Learning Foamex Board Can Be Addictive. Here’s How You Can Get Yourself Hooked

These are only a few of the qualities that have been able to make printed Foamex the most sought-after material for the marketing industry and in many various forms!

These foamex sheets and foamex board are quite readily available throughout Europe through 3A Composite’s various logistics partners. Foamex is a kind of plastic made in Switzerland. PVC froth board makers produce it without using wood. However, the most prevalent industry favourites are 3mm or 5mm and 10mm.

Printed Foamex panels are thus available extremely quickly throughout Europe by way of the Swiss company’s numerous logistics partners. Foamex panels are available in nine different colours and the first version is the white simple-to-print version.

What’s Foamex? Material That Is Strong, Frivolous, And Long-Lasting.

For boards and stands to promotional cost and research or many elements go to make a successful marketing story. Hoarding panels makes it ideal for office employment. So, here are a few important details:

Foamex is a great substrate to create prints on. The molecular structure of PVC gives Foamex(r) panels Foamex(r) panel a smooth or flat and the most important thing, a white surface that facilitates print-to-print. Printing directly on Foamex results in a matt appearance. However, UV varnish may be used to give the image a glossier appearance and also to give the panel additional protection.

Foamex is a very durable material. For outdoor usage, we suggest using the more robust Foamex(r) sheets or similar to the 10mm boards.

Additionally, Foamex board printing is resistant to all wear and tear that it might be exposed to over time. However, even large panels will not sag or shrink.

Foamex is a material that is lightweight. Along with its strength the material’s lightweight characteristics mean it’s easy to move and set up.

Foamex is a material that is easy that is easy to use. This makes Foamex an extremely versatile material. Its applications are expanding and attributable to its adaptable estimating, they are turning into the right decision for a broad scope of mechanical undertakings separated from homes.

Foamex Is Resistant To Fire.

Foamex is a great value for the price. In some instances, Foamex can be an excellent alternative to more expensive materials like Plexiglass or aluminum.

Five Fundamental Rules You Can’t Afford To Ignore When It Comes To Foamex Board.

However they also serve for public service functions. Digital billboards can be interactive and offer an experience that is unique in terms of visual and tactile.

  1. Growing Notoriety And Visibility

Printing straightforwardly onto Foamex will make a fresh matt completion, or you can decide to add a gleaming cover to the surface for additional sparkle and insurance.

2. Unique Content Opportunities

In the course of the day you can change the messages across your site board. LED screens for advertising offer unique video content options and allow you to show specific content at specified time slots.

  1. Competitive Advantage

Another significant feature is the advantages the use of digital signage via digital billboards could bring. This helps any company, big or small, stand out from the crowd that it serves.

  1. Low Maintenance And Long-Lasting

Digital billboards are low-maintenance and are extremely resistant to destruction. If you look at the two you can see why LED technology for school buildings is now the preferred option for advertising across the nation.

Unique graphics and content can help make your stand as noticeable as possible.

  1. Customer Experience

The concept of customer experience is constantly evolving with time. Businesses increasingly rely on digital technology to offer new customer experiences.

PVC Foam Board is waterproof, making it an optimal material to use for outside signage.

Why Should You Choose Foamex?

1)      Achieve A Unique Shape

Easy To Cut To Dimensions: Foamex is easy to cut to size. It’s an adaptable material that is easy to work with, set in the desired position, and the list goes on.

Bespoke Shaping: Are you looking for something unique that will allow your company to be noticed? It should be of premium quality print foamex board, easy to attach, lightweight and compact with a custom shell scheme panel available as per your requirements.

There are a variety of thicknesses. The difference in thickness means that you could choose an item that is more rigid. Produced using extended, fire-resistant PVC, Foamex functions admirably with both direct Printing and mounted vinyl. Gratitude to its main level surface, it is a straightforward material to work with and print on.

2)      Pricing

Cost-Effective. Each business, big or small, is focused on the budget for marketing and, naturally, will require an affordable solution for signage displays, panels for display and similar.

A 3mm Foamex board is an excellent economical investment in the majority of circumstances, and can last for a long period of duration. It is likely to be the material that has a time limit to the lifespan for your Foamex sign.

An Affordable Alternative To Other Typical Signage Materials: From plywood to different specialist products, Foamex can be a more affordable material that lets your budget be stretched even further.

3)      Easy To Transport And Display

It is easy to put up. If you’re in search of signs or panels you can move between 3mm and five millimetre thick builders advertising boards can easily be attached to walls in the interior by using Velcro.

For other boards and attaching them to doors or walls and poles is easy. Make sure to use fixings that work with the surface. However, it’s easy to drill holes into Foamex and fix it to almost everything!

Lightweight: It doesn’t need to be the work of two people to utilise these boards. So, we have seen a lot of our customers’ purchase them for promotional and advertising boards as they are simple to use by staff.

Fade-Resistant, High-Quality or Full-Colour Print. We Believe That This Last Aspect Is A Clear Statement! So, choose from a wide range of unique designs, foamex sheets or vibrant colours, and high-quality graphics to make a maximum impact wherever you take your exhibition boards too. We are a one-stop-shop for all your foamex signs printing needs.

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