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Emerald Training Services is considered one of the leading training programs in the construction industry. Since it was established in 2017, it has continuously provided detailed, comprehensive, and professional training courses for all related industry machinery and EWP Licence Brisbane. Our priority and passion lie in the success of our clients. As a registered training organization (RTO) approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) we guarantee our clients to be certified nationally by the completion of the program… Emerald Training Services founded in 2017 as a provider of highly detailed training and assessment for skilled workers in the industry.

With a focus on providing quality training and industry support to those in need, Emerald Training Services is committed to compliance and responsible for providing the highest quality training and assessment. Ensuring we meet the ongoing commitment to our new and current clients. Also known as Emerald Training Services

Becoming a high-risk worker in Brisbane

Becoming a high-risk worker in Brisbane is definitely a promising job. There are myriads of high-risk work types. You could always choose the one you are passionate about the most. High-risk work professions include, but are not limited to rigging, handling cranes, and working as a dogman. To master these professions, it is necessary that you meet their requirements. This includes obtaining adequate professional training in each of these fields that you would be working in. It also includes successfully obtaining the relevant work ticket. For each field, there might be an independent ticket that you would need to obtain. For instance, you would need to obtain either the Dogman Licence Brisbane, the Crane Ticket Brisbane, or the Rigging Ticket Brisbane for each relevant work field respectively. To prepare for each ticket, here is a brief insight into important facts that you would need to know!

The requirements of high-risk jobs

Emerald Training is here to offer you the best training for skilled workers in the industry. We have several courses such as C2 Crane, C6 crane, Forklift, Plant Operations (RII30815), etc. Our training offered by our certified instructors. During the training section, they help you to learn how to operate, maintain, and work with high-risk jobs. We provide Practical training that meets logbook requirements. Moreover, after completion of training, we also offer Rigging Licence in Brisbane or a nationally recognized certificate for your best future carrier.

 What is the Dogman’s job?

A Dogman assigned to drive and direct a crane in the procedure of a structured development or mining site; usually with a crane operator and a rigger. A Dogman checks the weight to guarantee they fit the lifting limit of cranes and additionally connects lifting attachments to raising gear In Brisbane, a Dogman’s job is considered to be a High-Risk job that requires a Dogman Licence Brisbane.

The reason which a Dogman Ticket Brisbane is required is that it approves the operator as professionally capable of: – The use of appropriate techniques in slinging, including the judgment in the selection, as well as inspection of lifting devices to make sure they are secure. – Coordinating a crane or lift operator in the current status of the package when the package is out of the operator’s field of vision. – Slinging strategies that require high awareness of the shape, size, and weight of the load. – A constant awareness of the safety of the staff, bystanders, and devices.

Getting a rigging licence in Brisbane

Riggers in this industry are liable for piecing together large equipment, interfacing the parts together, and navigating pieces to fixed designs with clamps and cinches. They likewise control and in management of all the machinery while it is operational, and dismantle it afterward all when the work done. Getting a rigging licence Brisbane is a challenging task that requires a lot of training and preparation. The Rigging Ticket Brisbane dictates as follows: Constant maintenance of rig motors and engines, including the liquid systems. – overseeing water-powered and mechanical systems for the entire drilling process. – guaranteeing legitimate liquid and fuel equilibrium and ensuring the pressure constantly kept up at a secure level. – controlling and observing secure navigation of heavy objects. – Ability to construct the rig upon the tasks’ start, and dismantle it upon finishing. – ensuring all wellbeing guidelines are followed.

The Rigging Licence

There are 3 different types of Rigging Licence that you could apply for and obtain. Each licence would enable you to perform a group of certain different work tasks. The 3 licences are:

The Basic Rigging Licence

Obtaining the Basic Rigging Licence would successfully enable you to perform the basic rigging tasks. Obtaining this licence is very convenient especially if you are a beginner. The relevant rigging work tasks that you would be able to carry out after obtaining the Basic Rigging Licence include:

  • The work tasks of dogging
  • Erection of the structural steel
  • Allocating the precast concrete members of the structure 
  • Carrying out safety nets and static lines
  • Operating work involving certain hoists 
  • Carrying out work tasks involving mast climbers 
  • Working with cantilevered crane loading platforms

The Intermediate Rigging Licence

After you have obtained the Basic Rigging Licence, you could also take more professional training, when apply for the Intermediate Rigging Licence. The Intermediate Rigging Licence is a more advanced Rigging Licence. Such a licence would not just enable you to perform all the rigging work tasks that a Basic Rigging Licence. It would also enable you to carry out more advanced rigging tasks including:

  • Hoists
  • Operating rigging cranes, conveyors, dredges and Skid Steer Ticket Brisbane.
  • Demolishing structures ,or plants
  • Dual lifts 

The Advanced Rigging Ticket Brisbane

This is a very advance type of a Rigging Licence. Obtaining the Advanced Rigging Licence would enable you to perform a variety of rigging work tasks then, including the work tasks you could do with a Basic Rigging Licence and an Intermediate Rigging Licence as well as additional ones. Such additional work tasks include: 

  • Rigging gin poles and shear legs 
  • Flying of foxes and cableways

The Dogman Licence

Obtaining the Dogman Licence would enable you to officially work as a dogman and carry out the relevant work tasks. The eligibility criteria to obtain the Dogman Licence are very simple. All you need is being 18 years of age or, older and having a good command of English. You would also need to have had sufficient dogman training beforehand. 

The Crane Licence

A Crane Licence is the kind of licence you would need to obtain in order to be able to handle cranes and their relevant work tasks. In order to obtain this licence then, you need to make sure you meet the necessary requirements including obtaining prior professional training. Such as, a licence would make you officially certified to handle cranes.

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