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Is Gearbest Legit? Choosing Your Best Electronics Supplier

Is Gearbest legit? That’s the million dollar question that many people ask who are thinking of buying cheap gear through online stores. The answer is… yes! Read on to find out why it’s so popular and where does it get its money from.

Gearbest is completely legit. It’s a popular e-commerce website and reseller that began only in 2021 and already serves millions of global customers across the globe. Like any other online reseller, it also ships its products within 15 days to its registered buyers. But unlike other wholesalers, Gearbest takes a lot of time before shipping its products, sometimes as much as a month.

This is one of the main reasons why I started asking the question is Gearbest Legit? After going through extensive research (I did). I found out that it’s actually a group of wholesalers and retailers from China that form a partnership in order to provide their members great prices on wholesale electronics and other electronics. Since starting our business, many questions like…”Is Gearbest Legit?” and “Do you get scam wholesale electronics?”

The fact is that it is legit and they ship to the countries that they say they ship to. It’s amazing that this operation operates with no fraud and negative reviews. You may have read mixed reviews on the internet, some saying that this Chinese wholesaler is a fraud. But there are also positive reviews saying that this company is one of the most dependable Chinese electronic wholesale dropshippers out there. It’s all according to how they describe their service on their website and the feedback of their previous customers.

Is Gearbest Legit? Pakistan most reliable Electronics

They have excellent customer service and will assist you every step of the way in your online business. Is Gearbest Legit? I’ll answer the first two questions and then pose the third question to them: Can you buy with confidence without having to worry about getting scammed? This is exactly what I wanted to find out since I’m very suspicious when it comes to wholesalers who are offering me wholesale electronics at prices that are lower than their market value.

According to Chinese manufacturers and distributors, this wholesaler offers them products at an affordable price. Their prices are much lower than the market value because they purchase their products in bulk, which they then divide among their dealers. So if you do some research on these sites like eBay and other auction sites like Salehoo, you will see that these Chinese manufacturers will never charge too much for their wholesale electronics. On the contrary, if you go through Gearbest, you can be assured that you will always be getting quality electronics at wholesale prices.

Choosing Your Wholesale Electronics Supplier

This wholesaler also has a live customer service wherein you can chat live with one of their staffs. They also have live help everyday so if there is a problem with your order or some issue, you can just contact them right away. The reason why I like this wholesaler is that they offer free shipping for almost all their products. Most big name electronics stores only ship via UPS, which is really expensive. But with this wholesaler, you can be assured that they send your order out on time no matter where you live in the country.

They also have two types of membership; the first is the standard membership which has no fees and the second is the premium membership which comes with a fee but comes with much more benefits. I highly recommend the premium membership especially if you are a new seller on eBay. This will come in handy whenever you run out of stock on certain items you want to sell and if you need to order from Chinese stores or distributors. The best thing about the Premium membership is that it comes with free shipping for almost every item in their warehouse. I hope this helps you decide on what the best Chinese store is for you, please feel free to leave any questions in the comments.


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