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Points to Help You Choose Helpful Flatbed Truck Towing Service

Those who drive their car will have different kinds of experiences to share. One of them is getting stuck in the middle of the road with no idea of receiving any help. It’s common because you never know how your vehicle will behave and when. Hence, you must have the contact information of flatbed truck towing services so that they can arrive for rescue.

Why Use Flatbed Truck Towing Services?

Flatbed towing is different from other types of tow truck services.

Here are just a few things that you need to know when it comes to flatbed towing:

High-lift equipment:

The process requires that your vehicle be raised at least 10 feet above the ground using a hydraulic lift or boom before loading onto the flatbed.


Towing a truck over 10 feet is not an easy task. A heavy-duty flatbed tow truck can haul up to 30,000 pounds of weight at most, which exceeds the highest legal weight limit for standard trucks.

No use of wheel lift or dollies:

Flatbed towing requires no use of wheel lifts or dollies. It uses a flat surface for lifting the vehicle. Hence it got its name flatbed.

Keeping it level:

After loading your vehicle onto the flatbed, the driver will need to ensure that it stays nice and level before driving off. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the car.

Driving your vehicle:

To avoid further damage, you should get someone to drive your vehicle to its destination. It may sound weird, but this won’t cause any damage or harm whatsoever since trucks are different from other cars.

Size matters:

The size of the flatbed also matters; this is to ensure that your vehicle fits well onto it.

Inquire about the rules and regulations:

Make sure to inquire about flatbed tow truck laws and regulations before towing your vehicle onto it. Flatbed towing is different from other tow truck services. It requires specific knowledge, skills, equipment, and tools to be done successfully.

5 Points for Choosing the Right Flatbed Truck for Towing:

There are many factors while choosing the best truck for towing vehicles. It is challenging to determine what will work best. You will find many kinds of trucks on the road these days. But, not all of them are for towing. So, it is essential to examine the other things that go into a good flatbed tow truck.

1) Capacity

The first consideration when selecting a good flatbed tow truck is the vehicle’s load capacity. The best trucks for this kind of work have a load capacity of at least 8000 pounds, although some can carry up to 15000 pounds or more. The vehicle must have the ability to pull a lot of weight other than cars and small trucks.

2) Features

The best flatbed tow truck will not just have a high load capacity for towing. The fitting must be with the right kind of features for this type of work. All flatbed tow trucks will come with a standard set of towing equipment, including safety chains, hooks, and balls. Some will also include other features that make it easier for drivers to handle heavy loads.

One feature that can be particularly helpful when working with big loads is the load leveler system, which ensures that the vehicle remains level when towed. It is easier for drivers to handle the car and provides a smooth ride for passengers.

3) Safety

In general, flatbed tow trucks are considered safe vehicles with high safety ratings. However, some features can make them even safer. One of these includes anti-lock brakes, which can prevent accidents and make it easier for drivers to control their vehicles.

Another interesting safety feature is the reversing camera system, which provides drivers with a clear view of what’s behind them while they are backing up. It helps drivers avoid hitting anything while backing their vehicle up and makes it easier to get out of tight spaces.

4) Comfort and convenience

Many drivers fail to consider when choosing a flatbed tow truck is comfortable and convenient, but these factors can be critical. Flatbed trucks for towing vehicles need to provide drivers with comfortable seating and lots of space for passengers while driving.

Also, drivers need to choose cars with large, well-cushioned seats. Also, the best trucks for this kind of work should come equipped with lots of space in the trunk area to store cargo and other equipment.

5) Reliability

The best flatbed tow truck isn’t just safe. It is reliable as well. A suitable vehicle will provide drivers with a smooth ride with quality parts that won’t break down quickly. Flatbed tow trucks often have to work long hours, so these vehicles need to be as reliable as possible.

So, never be in a hurry when it comes to choosing such services. Ensure that you have sufficient time to do the research work when selecting a professional who can help you with flatbed truck towing services.

Moreover, the deeper you research about type of truck, the greater the option and complication to make a selection. You will come across wheel lift towing trucks, flatbed tow, safe and secure towing, and many more.

Instead of spending all your valuable time doing these works, consider collaborating with Adam Towing & Recovery services. Call us at your convenient time for queries and emergency help.

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