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Know A Brief History of ROVs

ROV is a shorter version of a remotely operated vehicle and It is a highly maneuverable underwater machine, which is used for exploring ocean depths while also being operated remotely by someone sitting at the water surface.

Chasing-Innovation Technology Co. LTD is one of the Chinese companies that is engaged in manufacturing and also doing various R&D work related to underwater ROV. Do you know the history of these ROVs?

Humans have always devised inventive ways to improve their lives, and also the ROV is no exception. ROVs are unmanned underwater vehicles built for specific missions. Human operators typically control ROVs from a ship, on land, or any floating platform. But, first, let us look at the brief history of ROVs and how we use them now.

Who invented ROVs?

In the 1960s, the navy developed ROVs for recovering bombs, torpedoes, and mines. ROVs were frequently utilizing on mine searching and my breaking missions that were quite dangerous for sailors.

The offshore oil sector has effectively used ROVs to aid in offshore development since the 1980s. Particularly as waters got too deep for any human divers.

Shipwrecks have also been discovered by ROVs, notably the renowned Titanic shipwreck in 1985. The RMS Titanic was also filmed by an ROV, and the footage is quite interesting.

According to the Marine Technology Society’s Remotely Operated Vehicle Committee. It is difficult exactly whom to credit with designing the first ROV. As it will probably remain unclear, although two persons deserve this credit to a large extent for the first ROV. 

The PUV, which stands for Programmed Underwater Vehicle a torpedo produced in Austria in 1864. It produced by Luppi’s Whitehead Automobile. But Dimitri Rebikoff developed the first tethered ROV, called POODLE, in 1953.

The US Navy started developing robots for helping to detect and retrieve undersea weapons in the late 1960s. Commercial companies began to use the technology in the industry for oil and gas by the 1980s. 

In a wide range of exploration as well as commercial applications using. It includes anything from water tank and dam inspections. To evidence collection, pipeline maintenance, aquaculture, and drowning victim recovery.

The team for marine patrolling and underwater recovery. It searches in James City County, Virginia. They recently employed their JW Fishers SeaOtter-2, which is an ROV on an operation. It involves a submerged vehicle in a certain retention pond behind one hospital. 


The ROV confirmed that there were no bodies inside and allowed divers. To observe the car’s make and model as well as the condition. Of the majority of the vehicle before entering the water. The length of time it was in the water was unknown.

The crew has also utilized the SeaOtter-2 to assist an archaeological diving investigation.  It was of the ships that were scuttled by General Cornwallis on the York River. These ships are located in Yorktown, Virginia. The ROV is utilizing to locate any visible Revolutionary War ship wreckage.

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