Learn the Process of How to Apply Through E-Awas

General Pool Residential Accommodation or GPRA is a scheme introduced by the government to offer affordable housing to government employees and the weaker section. This scheme is applicable for residents of  Delhi, Mumbai and other metropolitan cities.

Individuals can use this electronic governance tool by entering the e-Awas login credentials. The motive behind introducing an upgraded e-Awas software is to offer a paperless and hassle-free allotment process.

Ideally, the Directorate of Estates or DOE accepts the residential application of government employees and eligible candidates. To avail of this feature, an applicant has to satisfy certain parameters.

What is the eligibility criteria for e-Awas?

  1. The applicant must be a staff member working in the central government and employed under NCT Delhi.
  2. An individual working in Delhi must get approval of location by the Cabinet Committee on Accommodation or CCA.
  3. Individuals applying through e-Awas Mumbai, also need CCA’s approval. After CCA approves, an applicant needs to receive authorisation from both the joint secretary and directorate.
  4. Applicants also have to submit the details like office status, grade pay, eligibility to qualify for housing unit from the pool.
  5. The applicant should be employed with a subordinate ministry or the secretariat of a ministry.
  6. Interested applicants must draw their salary from the Consolidated Fund of India
  7. If an employee with a departmental residential accommodation applies for a general pool, then submitting the department’s certificate is mandatory.

Fulfilling such eligibility criteria eases out the process of application through e Awas login.

Once you meet the above parameters, proceed to apply for accommodation through e Awas login. Moreover, keep an eye on necessary home loan documents for salaried individuals for future credit endeavours.

In case one’s application is cancelled, individuals can look for a  home loan from NBFCs. They offer a compatible interest rate and customised features. One can also find pre-approved offers from these financial institutions levied on loans against property, credit cards, etc. Check your pre-approved offer by entering your name and a contact number.

How to apply under the GPRA scheme?

  1. The first step to an application is logging into the GPRA website
  2. Select e-Awas option and click on your appropriate region.
  3. This site redirects to a form, which one must fill. It helps in creating e-Awas login credentials through email or phone number. One can also request such a process through the directorate via email.
  4. After receiving the user ID and login password, one can enter the needed portal and select the application option.
  5. Here one needs to fill DE-2 form and forward it to the Directorate of Estates in Delhi.
  6. The account is activated after form submission. The applicant’s name is enlisted on the waiting list.
  7. Select the allotment preference option after submission. Here one needs to choose the preferred type of house and pool from 4 available conditions.
  8. Proceed to ‘accept’ after choosing your preference and take a print for future references.
  9. When the residence is allotted, fill up the ‘acceptance form’ to convey your acceptance via e-Awas login.

It is essential to know that accommodation allotments depend on vacancies, requirements, eligibility, and a waiting list.

In some instances where the applicant doesn’t receive the housing benefits, they can look for credit forms like a home loan. One can calculate home loan eligibility to quicken the loan application process.

The e-Awas login website is updated regularly, and the applicant can select areas during the appointment for a specific form of accommodation. This makes the process convenient for individuals looking for an affordable residence.

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