sheer focus and understanding from basics to attain mastery level.


With Qin1 Education, the learner gets ample opportunities to make their base strong in these two, high in demand subjects that are more of skill in nature. With Qin1, Students get access to the best learning under the guidance of their highly skilled and experienced teaching faculty.

Qin1 education provides teaching to students of aga group in between 6-18 years. Irrespective of their current learning grade. I.e., Basic, Intermediate & Advanced. Qin1 offers two types of classes. These are-

  • Personal Class- In this type of class, student get one on one interaction with the tutor.
  • Group Class- In these classes, students study collectively in the same batch.

Both these classes are best and cater to all the needs of the students as per their requirements.

As mentioned earlier, With Qin1 you will have access to two types of classes. These classes are of Coding & English.

  • Coding– Qin1 offers coding classes under the name Code Q. In this course, you will get to learn coding from scratch. No matter if you are a beginner or you know the basics. With their highly expert teachers, you will get a chance to understands how applications and websites work. They teach many coding languages and programs under this course. A few of them includes-
  • Games
  • Python with AI.
  • Fundamentals of hacking and cybersecurity.

These things help the learner to understand the subject with more clarity and it will fascination in a learner for a subject.

  • English– Qin1 firmly believes that command of English-speaking skills improves confidence altogether on a different level. In today’s globalized world, English is not merely a language but is also a globally accepted medium of communication. It is the world’s highest speaking language. This is why Qin1 provides a special course for English under the name of Lingo Q. With the help of this course learner will get a chance to enhance his/her personality by improving his command over English grammar and spoken English.


With the improvement of technology and its rapid distribution in common hands. There is no doubt that the future of education is based on online mediums. Considering all the plus and exclusive benefits of the Qin1 Learning platform it’s 100% sure that the future belongs to it.

Qin1 will get an early mover advantage along with that, they are also providing exceptionally enrich learning content. So, if you are thinking to give a shot at online learning so it a once in a lifetime opportunity. All you need to do is, commit to learning and enroll yourself in their learning program. Rest will be taken care of by their teaching staff.

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